What type of food should be eaten to lose weight?

Well its a million dollar question. Most of us are just looking for that one pill to pop which can reduce our weight in a flash. Even if you get such thing it won’t be a right way to reduce. It will come with many side effects which you may realize later. There are couple of things that you need to take care off, to get into shape.

From my experience and knowledge here are few suggestions:

  1. Watch Your Daily Routine – first thing is to just analyse your day what is your routine, what and when do you eat, what is the level of physical activity, what time you sleep etc. These are very important to understand to keep your weight in control.
  2. What type of food should be eaten to lose weight?
  3. Avoid Junk – Stop eating all junk stuff, processed food, food with high sugar intake. Include fruits and fibre.
  4. Water Intake – It goes without saying drinking water has immense benefits to your body. Also it helps in cutting calories.
  5. Eating Timings – Its very important what time are you eating. For example if you have your dinner late in night and then just sleep. Whatever you ate will get convert into fat.
  6. No.of meals – We feel that if we eat less we will be able to reduce weight. Surprisingly its other way round. You shouldn’t be hungry for a longer time.
  7. Exercise – Again a very important thing. Its ok to do any kind of exercise be it, gym workout, aerobics, yoga, running or just walk. You really need to take out time for it. Incase you are not able to dedicate a good amount of time for it, start with small small things like Use staircase etc.

You can take help of google to know more. By the way whatever I have mentioned its nothing new but would like to reiterate that these are seriously very important. Start working on before it gets too late!

Have a happy healthy living!

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