Top Tech To Include In Your Warehouse Renovation To Maximize Efficiency

With businesses always needing a location in which to store their products before shipping, warehousing is a great business for you to get into. You might already be in the warehousing game and considering revamping a tired and outdated warehouse facility. Or, you might have bought ex-industrial premises with the view to renovating and repurposing for warehousing. Technology can massively boost the safety and efficiency of your warehouse operations. With that being said, here is some top tech that you should include in your warehouse renovations to maximize efficiency. 

Pallet coding software

As you retrieve warehoused items for shipment, you may have to repackage and prepare new pallets before they are sent on. This will include inserting labels stating the exact weight of the pallet, the number of units included, and a description of what the pallet contains, amongst other vital shipping information. A pallet coding system can make the labeling process easier. An automated labeling system uses sensors to reduce label application errors and ensure a one-to-one label to product match. Likewise, you can drive pallet labellers on multiple transit lines from a single controller to speed up the labeling process. Click here for more information about pallet coding software.

Conveyor belt system

Applying a conveyor belt system throughout your warehouse can help to greatly reduce retrieval times. This will remove the need for staff to traverse the length and breadth of the warehouse to find a single item; instead, organize your workforce into separate areas of the warehouse, and when an order comes through, they can quickly retrieve that item from their specific area and place it on the conveyor belt to be quickly carried to the postage and packaging area of the warehouse. This helps to reduce product retrieval times and boost the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

Air conditioning and ventilation

With few windows and a physical role, your workforce can quickly become stuffy and uncomfortable working in your warehouse. Likewise, you may be storing certain products that require a temperature-controlled environment, such as food and certain chemicals. An air conditioning system can be adjusted to provide both warmth during cold weather and cooling air once the temperature inside the warehouse has started to rise, keeping your staff and products comfortable. Likewise, a ventilation system will remove any harmful dust and pathogens from the air, making it safe for your staff to breathe. This is particularly important as businesses begin to get back to normal following extensive restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  

Industrial refrigerators

Some of the products you store might require a little more than air conditioning and ventilation to keep them at the correct temperature to prevent them from spoiling. For instance, perishable food, like meat, should be kept in a refrigerated environment. As such, you might like to designate one zone of your warehouse as a refrigerated area and insert industrial refrigerators to ensure that these products remain fresh for the customer.

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