TV Shows or Movies, Which Is Better? 8+ Factors To Compare and Tell

TV Shows or Movies

Ask anyone what you do in your leisure time? You know what the 75 percent of the people will respond we stream Netflix or Amazon Prime or Disney plus or the Hulu app. Streaming movies and tv shows have become a favorite hobby of many but what do you like tv shows or movies, which is better according to you.

When we have two things delivering the same content and both are related to the entertainment of the people then there develops an unsaid competition between the two and the same is the case with the tv-series and movies. Although both carry their own pleasures, competition is still there about tv shows or movies, which is better? We at deasilex have categorized both the platforms into different categories and factors and tried to find out which one is better.

Now, to start the fight between tv series v/s movies and jumping to the conclusion for “tv shows or movies, which is better” we will be comparing both of them on the basis of Character Growth, Theme, Runtime, Rating Restrictions, Audiences, Story Type, The Socia Aspect of Both and the time it takes to understand and Digest. 

Well, to start with the most difficult comparisons of all time “TV Shows or Movies, Which Is Better?” We will understand each and every factor mentioned above one by one in great detail.

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TV Shows or Movies, Which Is Better?

Without wasting much of our time let us start with the most awaited comparison of the decade “TV Shows or Movies, Which is better?”. We have explained each and every point or factor of comparison from the point of view of both movie and tv show lovers and finally deduced our conclusion on the topic.

Run Time

TV Shows or Movies - Run Time
Source: University Of California

Obviously, when we start the comparison on the topic “TV Shows or Movies, Which is better?” the first thing the supporters from both sides will say about is the run time. We know a movie can take a maximum of three hours but a TV show is a series of episodes and normally at the minimum ten episodes are expected and each episode has a minimum run time of Forty minutes. 

Well, if you have less time and are often busy with your work then what would be more preferable to you a movie or a tv show? But on the other hand, if you have nothing to do on your weekends what would you prefer? TV Shows or Movies?


TV Shows or Movies - theme
Source: Variety

As far as the theme of the movie is concerned it remains the same throughout the movie. As a creator, you cannot experiment with the theme and the story. You have to be rigid to the story and the theme mentioned. 

If we talk about tv shows creators have the independence to experiment with the story and they can change the theme according to the seasons. Although changing themes isn’t recommendable as a specific theme attracts a specific type of audience. Now, you decide “TV Shows or Movies, Which is better?”

Character Growth

TV Shows or Movies - character growth
Source: Vanity Fair

The next factor of comparison on the topic “TV Shows or Movies, Which is better?” is the character growth. If we talk about character growth in movies, you need to change the character for showing the time-lapse but the scene is different from the tv shows. There are many tv shows that run for almost a decade. We can actually see a child growing into a powerful man in the tv shows without the replacement of the character. 

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Rating Restrictions

TV Shows or Movies - Rating Restrictions
Source: Marca

Rating restrictions can be one of the factors that can be listed on the tv show’s side when it comes to the “TV Shows or Movies, Which is better?”. Movies have to be specific with the theme and the adult content and undergo various restrictions by the authorities for getting the movie to the theatre screen. But the scenario is totally opposite for the tv-shows. There are various tv shows that have made the perfect use of these rating restrictions and delivered the best products. These tv Shows include Game of Thrones and the Witcher. 


TV Shows or Movies - Audience
Source: Mental Floss

Well, as far as the factor of the audience is concerned in the battle of “TV Shows or Movies, Which is better?”. Movies of a specific genre attract the audience in the favor of the genre and the same is the case with tv shows. TV viewership is rapidly growing and many platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are streaming famous tv shows on their platforms. The audience totally depends on the quality of content delivered by the creators in the movie or in the tv shows. 

Story Type

TV Shows or Movies - Story Type
Source: The Boston Globe

Movies being short and limited revels the main protagonist of the story very early but the case is different with the tv shows. You never know what the next episode or the season carries for you. Movies mostly believe in poetic justice in the end but it is not necessarily the same for the tv-shows. You will always be shocked with the endings, they make endings based on reality and you will have a proper reason for the ending.

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Social Aspect

Source: Pearson ELT USA

Binge-watching tv-shows on Netflix with your partner is the perfect idea for the weekend. It will give you more time to spend with each other and if you are a newly married couple then this would be the perfect way to know and get close to each other. Looks so perfect but can you go on a tv show date with your girlfriend or hang out with your friends by watching tv shows. Movies are perfect as far as gelling up with the friends in concern. But I just told you the advantage of the tv series. It is up to you what you choose. 

Understanding Time

TV Shows or Movies - Understanding time
Source: Decider

It is a well-known fact that the movies are easier to understand as far as the story of the movie is concerned. See there is a difference between the complexity and the digesting time of the story. What I am talking about here is digestion time. Movies can be complex like interstellar but as far as understanding or digesting the plot of the story is concerned, Movies are easier to understand and have a plus point in the topic “TV Shows or Movies, Which is better?”

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Moving on to what have we concluded is that both are good depending on their audience. But this is the era of tv shows so tv shows stand a bit heavier in the balance when it comes to the topic “TV Shows or Movies, Which is better?”. This is my personal view on the topic. It may vary from person to person. What do you think? Do tell us in the comments section.

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