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tribes of europa season 2

Tribes of Europe has yet again left us surprised at how splendid a sci-fi series can be! But the only thing it missed to give besides the excellent characters and storyline is its slow pace! We are left with massive cliffhangers and this curiosity is killing us! We want to know when the Tribes of Europa season 2 is coming out!

This sci-fi series that premiered in February 2021 had a series finale that was quite heartbreaking and left us with so many questions! What happens next? Will Elja find Atlantean technology? What will happen to Kiano and Liv? What’s there in the ark? There are so many questions that can only be answered in season 2! 

The question of the hour is- “Has Tribes of Europe been renewed for a new season?” Well, this answer can only be given by keeping Netflix logistics in mind! We are well aware of how Netflix works! The streaming platform does a whole lot of inquiry into the popularity, viewership, critical response, etc of the show before announcing its renewal! Now the answer for “Tribes of Europa season 2” is pretty evident here! 

No Doubt In Us Season 2 Release
No Doubt In Us Season 2 Release

The show received a good response and Netflix hasn’t announced the possible cancellation of the show. So it strengthens our belief that the news of a possible Tribes of Europa season 2 might be out any minute now!

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Everything About Tribes Of Europa Season 2

tribes of europa season 2

Tribes of Europa is a German sci-fi series that premiered on Netflix in February 2021. The show is written and produced by Philip Koch. Other writers of the series are Jana Burbach and Benjamin Seiler.

The show got average critical ratings even though the response of the audience was rather favorable! The IMDb ratings of 6.8/10 were rather disappointing but the critical response on Rotten Tomatoes is rather good! The show earned a score of 92% of critic’s responses with 78% of audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes went on like this- 

“Grounded by compelling characters, Tribes of Europa is an earnest fantasy series that will satisfy fans of imaginative dystopias.”

Rotten Tomatoes

Overall the Tribes of Europa was rather compelling for a new sci-fi series keeping the audience hooked until the very end! The season 1 finale ended with lots of cliffhangers leaving everyone wondering about when season 2 of the series will arrive! So for those of the impatient fans, what I’m about to say next would be rather disappointing! 

There’s no news of the renewal of the Tribe of Europa season 2 yet and nothing can be surely said on when it will grace our TV screens again! But one thing is sure, the news could be out any minute if the creators are seriously considering the renewal of the TV series! It has already been seven months since the premiere of season 1 and smart speculation makes us believe that the news of a possible season 2 should have been out by now!

However, let’s not forget that the Pandemic has overburdened us with lots of disturbing and uncertain circumstances. The Covid pandemic has already led to many delays so far and that could be one of the factors delaying Tribes of Europa season 2! 

There are many reasons to believe that the show will go on for a season 2, let’s look at what these are! Beware of the spoilers ahead!

Tribes Of Europa Season 1 Plot

tribes of europa sesaon 1 plot
Source: Den of Geek

The Tribes of Europa season 1 is set in the time period of 2074 after a possible apocalyptic demise of the world system that has left Europe divided and vulnerable! The series revolves around various tribes, among which the one named Orgine lives a rather primitive life hidden in the jungles, without any technology or assistance from the outside world!

The main leads of the show, a pair of siblings, Liv, Kiano, and Elja belong to this tribe! One thing leads to another and one of the siblings gets hold of a mysterious cube which the opposing tribe, The Crows, are after and hence leads to rather catastrophic events!

Season 1 ended with a rather heartbreaking event and an unusual discovery! These discoveries will become a major part of season 2! Let’s see how events will unfold in season 2!

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Tribes Of Europa Season 2 Spoilers

Those who have already seen the series finale would be well aware of what transpired by the season end! Jakob dies at the hands of his own son, Kiano becomes a part of “The Crows”, Liv who was out there to avenge her destroyed Origine tribe and family goes with a woman from the Femen tribe and Elja frustratingly threw the cube in the lake and has entered the ark!

Origin siblings have found them caught in all different scenarios and we don’t know what will happen next! There are just too many questions! Why did Liv find herself surrounded by corpses, what will happen to Elja who is out there to stop a catastrophe from happening, and what will Kiano, now named Tarok? 

These all questions will be answered in the Tribes of Europa season 2 so stay tuned for more updates! 

Tribes Of Europa Season 2 Cast

tribes of europa season 2 cast
Source: Variety

Tribes of Europa was one hell of a mysterious ride where we had to say goodbye to many faces. As nothing is known yet about season 2 of the show, so we can’t surely say who we will be seeing! One thing is sure though, there will be many new faces this time around too!

Here’s a list of the cast from Tribes of Europa season 1 and those who have seen season 1 would know which faces won’t be reappearing. However, as this is a sci-fi series, we can never be sure!

  • Henriette Confurius as Liv
  • Emilio Sakraya as Kiano
  • David Ali Rashed as Elja
  • Melika Foroutan as Varvara
  • Oliver Masucci as Moses
  • Robert Finster as David
  • Benjamin Sadler as Jakob
  • Ana Ularu as Grieta
  • Jeanette Hain as Amena
  • Michaël Erpelding as Atlantian Pilot
  • James Faulkner as General Cameron
  • Johann Myers as Bracker
  • Klaus Tange as Mark
  • Sebastian Blomberg as Yvar
  • Jannik Schümann as Dewiat
  • Alain Blazevic as Crimson
  • Hoji Fortuna as Ouk

Tribes Of Europa Season 2 Episodes

tribes of europa season 2 episodes
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Tribes of Europa season 1 had a total of 6 episodes with an approximate running time of 44-49 minutes. As there is no information available regarding season 2 of the show, we can guess that it will have at least the same number of episodes as season 1 or maybe even more!

Here’s a list of episodes of Tribes of Europa season 1 with a little description!

EpisodesEpisode Original Air Date
1Dystopian FutureFebruary 19, 2021
2Elja, Moses, and AtlantiansFebruary 19, 2021
3Liv, Grieta and DavidFebruary 19, 2021
4Finding BrackerFebruary 19, 2021
5Kiano and BojFebruary 19, 2021
6Lingering SadnessFebruary 19, 2021

Tribes Of Europa Season 2 Release Date

Tribes of Europa season 1 premiered on Netflix in February 2021 and there’s no news available regarding season 2 of the show! As the show has not even been renewed for a season 2, we can not say anything about the release date!

A lot needs to be done before the release date of the show is announced, and foremost is deciding the cast and start filming! Nothing of this sort has started and hence, there’s no release date of season 2 available!

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The Tribes of Europa has left us on massive cliffhangers and lots of mysteries leaving us speculating about what will happen next! For the time being, all we can do is wait patiently for good news! Once the show is renewed for season 2, everything else won’t take too much time! It’s the uncertainty of the things that is killing us here and thus, we should stay hopeful!


Will there be a “Tribes of Europa” Season 2?

As of September 2021, there is no official announcement suggesting the renewal of Tribes of Europa for season 2. The mysterious and inconclusive series finale tells us that the series is bound to reappear on our screens. 

Is “Tribes of Europa” Cancelled?

Netflix has not given out any statement suggesting the cancelation of Tribes of Europa, so the answer is No. Tribes of Europa is not canceled and the show might return with a season 2!

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