Trending Distinctive Ideas to Decorate your Living Room With Canvas Prints

Decorating your home is a reflection of your sense of style. From choosing the architectural design, interior style, color palette, or anything, your choices and personality make a big difference.

25 Ideas For Decorating Your Living...
25 Ideas For Decorating Your Living Room

For such an important place, a touch of personalization is critical too. No matter what the house feels like, the word home has a different feeling. You can add customizable canvas prints to spruce up your place as it looks outstanding.

No one wants to stare at the bland wall; that’s why wall arts are necessary. So, customize your dream canvas in a very stylish way. 

So, let’s look at how you can upgrade the living room look with canvas prints.

Hang a Bold Piece

Hang a bold piece of canvas print which can be the perfect family picture. A massive canvas over the sofa or on a large blank accent wall looks eternal. It goes well with modern, contemporary, and minimalistic house designs.

A single bold piece can be viewed ideally from a distance and looks like the room’s centerpiece. In addition, it adds a focal point and texture to the wall. Therefore, in a common shared space, the happy picture in the living room will look different and attractive.

You can go for a sizable horizontal canvas with split frames or a huge multi-panel pop canvas.  For more options, you can check out the best photo prints on canvas with a unique style at ElephantStock. 

Pay Tribute to Your Loved Ones With an Extensive Canvas Wall

Trending Distinctive Ideas to Decorate your Living Room With Canvas Prints

If you love to express more, don’t shy away from showing off your personality by dedicating walls to canvas prints. It especially compliments vintage, farmhouse, bohemian, shabby chic, and style houses. 

But the custom gallery wall on a single wall of the living room can look great in any style. Hang canvas prints with pictures from various special moments. It can be childhood, school days, college days, life milestones, festive family dinners, or fond memories. 

The gallery will look so perfect. You can opt for framed canvas print or unframed medium size prints. Then, just hang it perfectly by following all the technicalities. Finally,  every picture will have a story to tell and can be an excellent conversation starter.

Hang art at Unexpected Places

Try unexpected places like the hallway leading to the living room and the staircase wall within the living space. The canvas can be viewed from the living room and adds to the aesthetics.

You can print cute portraits on hexagonal canvas and add multiple canvases to the entryway wall. Also, you can hang a sweet panoramic canvas on the staircase. Multiple photos also look good on the staircase wall. 

Try a canvas at the first step, one at the rest of the stairs, and one above the top step . It elongates your living room and looks brilliant.

Mix Various Wall Arts

Take the customization to the next level by adding various wall arts. You can represent personalization by hanging tapestries, canvas, and mixing and matching all sorts of wall arts. 

Hang a canvas at the center, such that the center of the canvas is 57 inches from the ground. Then, arrange different wall arts around it. It can be artifacts or DIY wall arts.

Represent Your Talent Through Custom Canvas Prints

Trending Distinctive Ideas to Decorate your Living Room With Canvas Prints


The customization doesn’t merely mean the photos of a family member. Apart from this, you can also show off your photographic skills, random portraits, and shots. 

Some cinematic views from your trips can look gorgeous. You can create a gallery wall or mix and match it with family photos to create the perfect balance.

You can also ride this near the long elongated wall next to the fireplace. Again, make a grid of four or six frames and range them into columns to create a very sophisticated look.

Choose prints that will stay forever.

You can decide the wall, space, and styles for canvas. But, choose prints that will stay forever. Choose evergreen good quality photos. Then, you must sort out all the pictures with all the family members, take suggestions and consideration of everyone.

The perfect execution and prints will make your bond more vital. And the canvas prints will look fantastic and make your house a home.

Let’s Wrap it

The importance of personalization is immense. It lets you celebrate your bond with family and friends, is a great conversation starter, and looks magnificent. There are many ways for customizing a home, but undoubtedly canvas prints have many advantages over others.

They are affordable, durable, and lightweight and come with protective lamination, scratch resistance, are fall-proof, and much more. But, above all, it makes simple, lovable photos so grand and pure. 

So, incorporate the favorite idea from this topic and revamp your living room decor without a second thought.

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