Trending Nude Acrylic Nails Design | Beautiful Nudes To Enchanting Transitions!!!

Trending Nude Acrylic Nails Design | Beautiful Nudes To Enchanting Transitions!!!

“Life is too short to wear boring nails!” So girls! Don’t be a spoilsport and upgrade your boring nails to classy ones! It’s a happy manicure day so let’s paint some beautiful nude nails! Why nude? Well, it’s subtle and versatile! It can go as a base color for any nail design and can also be simply paired with other vivid colors! So why not paint nude shades on long acrylic nails rather than the gel today! Here are some of the trending nude acrylic nails designs that you can refer to if you’re running out of ideas!

Talking about the nude nail trend here, first of all, there’s no one shade of nude! You’re going to stumble across many ranging from ballet-slipper to mocha! However, if we go by definition, then nude color is practically a hint of brown in white! So let’s refresh our memory of nude color too moving ahead!

Trending Nude Acrylic Nails Designs aren’t just beige but a combination of various other neutral colors with hints of brown or white in them! These shades are subtle and magical, especially if we add some rhinestones to them! It doesn’t matter what your nail shape is, nude shades suit all! Moreover, they are extremely versatile like serene baby blue or black ombre! You can even try out smiley nails on these nude shades as there’s nothing classier than these subtle hues!

So, get your nail filers out and shape those almond or coffin nails well because we’re about to jump into the beautiful world of nude acrylic nails today! On a happy note, did you know who opted for nude hues this Met Gala? Emma Chamberlain! Let’s recreate her swirly nails too!

Nude Hues For Classy Ladies! The Trending Nude Acrylic Nail Art!

Before jumping onto some of the trending nude acrylic nails, let’s refresh your memory of colors first! So? What are nude shades? Well, an easy explanation for that would be, the combination of brown and white, precisely beige! 

However, the shades vary and many combinations of brown with white are attributed as nude. Moreover, light shades of different colors too are also being called nude but that’s not exactly true. 

Nude as a color was first used to describe the European skin tone so if you just remember the skin color, you can easily point out what nude is! 

Now that you know something about nude shade, let’s get your nails painted! 

1. Nude Ombre Nails

trending nude nails
Source: Pinterest

Nude ombre nails are perfect for a subtle yet classy style! They are very simple but it doesn’t make them any less elegant than other bold colors like hot pink or even red! To get a perfect nude ombre, you can decide on the colors with which you want to create the illusion! White would be perfect here!

All you have to do is paint a base layer of nude and then dab the white shade on top of it to create a beautiful white+nude ombre effect! The result is mesmerizing and perfect for office nails!

2. Glittery Beige Acrylic Nails

Glittery Beige Acrylic Nails
Source: Chic Nail Art

Who said beige was boring!? Well, it certainly is a neutral color but, it doesn’t mean boring! However, if you’re a person who finds it “Meh”, then you can make it entertaining too! 

Beige paired with shimmers or glitters is perfect for parties or occasions like marriage and nothing “boring” as many people call it! You can paint a sheer layer of beige and top it off with your glittery nail paint to add a bold shimmery effect to your innocent base! 

3. Maze Nude Nails With Black

maze nails
Source: Nailpolis

We love mazes unless we’re stuck in them! There’s a different excitement associated with them. So why not paint them out on your nails?

These classic maze-like swirls on nude nails are a perfect design for teens who are always in for a new adventure! You can select a color, like blue or black, then paint it in swirly lines creating a maze effect on a nude base like mocha or beige. Once you’re done painting, top it off with sheer nail paint and Voila! You’re all done to flaunt your adventurous nails! 

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4. Beige Nails With Gold Swirls

Beige Nails With Gold Swirls
Source: Allure

Gold is luxurious and we all love lavishness, don’t we? So, let’s give in to our expensive tastes and add a hint of gold to our nude acrylic nails! 

The design is pretty simple to try out as you don’t have to do much! Just add swirls of gold on your pinkish neutral nails with a fine tip brush and you’re all done! Beautiful and ready to awe! 

5. Classy Nude Nails With Rhinestones 

Classy Nude Nails With Rhinestones 
Source: Pinterest

Rhinestones on nails seem to like diamonds! Some of us just paste heaps of them on our nails to appreciate our love for bling and you can do it too! Obviously on your nude nails! 

Paste these classy rhinestones on your base layer of nude but just do that for one nail only! Too many rhinestones aren’t best for regular use so stick to one for adding a beautiful surprise! 

