Two New NH GOP Senators Share Their Visions For 2021 Session


It was a movie-like win for the New Hemisphere Republicans in the 2020 elections. The Democrats retained all the federal offices while the NH GOP managed to change both the chambers of the legislature and became the first and only state to do so with the 4-1 majority in the Executive Council.

Many reasons can be listed for the success of the NH GOP in the executive council but the major reason behind the success are the two strong women. One of them represents the economically weak and challenging section and the other one comes from the wealthiest town of North Hampshire.

Both these lady Senators shared their 2021 vision with the NHJournal and told how are they going to work with the people and for the people. they told the journal how they will manage the education system with the ongoing COVID-19 crises.

I am talking so much about both these ladies and forgot to mention their names First one is Sen. Erin Hennessey and the other one is Sen. Denise Ricciardi. Let’s see what they told NHJournal and what is their vision for 2021

Sen. Erin Hennessey

Sen. Erin Hennessey
Source: WKBT

Sen. Erin Hennessey is a republican representing the northmost senate district – District 1. The District consists of The Coos Country, Half of the Grafton country. It contains the two communities with the lowest household incomes in the state these are Stratford and Berlin.

Sen. Hennessey has served in the New Hampshire House Of Representatives for 6 years. She worked in the finance committee in the NH house and her focus work was on the budget and the tax policies for the state.

Erin Told the journal that her focus won’t change as the state senator she will be focusing on the north where she has represented in the past. She added that she will be making new tax policies for the people to endorse the small business in the country.

She said it is important to make these policies now as the post-pandemic period is to start and we need to look at the small businessmen who suffered losses in this pandemic. This will be useful for New Hamshire in the long run.

Sen. Hennessey wants to expand New Hampshire’s main source of income that is tourism. she will be focusing on how to increase tourism in the country.

She said it is very difficult for the people of New Hampshire to earn their livings in the COVID-19 Pandemic as their main source of income was Tourism. The pandemic has shut their shops and source of income. They will require heavy funds to start it again and maintain their operations.

Next, Sen. Hennessey talked about the education system in the New Hemisphere. she said the education policies are dropping in the country. She has an idea of merging the classes from different school districts.

Sen. Denise Ricciardi 

Sen. Denise Ricciardi 
Source: The Keene Sentnial

Sen. Denise Ricciardi is the republican representative from District 9. This district covers the parts of Hillsborough Country and Cheshire Country. District 9 contains the town Bedford, Denise has been a resident of Bedford for the last 24 years.

Bedford has almost three times higher household income than Berlin that makes it one of the highest household incomes of the state.

Sen. Denise Ricciardi told the journal that before becoming the senator she successfully fought against the administration of Bedford. The administration was planning to put up a cell tower in her community. She took the matter to the federal court and the attorneys demanded $70,000 to fight the case. So Denise decided to fight the case herself.

Riccardo was working as a town councilor when she was approached for being the state Senate.

Sen. Denise Riccardo said that her main focus in 2021 would be Education and transportation. She said she loves education and according to her education is very important. She put forward her willingness to improve the public schools and offer choices to those who wish to learn in a different way. She added that she would like to use the COVID-19 scenario as the best tool to learn.

Moving further Ricciardi said that there are a lot of rural towns in her district she would connect these with the cities, these towns require bridges and broadband connections as well.

Sen.Denise Ricardo showed confidence and said both the parties can work together in harmony. Although she hasn’t got the opportunity to meet colleagues due to COVID, she is confident as both parties have the same goal. She believes in compromising as long as you don’t compromise your principles.

The journal was published by an online news publication NHJournal. Stay connected to deasilex for more updates.

Featured Image Source: The Guardian

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