Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021 – What’s Coming Next

Producing illustrious content, Hulu is now one of the leading video streaming networks available online. You can watch your favorite movies and famous TV shows on Hulu anytime and anywhere. Want to know about the latest Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021? This article is the right read for you.

Hulu is home to many wonderful movies and shows like The Great, Helstrom, Shrill, Palm Springs, and many others. Along with producing Original content, Hulu is an open hub to much additional content from sources like Fox, TNT, FX, Freeform, Showtime, etc. You can stream different movies and series on Hulu for a one-month free trial and can also take the subscription pack for streaming uninterrupted services for $5.99/month.

Some of the best Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021 are Sasquatch, Cruel Summer, The Place of No. Words, Wild Mountain Thyme, Arrival, The Judge and The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 4. All these are releasing in the month of April. 

Watch these movies and series on one of the most prominent networks, Hulu, and get the best video streaming experience. Here in the article, we have overviewed the above-listed movies, like the directors of these movies, their releasing dates on Hulu, their genres, and many more things.

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Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021

Let’s get started with the description of these releases on Hulu. All these Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021 are really appreciable. Starting from Sasquatch to The Judge, we have briefed everything here in this post.


Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021; Sasquatch
Source: PCMA

Talking about upcoming movies on Hulu 2021, Sasquatch is an American Horror movie and a pseudo-documentary. Ed Ragozzino is the director of the movie and Ronald D. Olson and John Fabian are the producers. You can now stream this movie on Hulu anytime. This movie will release on 20th April 2021 on Hulu. This is a story about few explorers who go out to hunt the bigfoot creature. 

Cruel Summer

Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021; Cruel Summer
Source: TVLine

This is an American drama thriller series coming soon on Hulu. This will be releasing on 21st April 2021 on Hulu. This series is created by Bert V. Royal. Star cast featuring in the movie are Olivia Holt, Froy Gutierrez, Chiara Aurelia, and many others. This series portrays a kidnapping story and its long-term after-effects. There will be three episodes of this series as of now.

The Place of No Words (2020) 

Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021; The Place of No Words 2020
Source: The Movie Culture

Mark Webber is the director of the movie. This movie was released on 27 April 2019 in some countries and was released on 23 October 2020 in the USA. Now this movie is coming soon to the Hulu network in the month of April nearby 23rd-24th. This movie has already received good reviews from its critics. It’s an emotional and heart-touching story of a father and his son experiencing death and life after death. 

Wild Mountain Thyme (2021)

Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021; Wild Mountain Thyme (2021)
Source: The Digital Fix

Wild Mountain Thyme got released on December 11, 2020, in the United States by Bleecker Street. And this Irish Romantic drama movie is all set to be released on the Hulu network soon on April 25. John Patrick Shanley is the director of the movie and Anthony Bregman, Bradley Gallo and Martina Niland are its producers. This movie is based on the story “Outside Mullinger” written by John Patrick Shanley. This film is a family drama that has mixed emotions to portray.

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Arrival (2016) 

Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021; Arrival (2016)
Source: Chronicles In Film

This movie was originally released on November 11, 2016, in the United States for the first time. Arrival is a sci-fi American movie. Denis Villeneuve is the director of the movie and Shawn Levy is the producer. This movie is filmed on the storybook” Story of Your Life” written by Ted Chiang. This movie will be released on Hulu on 28th April 2021.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 4 Premiere (Hulu Original)

Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021; The Handmaid's Tale
Source: The Global Coverage

Because of the pandemic season, the fourth of this series was delayed but now it’s all up to be released soon on Hulu. The fourth season will be released on Hulu on 28th April 2021. This season is adapted from the book called “The Handmaid’s Tale” written by Margaret Atwood. This story is about Gilead, a totalitarian system created by a religious group to supplant the US government.

The Judge (2014)

Upcoming Movies on Hulu 2021; The Judge
Source: Amazon.com

David Dobkin is the director of this American legal drama. The movie got released on October 10, 2014, in the theatres in the US. Now this movie will be available on the video streaming platform Hulu. This movie will be released on 30th April 2021 on Hulu. The star cast of this movie is Robert Downey Jr, Vincent D’Onofrio, Robert Duvall, and Vera Farmiga.

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Like other streaming networks Hulu also keeps updating its binge-watching list for its viewers from time to time every month. And we the team Deasilex try to come up with the latest movie updates for you from time to time. Do watch these amazing flicks and share your experience with us in the comments section below. Until then subscribe to the Hulu network and go on an entertainment ride!!

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