When Is Upload Season 2 Coming On Amazon Prime? Everything Revealed!!

Upload Season 2

2020 brought a drastic change in everything. Whether it’s changed lifestyle, food, hygiene, and even entertainment. Streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime were full of surprises last year and even now, there are so many shows lined up to be released on these platforms. Upload Season 2 is one such anticipated show that fans are eagerly waiting for to come up on Amazon Prime!

One of the many greatest sci-fi comedy shows that we have enjoyed watching on Prime, Upload was on the top list. The suspense, drama, humor, and characters everything were top-notch. Where Upload Season 1 started with the future vision of how technology will have modified our lives, the ending was even more intriguing. Upload’s Season 1 finale leaves the biggest cliffhanger to the audience that we all wanted to see more of it. 

Who killed Nathan? What about the budding love triangle between Nora, Nathan, and Ingrid? Is Ingrid still alive? Oh Gosh!! There are so many questions, the season one finale left us wondering. All these mysteries will be resolved in Upload Season 2 which will be fun to watch. Be ready to witness the heartfelt story that covers love, technological superiority, drama, crime, and much more. When is Upload Season 2 coming on Amazon Prime

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After Amazon Prime gave a shot to the series, “Upload”, it got brilliant responses from viewers. Just one week after the release of the first season, the producers were all ready to work on the sequel. That’s good news!! Is the shooting for Upload Season 2 still on? Find out this and much more, right below! 

Upload Season 2 Release Date

Upload Season 2; Upload Season 2 Release Date
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As per the sources, the filming for Upload Season 2 started at the end of 2020. By the start of 2021 everyone was eagerly waiting for Upload Season 2 release date announcements by the production house. But there is no official news. 

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As per predictions, the second season was to be released in the mid of 2021 which unfortunately didn’t happen. This means we’ll have to wait more this year. 

The “Upload” was a great series, with future animated junks. To come up with another season is definitely a task for the team. As everything from graphics to VFX has to match the level of season 1.

Another factor is the platform. As we know Upload Season 1 was an Amazon Prime original creation. The second season of Upload is also expected to be up on the same platform. Although there has been no news from the side of the streaming platform, which makes it a bit surprising. 

Till we get an official notification regarding the series 2 season and the show makers finalize the releasing platform for the show, we can go ahead with the assumptions regarding Upload Season 2 which says that fans can expect the Upload Season Two anytime by the end of 2021. If not that then be ready to welcome 2022 with Upload’s new season. 

Furthermore, there have been rumors about the star cast of the series and not to forget the exciting plotline, here have a look at further details of the series. 

Upload Season 2 Cast

Upload Season 2; Upload Season 2 Cast
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Up till now, Upload has a single season with 10 episodes on the board. It has an 8.1/10 rating on IMDb. The main cast that you can expect to return for the Upload’s second season is:

  1. Robbie Amell will once again be seen as Nathan Brown. He’s the main character in the story who is a 27-year-old graduate in computer engineering. He’s the first one to be uploaded in the digital afterworld through his newly deceased computer programmer skills.
  2. Andy Allo will once again return as Nora Antony, who handles Nathan in his afterlife. There’s also a rising love tension between the two. 
  3. Allegra Edwards will make his entry back as Ingrid Kannemann who is Nathan’s girlfriend. 
  4. Zainab Johnson will be seen as Aleesha who is Luke’s handler and Nora’s coworker. 
  5. Kevin Bigley will be seen as Luke, a former army corporal. He is a resident of Lake View who is friends with Nathan and shares a lot of cheat codes about Lake View. 
  6. Josh Banday will return as Ivan (in season 2, recurring season 1), Nora’s coworker. 

Upload Season 2 Plot

Upload Season 2; Upload Season 2 Plot
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Imagine what if you get to choose your life after death? Imagine being at your favorite place even after dying and starting over your life just the way you want. Exciting? 

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Well, Upload was such a story that made us drool in a similar imagination where a person can be uploaded to a virtual world after he is dead. 

Nathan, a computer engineering graduate, discovered the skill to travel to a fantasy world, or the afterlife in Lake View. One can only enter this afterworld or the virtual flip side of the world after he/she is dead. 

When Nathan’s car crashed, he was in severe condition of life and death. To save his life, his girlfriend, Ingrid uploads him to the afterlife/virtual world in 2033. We also saw a love triangle building up between Nathan, Ingrid, and Nora.

When Nathan broke up with Ingrid, he managed to pay for his own survival in the virtual world. But since the afterworld required data to survive, Nathan couldn’t afford more than 2GB which is also about to end soon.

In the meanwhile, Nora along with Matt gets uploaded to the virtual world. Trapped in that world together, Nora develops feelings for Nathan and confesses her love.

The ending was full of surprises and mysteries when Ingrid gets uploaded to the virtual world. But wait!! Does that mean Ingrid is dead?

Did she kill herself just for the sake of spending her whole life with Nathan or is there something else behind her mysterious murder?

Season 2 will be full of surprises and unrevealed secrets that season 1 of Upload kept us hanging at. Hopefully, we get to watch a fresh season soon.

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To Sum Up:

“Upload” was a blast of sci-fi comedy-drama and heartfelt romance. Hoping for Upload Season 2 to be as fantastic as season 1. 

To give a recap, in this post we talked about the Upload Season 2 release date, Upload season 2 cast, Upload season 2 Plot. Along with that, we discussed the Upload Season 1 ending which made way for the plot for season 2.

There’s a lot to happen in season 2. If everything goes right according to assumptions, then fans can expect the second season by this year’s ending.

To get more updates regarding upcoming shows on Amazon Prime, stay tuned!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Upload Season 2:

Will there be a second season for the series “ Upload”?

Yes, it’s confirmed since the release of Upload Season 1 that Amazon Prime has renewed for the sequel of the series. Also, the second season will air on Amazon Prime Video. 

How many seasons do the “Upload” series have?

Till now there is only one season for the show with a total of 10 episodes. 

Does Netflix have Upload?

Yes, you can stream “Upload” anytime on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It’s available on both platforms. 

Why does Upload have a 16+ rating?

Due to the adult content like nudity, intimate sexual acts, and much more, Upload is rated 16+.

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