6 Amazing TV Shows Coming On Netflix In The US In August 2021!

TV Shows Coming On Netflix

Once again Netflix is all set with some thrilling drama and comedy TV Shows to release on its streaming service. Netflix is the most loved streaming platform and never misses a beat to amaze its fans. And just when you think that’s it for now, Netflix introduces another show to binge-watch. This post is all about 6 amazing TV Shows coming on Netflix in the US in August 2021.

A few days back on 15th July Netflix released “Never Have I Ever Season 2” on the platform. Just now when we haven’t finished watching even half, Netflix is planning many other releases to the platform, some of which are the most awaited TV Shows of all time. Want to know the upcoming TV Shows on Netflix that you shouldn’t miss at all? Okay, go ahead and read on.

Although the list was quite long and interesting, here I have picked the Top 6 watches for you. The list of TV Shows Coming On Netflix In The US In August contains:

1.Pray Away

2.Cooking With Paris

3. Hit and Run Season 1

4. Misha and the Wolves

5.The Kissing Booth 3

6. Gone For Good Season 1

Aha!! The list looks quite the mixed match of every genre. This list contains something for everyone with different tastes in shows and series. Pick your taste and enjoy!

6 Amazing TV Shows Coming On Netflix In The US In August 2021

Do you know while I am writing this post, there are many new shows already getting an entry on Netflix. All these TV Shows coming on Netflix in the US have a different story to tell. Find out what?

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Pray Away (August 4)

TV Shows Coming On Netflix; Pray Away
Source: Variety

Netflix welcomes all genres and colorful stories on its platform. This time a film based on the LQBTQ+ community stands on the waitlist of fresh releases on Netflix. 

Pray away is a documentary film that portrays the odds of society faced by members of  LGBTQ. The tale is heartbreaking and touchy at the same time. 

It features people who have faced issues and gone through pseudoscientific conversion therapy. They share their pain and misery. How can you miss this movie? 

This movie will be available to be streamed on Netflix on 4th August 2021.

Cooking With Paris (August 4th)

TV Shows Coming On Netflix; Cooking With Paris
Source: YouTube

Not all TV shows are based on made-up stories. Some are based on reality like this one. Cooking with Paris is a cooking show run by Paris Hilton that is coming on Netflix soon in August.

Unlike other cooking shows that showcase excellent cooking skills and recipes, this show is the exact opposite. Here we’ll see failed attempts in cooking and a lack of cooking skills in Paris Hilton.

This show will be super fun to watch as we all can somewhat relate to Paris in her cooking journey.

Hit and Run Season 1 (August 6th)

TV Shows Coming On Netflix; Hit and Run Season 1 (August 6th)
Source: IMDb

Hit and Run as the name suggests is a mystery series that depicts the life of a man named Segev Azula. His life was just fine until he met with a tragedy. 

His wife, Noami Hicks, suddenly gets killed by someone in a hit-and-run case. That’s when Segev’s life turns upside down.

When everyone else has declared this case as a hit and run case, Segev couldn’t digest the matter and goes out to investigate who was behind the murder of his wife.

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Misha and the Wolves (August 11th)

TV Shows Coming On Netflix; Misha and the Wolves (August 11th)
Source: Netflix

Ready for some horror drama? Netflix is coming up with a dark TV Show called Misha and the Wolves.

It’s a dramatic tale of a woman named Misha who writes her memoir. This memoir changed the world and destroyed everything around. 

After a quarrel between Misha and her publisher, he reveals that there was an audacious deception created to hide something dark and terrific in her memoir.

The Kissing Booth 3 (August 11th)

TV Shows Coming On Netflix; The Kissing Booth 3 (August 11th)
Source: Screen Rant

Damn!! This is for sure the most awaited movie on the list. Need more of Elle, Lee, and Noah’s chemistry? Here you have it. Netflix is soon coming up with The Kissing Booth 3.

This is a movie that features love, friendship rules, trust, heartbreaks, and lots of fun and drama. In this upcoming teen romantic comedy, we’ll get to see the expanded lives of Elle Evans, Noah Flynn, and Lee Flynn. Can’t wait to find out what happens next?

Gone For Good Season 1 (August 13th)

TV Shows Coming On Netflix; Gone For Good Season 1
Source: TechnoSports

It’s hard to love someone from the core of your heart and one fine day just lose them in a blink. The same is the story of this upcoming TV Show on Netflix.

Gone for Good Season 1 is the story of a man, Guillaume Lucchesi who lost his first love and brother. His life was totally in misery for years only until he met Judith. She gave him new hope of living. Guillaume finally seemed to move on from his past.

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But suddenly Judith disappeared from his life. Guillaume goes out to find her. So many mysteries will be revealed, some for good and some for bad.

Wrapping Up the list of 6 best TV Shows Coming On Netflix In The US In August 2021!. Hope you have noted the dates and are waiting for these Netflix Original releases to come out soon. Share this article with your friends and let them pick one for themselves too. Happy Binge-watching!!

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