Top Boy Season 4 Happening Or Not? Here’s Every Latest News!!

Top Boy Season 4

Fan of Crime Drama? Which crime shows do you like the most? Animal Kingdom, Money Heist, Mindhunter, Top Boy, there are so many brilliant crime drama flicks to crush on. Oh, wait!! Did I mention Top Boy? Is Top Boy Season 4 happening this year or not?

With 3 seasons up till now and an amazing story going on, fans are eagerly waiting for Top Boy Season 4. Not to forget that the series features some of the greatest rappers like Drake from around the world, adding an extraordinary element to the series. Season 4 will be filled with a lot more street stories, the dazzling star life, underdogs of the society, and much more. The thing is when it is coming?

Top Boy became the most-watched show in the UK at one time, giving it all the reasons to return back with a new season. Top Boy gained immense popularity for presenting street culture in the finest manner. In 2017 when the third season for Top Boy premiered, we were already waiting for yet another installment to the show i.e. Top Boy Season Four. 2020 delayed many new productions including this one. Can we expect Top Boy Season 4 to start filming this year?

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Top Boy presented a true story as it showed the behind-the-scenes of our local streets. It throws light on various issues like bullying, drug dealing, abuse, and other issues. Streaming on platforms like Channel 4 and Netflix, it gained all the name and fame a real-life crime story could get. There is a lot more to happen, many more bitter aspects of society are yet to be revealed as Top Boy Season 4 is right around the corner.

Will There Be A Top Boy Season 4 – Top Boy Season 4 Release Date!

Top Boy Season 4; Top Boy Season 4 Release Date
Source: Digital Spy

At many places, you might get to hear the news of Top Boy Season 4 referred to as Top Boy Season 2 as it is the second part of the series. Don’t get confused!!

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Last year was full of delays then whether it be film projects, admissions, or some other offline projects. Season 4 of Top Boy that was about to begin production in spring 2020, got delayed due to covid-pandemic.

At the end of 2020, in December there was news about the resuming of the production for Top Boy Season 4. There were also some tweets that witnessed this news from the official Twitter account of Netflix shared by Kano and Ashley about the revival of season 4 for the show.

Walter even mentioned that scripts are ready, it’s time to get back to filming which gives us all the reasons to wait for the upcoming season. But it has been 8 months now since the last we heard about the shows’ upcoming season. Does that mean the filing for top Boy Season four is over? Will we be able to watch it this year?

Well, until anything officially gets announced, we better keep our anticipation alive and hopefully get to see the season by the end of 2021.

Top Boy Season 4 Cast and Recurring Characters

Top Boy Season 4; Top Boy Season 4 Cast and Recurring Characters
Source: Digital Spy
  1. Ashley Walters will play the character of Dushane Hill (as seen in Seasons 1–present)
  2. Kane Robinson will play the character of Gerard “Sully” Sullivan (as seen in Seasons 1–present)
  3. Shone Romulus will play the character of Dris Wright (as seen in Seasons 1-3)
  4. Malcolm Kamulete played the character of Ra’Nell Smith (in Seasons 1–2)
  5. Sharon Duncan-Brewster will play the character of Lisa Smith (as seen in Seasons 1–2)
  6. Giacomo Mancini will play the character of Gem Mustapha (as seen in Seasons 1–2; will be seen in a guest appearance in season 3)
  7. Kierston Wareing played the character of Heather (in Season 1)
  8. Nicholas Pinnock played the character of Leon (in Season 1)
  9. Xavien Russell played the character of Michael (as seen in Season 2; and also made recurring in season 1)
  10. Micheal Ward will play the character of Jamie Tovell.
  11. Jasmine Jobson will play the character of Jaq.
  12. Simbi Ajikawo will play the character of Shelley.
  13. Hope Opoku Jnr. will play the character of Aaron Tovell (as seen in Season 3-present)
  14. Araloyin Oshunremi will play the character of Stefan Tovell.
  15. Keiyon Cook will play the role of Atticus “Ats” Ayittey.
  16. Jolade Obasola will play the character of Amma Ayittey (as seen in Season 3-present)
  17. Kadeem Ramsay will play the character of Kit.
  18. Lisa Dwan will play the character of Lizzie (as seen in Season 3-present)

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Top Boy Season 4 Plot

Top Boy Season 4; Top boy season 4 plot
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As much as you enjoyed Top Boy season three, the showrunner for Top Boy, Ronan Bennett enjoyed it too. In an interview with Metro, he shared his views about the show, where he said, “Sometimes you portray the best out of your writing for the screen but it doesn’t come out as well as expected. The individual parts of that piece might look great but when combined together they do not gel well. But the new season is going to be different from the rest.” The new season is going to be brilliant, he adds. 

With added twists, more interesting stories, and a lot of surprises, fans can expect season four to be an excellent one. The season-three finale gave room for another season, with a more subtle twist when the junkies were assumed to be Lee and Sarah. Although they spent most of their time moving around the estate, earlier we didn’t know that they were police officers.

Another come-back shot can be assumed for Tilly as her future was left up in the air. Is she alive? We don’t know yet, but it does mean that season four could reveal what is going to happen in the future. 

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Where Can You Watch Top Boy All Seasons?

Watch the entire Top Boy Series on the most popular streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime anytime. You can watch all 3 seasons and 18 episodes of Top Boy on Netflix and Prime. You can either stream them online or download them to watch them later and have a fun-filled weekend.

To Sum Up

Everything about the Top Boy Season 4 is full of speculations and assumptions. Until any official notification comes out regarding the Top Boy Season 4 release date, it is better not to reach any conclusion.

Meanwhile, if you wait for the 4th season, you can enjoy many other newly released shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime like Grown-Ups, Into the Night, and many more. For further updates regarding Top Boy, stay tuned. Until then Happy Binging!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Top Boy Season 4:

Will there be a Top Boy Season 4?

The filming for Top Boy Season 4 was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Otherwise, it would have begun in spring 2020. However, Netflix and the show’s producers confirmed that they are starting production again for the fourth season.

Will Top Boy Season 4 be on Netflix?

Yes, this news has been confirmed by Netflix. Fans can expect Top Boy Season 4 anytime on Netflix.

What happens to Lizzie in Top Boy?

Lizzie becomes a drug lord after getting married to Jeffrey. Lizzie supplies drugs to his former love affair, Jamie Tovell. But soon, Jamie is sent to prison for his bad deeds.

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