Trapped Season 3 Will Be Out Soon!! Will It Be On Netflix Or Not?

Trapped Season 3

Trapped a thriller series that’s a slow burn but totally takes you in as it moves to the end. Here’s a piece of good news for all the thriller fans that your favorite supernatural thriller series Trapped Season 3 is coming back. Yes!! Trapped Season 3 will be out soon. 

Trapped season 1 came out in 2015 which got wonderful responses from the audiences. Seeing the craze of “Trapped” among people, the producers gave it a shot for season 2. Trapped Season 2 featured in 2018 just after Christmas. The series has a great 8.1/10 rating by IMDb for content delivery and engagement. Viewers are waiting for yet another bang with Trapped Season 3.

So, when is Trapped Season 3 finally coming out? Are there any reliable resources to reveal the show updates? Yes!! At the beginning of 2021, it was all over the news that Netflix is all set to premiere Trapped Third Edition on its streaming platform which clearly marks the approval of season 3. Another hint about Trapped season 3 can be found by posts of Trapped cast.

Does this mean that the Trapped Season 3 shooting has been completed or is it still under process? How long do we have to wait for the third season of the Trapped series? Will the good news knock on the doors at the year ending? Read along and find out!

Trapped Season 3 Release Date

Trapped Season 3; Trapped Season 3 Release Date
Source: Fiferst

It’s been 3 years now since we last saw the thriller-packed series on our screens. Till now there has been no official news or updates regarding the Trapped Season 3. 

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But don’t be disappointed as we have some silver linings that mark the arrival of a third season real soon. 

Although, there have been no updates from the showrunner’s side regarding the series. There are many other sources that confirm the filming of Trapped season 3 like Wikipedia that states that season 3 of trapped is under process.

Another major hint is Netflix. Yes!! Netflix’s adaptation of trapped season 3 on its platform has been in news for a long time which is a sign of relief for the fans.

In addition, series characters like Olafur Darri shared some pictures which clearly hinted towards Trapped season 3 shooting location back in October 2020.

Due to Covid 19 outbreak, the series had already been at a loss for a long time. Hopefully, it gets a stable ground to start the filming. 

Through these pictures, fans can also imagine scenes of Iceland forests that will be a treat to the eyes of viewers. 

If everything goes well, then as per the anticipation you can expect the Trapped season 3 in  2022. 

Trapped Season 3 Plot

Trapped Season 3; Trapped Season 3 Plot
Source: Iceland Review

Season 3 will carry on from where season 2 left us. As we saw in Trapped Season 2, Andri is now residing in Reykjavik. He is now the chief agent of the police. He is joined by his family members in his journey to begin a fresh life. But as the series is full of twists and turns, the new life will not be so happening for long.

Then we saw a terrible mishap due to some political provocation in Reykjavik. To investigate the matter, Andri is made in charge of the town.

Many things resembled the happenings from the first season like political trickery, dishonesty, etc.

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Andri had so much on his shoulders. At one point he has to prove his loyalty to the town, at the other point he has to solve his own problems. While on their mission to solve the political and life happenings, Andri and Henrik will come across so many barriers.

This is how season two ended with unanswered investigation mysteries and lots of drama.

Be ready to witness the same intensity of drama and thrill in Trapped season 3, as the duo will once again have to face hurdles altogether.

There will be suspense, drama, entertainment, and double the thrill in season 3. 

Trapped Season 3 Cast and Characters

Trapped Season 3; Trapped Season 3 Cast and Characters
Source: Iceland Mag

Many of your favorite characters from the previous two seasons of Trapped will return for the third season too. Have a look at who makes their entry back in season 3.

  1. Stormur Jon will be seen in the role of Aron.
  2. Ketill will be played by Steinn Armann Magnusson. 
  3. Aron Mar Olafsson will play the role of Vikingur.
  4. The character of Stefan will be played by Arnmundur Ernst Bjornsson.
  5. Andri Olafsson will be played by Olafur Darri Olafsson.
  6. Ilmur Kristjansdottir will play the role of Hinrika.
  7. Solveig Arnarsdóttir will be seen as Halla.
  8. Kingsford Siayor will be seen as Ebo.

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How Many Episodes Were There In Trapped Season 1

In Trapped Series 1, there were a total of 10 Episodes with the Title – “Pattur”. The series began in February 2016 and ended in March 2016.

How Many Episodes Were There In Trapped Season 2

Just like the first season, season 2 also had 10 Episodes that continued with the same title “Pattur”. The second series began in February 2019 and came to an end by March 2019. 

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Trapped Season 3?

As per the previous two series order, it can be expected that season 3 will also have 10 episodes in total. Since there is no official notification regarding the episodes, this is totally based on speculation.

Recurring Characters from Trapped Previous Season:

  1. Andri Olafsson, now with the Reykjavik police
  2. Henrik will now play the chief of police
  3. Asgeir will be seen as a police officer
  4. Agnes Eiriksdottir will play the character of  Andri’s ex-wife
  5. Hjortur, will be employed as a supervisor at a local factory
  6. Porhildur will play the role of the older daughter of Andri, and Agnes.
  7. Perla, Andri, and Agnes’s younger daughter
  8. Laufey Eiriksdottir will be seen as Agnes’s sister
  9. Kolbrun will be seen as the widow of the former mayor
  10. Trausti Einarsson will play the chief of the Reykjavik Bureau of Investigation
  11. Guojon Pedersen as Barour will play Hinrika’s partner.

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Hopefully, we’ll have another thrilling season of the Trapped Series soon. If everything goes well according to the speculations, then you can surely expect the series’ upcoming season anytime by the next year. 

We’ll keep you updated with any further updates regarding the series. Until then share this news with your friends and family and keep the anticipation alive!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Trapped Season 3:

Will there be a new season 3 of Trapped?

Yes, Trapped Season 3 can make its entry anytime soon as there has been news about the filming of the third season in Ireland. 

Will Trapped Season 3 air on Netflix?

Yes, it’s confirmed that the most anticipated TV Series will make its arrival at Netflix by the end of 2021. You can stream the series in the USA and UK on Netflix.

Till now how many seasons does the “Trapped” series have?

There are 2 seasons of Trapped at present.

Is Trapped still on Netflix?

Yes, you can stream Trapped on Netflix anytime in the USA and UK. 

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