6. French Tips On Nude Nails

French Tips On Nude Nails
Source: Pinterest

French tips! The evergreen nail design! Don’t forget to try this out too! The reason? Well, it’s subtle amidst other nude nails and is good for college students. Another reason would be, they’re beautiful so just stop looking for reasons to drop them! 

You can do your French tips on a nude nail base of any color. The red color would be good if you want to add some boldness to your humble nude to make it pop! No matter what color you choose, the results are only going to be CLASSY!!!! 

7. Checkered Nude Acrylics

Beige Nails With Gold Swirls
Source: Discover Gr8ness

I personally like checkered prints! You can try them out too and believe me, there’s nothing more beautiful and regal than them! 

You can add checkered lines on your nude acrylic nails by first selecting your preferred hues! I would suggest that you go with dark brown, white and obviously nude! These three are perfect colors that go well with each other and would give you a beautiful checkered print on your nails. Also, don’t forget to top it off with a sheer lacquer in the end! 

8. White Flowers On Nude

White Flowers On Nude
Source: Fashion & Style

Spring is long over but our mind still hasn’t forgotten the refreshing spring vibes! So why not try the same beauty of spring on your nails! 

Paint those beautiful daisies and make those flowers evergreen on your acrylic nails! This isn’t as difficult as it may suggest. All you have to do is add small white flowers on top of your nude base and VOILA! a beautiful spring is on the way (obviously on your nails, lol!) 

9. Cow Print Manicure

Cow Print Manicure
Source: WhoWhatWear

A sudden obsession with cow prints has emerged! May it be on our shirts, bags, heels, or even NAILS, people are trying it out anywhere and everywhere! So why would you stay out of trend? 

Paint beautiful cow print as French tips on your nude acrylic nails and be a part of a trend! Because trendy is BEAUTIFUL! 

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10. Smiley Faces On Nude Nails

Smiley Faces On Nude Nails
Source: Glam

Harry showed off his cute mini smiley face nails and we’re still not over it! Let us try those cutesy nails too and be a part of the smiley face nail trend! 

However, this time, our base will be nude! For a twist, you can paint a smiley face on flowers. It would be perfect smiley spring nails! 

11. Chrome Tips 

Chrome Tips 
Source: Ecmella

Give your nails that shiny bling by adding chrome on the tips of your nails! Add metallic shades as French tips on your nude nails and shine on the streets! 

Or you can also paint nude metallic shade on the whole of your nails! These are perfect for proms or other parties where you want to shine like no one else! Well, I don’t know about your outfit but your nails will certainly do their job! 

12. Shine On Matte Nude

Shine On Matte Nude
Source: Ideas Of Fashion

This is a simple nude design and you can try this out without any hassle! All you have to do is paint all of your nails in a matte shade of nude and then just on one of your nails, ADD SHINE! 

This is a subtle design that doesn’t require much prep! So do try this one out. 

13. Metallic Nude With Classy Red

nude nails
Source: Styles Catalogue

Red is a bold color and when paired with a neutral nude, the combination turns out to be CLASSY! So why not try a classic half-half design on your nails with one side metallic and the other in red! 

You can change red to any other color of your choice! But let me tell you, no matter what color you choose, the results are only going to be splendid! 

14. Stripped Nude Nails

Stripped Nude Nails
Source: Amazon

Yet another subtle nude nail art design! Now don’t be fooled by its subtlety because when painted on your nails, even the dark hues can’t beat its charm! 

To carry this nail art well, add shimmery lines on your nude nails! They don’t have to be much but one. Just add segregation on the middle of your nails with glittery nail paint and Voila, you’re all ready to rock the streets (humbly)! 

15. Marble Nude

marble nude nails
Source: Pinterest

Marble nails are trending with their fascinating illusions and transitions! From amethyst to blue to green, marble effects look way more beautiful than any other nail art design. And the colors don’t even matter! 

So try this beautiful marble nail art on your nude acrylic nails and don’t forget to flaunt! 

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Summing Up

Paint these trendy nude acrylic nails and shine on the streets but SUBTLY! Nude is a neutral color, hence, can go well with any other shade! This means, you can experiment with this color and you won’t be disappointed in the least! Every combination of nude will give a perfect look to your nails. So, don’t stop painting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the nail trend for 2021?

Pastel shades with smiley faces, flowers, checkered prints, ombre, etc are trending for nails in 2021. Especially pastel shades with white flowers!

Q. What nails are popular now?

Here’s a list of popular nails:
1. Nude Nails
2. Velvet Nails
3. Matte Polished Nails
4. Rhinestones Nails
5. Classic Red Nails
6. Turquoise Nails
7. Pastel Nais
8. Bright Nails
9. Amethyst Nails

Featured Image Credits: BeBeautiful

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