What’s The Ugly Truth Behind Uggs? Must Read Before Buying Them!

What's The Ugly Truth Behind Uggs

Sometimes we are so obsessed with the comfort and brand name that we almost ignore something bad associated with that thing. Uggs are the most loved boots when it comes to dealing with cold weather conditions. But we can’t go blind when it comes to the ugly truth behind Uggs!

For decades Uggs have been the most loved furry boots. Originally the Uggs were made for the surfers to protect them from extremely harsh weather conditions in the 1960s. Then native Americans adapted these boots as their daily fashion item. And now Uggs are an irresistible part of winter fashion. What’s the controversy behind Uggs that turns it ugly?

Like we know so many things are made from animal skin such as designer handbags, scarves, leather jackets, and Ugg boots. But have you ever wondered how these products are made? Do animals suffer because of this? The Ugly truth behind Uggs is that it’s made from shearling of Sheepskin.

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Are sheep slaughtered in the process? Or do the manufacturers use humane techniques to come up with the product? There is a lot of controversy going on about the making of Uggs. But what’s the Ugly truth behind Uggs that has put it in controversies? Is it true, or just a rumored part to gain attention? Let’s find out ahead.

The Ugly Truth Behind Uggs

Ugly Truth Behind Uggs; The Ugly Truth Behind Uggs
Source: Holidog

Controversy! Hatred! Blame Game! 

If you look back at the time, there have been a lot and a lot of talk, arguments, and accusations about the manufacturing of Uggs. But that didn’t stop people from wearing the Ugg boots. Neither did it stop the company from producing more similar products!

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What is the controversy? What do animal welfare activists have to say about this? What do commoners feel about the act?

Ahh! Lots of questions!

To answer all these questions let me share comments and social media responses of big companies, animal welfare society, commoners, and the Ugg brand itself.

After a video on animal abuse was shared on PETA Facebook Page, there were massive responses all over the platform. Some were against it and showed rage and disrespect for the act. While many others defended the act telling that it was just a rumor and people need to know the other side of the story.

So what’s the truth?

Like we saw drastic war between people against and in support of Uggs. Here are both the responses!

One woman commented on the post, “Humans have lost all humanity. It’s so sad to watch all this. This act should be stopped”.

Another one commented, “ Thanks for revealing the truth. Never ever gonna buy them again”.

Tracy Reiman, PETA’s executive vice president said that “PETA’s Facebook post made it clear how cruel and abusive acts are involved behind the making of Uggs”. He also said, “Since more and more people are getting aware of this cruel act, they are giving up on these animal skin products and so should you”.

PETA’s video adds, “No one deserves to be treated like this. Sheep are gentle and friendly animals. They deserve much better.”

While there was so much controversy and hatred regarding the shearling and abuse of animals, the Ugg brand came up and wrote, “UGG as a brand never supports any anti-animal acts like killing or beating of animals. In fact, it always uses humane animal treatment to protect animals and to prevent abuse. UGG believes that no race of animals should be raised merely for selfish benefits. In the same way, it doesn’t support raising sheep just for sheepskin.”

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Range of UGG Products!

Ugly Truth Behind Uggs; Range of UGG Products!
Source: Ugg Australia

UGG Official is the top shoe brand if you are looking for cozy house shoes or fluffy slippers. Not just for men but Ugg has a wide range of classic, warm and comforting footwear for Women, and Kids as well. 

You can buy Boots, Slippers, designer sandals and much more from the brand. The inner portion is covered with warm sheepskin stitched nicely with leather. 

The outer part is hand-stitched and has a synthetic sole for a tight grip. This type of design makes Uggs extra warm.

Uggs and the Expensive Cost!

Ugly Truth Behind Uggs; Uggs and the Expensive Cost
Source: The List

Why is Ugg so expensive? Brands are usually expensive. And Ugg has been a serving brand for surfers since the 1960s. Plus, the fact that the products are made from Sheepskin makes it an appropriate reason to be expensive.

Uggs in Australia – Fake or Real?

Ugly Truth Behind Uggs; Uggs in Australia - Fake or Real
Source: YouTube

Brands do get copied! Uggs are originally manufactured by Deckers Outdoor Corporation having multiple factories in countries like China, Cambodia, The Philippines, The U.S., and Vietnam. If you find a pair of Uggs having the label of countries like New Zealand or Australia, stop right there. Because these are fake. 

Nowadays you’ll also find Uggs made of plastic. But be aware of these fake shoes because Uggs only manufactures products made from Sheepskin. The synthetic Uggs might be cheaper but don’t get filled by the cheap cost and trust them as the original brand. 

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To Wrap Up:

It’s sad to watch that inhuman acts are being performed to grow a brand’s name. In the above post, we discussed various facts that reveal the Ugly truth behind Uggs. Also, we talked about facts that supported the cause. What do you feel about this practice? Do you agree that Uggs should be banned or do they stand a chance to continue as a fashion brand? Do share your views in the comments section below. 

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