7 Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf – Full Of Supernatural Thrill

Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf

Have you recently finished watching Teen Wolf? If yes, then bro I know what you are going through. Teen Wolf creates a separate room for itself in the heart. But, what can be done? MTV has canceled the show. So, here is an article that will suggest you the best tv shows like Teen Wolf.

A teenager who was barely noticed by anyone in the high school mystically gets converted to a werewolf that changes everything around him. A perfect plot to set up any Supernatural thriller. The series has got IMDb ratings of 7.6 and a huge fan base, which is now searching for more tv shows like Teen Wolf. So, here we are with the best suggestions.

The Best TV Shows like Teen Wolf are

Top 10 Anime Like Summer Time Rende...
Top 10 Anime Like Summer Time Render For Curious Minds
  1. Bitten
  2. Being Human
  3. Pretty Little Liars
  4. Hemlock Grove
  5. Game Of Thrones
  6. Fate: The Winx Saga
  7. The Vampire Diaries

You must have heard about these tv shows before as well and further in the article, you will come to know why these tv shows are like the Teen wolf. We have also mentioned the plots of these tv shows so that it becomes easier for you to choose which tv series to binge-watch first. 

Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf was a TV show full of Action, romance, teen drama, horror, and supernatural activities. It is tough to find all of these qualities in a single show. But, we have tried our best and finally found them in the tv shows that we have mentioned below.

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Bitten (2014-2016)

Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf - Bitten
Source: variety

If you are in search of tv shows like Teen Wolf then Bitten would be your first preference. A lot of similarities (Not in the plot) can be seen in both the shows. Bitten is a story about the only female werewolf left in existence. She was under immense pressure, so she decided to leave her pack of wolves and move towards the city. 

As the werewolf was trying to adjust to her life in the city. She came across several murders which forced her to go back to her pack. But, now she has to confront her past. The tv-series is full of romance, action, and love triangles.

Being Human (2008-2013)

Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf - Being Human
Source: CultBox

Well, talking about supernatural tv shows like Teen Wolf, we have another suggestion: “Being Human”. Talking about the plot of the tv show, it is about three flatmates: a werewolf, a Vampire and a ghost living together in England. Although the base plot of the series seems bonker. But the performance by the trio and the story ahead makes it worth a shot.

The story moves further with all three of them facing the real-life issues in their present life along with the problems from their back world. The series highlights the fact that friendship doesn’t have barriers.  

An American Remake of this series was also made.

Pretty Little Liars

Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf - Pretty Little Liars
Source: CinemaBlend

If you are interested in Teen Wolf then you must like the stories that have secrets and thrill. If this is the scenario then you must give Pretty Little Liars a try. It is a story about four best friends who stopped talking to each other after one of their friends was killed. But, suddenly all of them start getting the same texts from their dead friend. The dead were threatening them to reveal all their dirty secrets. So they come together again and try to solve the mystery.

In the beginning, you won’t be able to figure out which character is telling a lie and which one is innocent. But, the ending of the first season will tell you that the girls are simply misunderstood. 

Hemlock Grove

Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf - Hemlock Grove
Source: Netflix

Hemlock Grove is one of the most underrated tv shows. Although the show has nothing to do with the Werewolves, the filmmakers have found new ways to scare us. Hemlock Grove is the story of a city named “Hemlock Grove”. A girl was brutally murdered and as the investigation started almost every person in the city was under suspicion. As the investigation moves further various dark secrets of the wealthy people of the city were exposed. 

The supernatural creatures in the series and a city full of surprises make Hemlock Grove a tv show like Teen Wolf.

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Game Of Thrones

Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf - Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is certainly the best tv show of all time. If you haven’t watched it yet then you don’t know what you are missing. It is a story about the Iron Throne and the thirst for power. If you ask for the story of the series then it can’t be explained in words, you have to watch the series yourself. The eight-season tv show will not let you settle for one character. There are several shocks in the whole series that make it even more interesting.

The brutal murders, backstabbing, intense drama, and amazing VFX quality make it the best tv show of all time.

Fate: The Winx Saga (2021)

Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf - fate The Winx Saga
Source: TVLine

Well, Fate: The Winx Saga cannot be called a tv-shows like Teen Wolf. But, it surely matches the level that Teen Wolf has set. The series will remind you of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. The story of the series is about a teen girl named Bloom. The girl was living an ordinary life before she came to know that she was the Fire fairy who is assigned a secret destiny. The tv show has started this year and is expected to have a big fan base in the coming years.

The Vampire Diaries

Best Tv Shows Like Teen Wolf - The Vampire Diaries
Source: TV Insider

The best suggestion, if you are looking for tv shows like Teen Wolf, would be “The Vampire Diaries”. The story of the series is about a beautiful girl who recently became an orphan who has to choose between two hot vampires and guess what? She chooses the hotter one! But that’s not it! This supernatural show has vampires, werewolves, hybrids, and who can forget the powerful witches. The show will swoon you into that storyline that you will forget you are on the wrong side of humanity.

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Well, these were our suggestions on tv shows like Teen Wolf. You can easily find these tv shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We suggest you binge-watch all of them one by one. And if you want to download them for free then do check out our article on best movie channels on telegram.

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