US Capitol fire extinguisher suspect held

A federal judge has ordered a retired firefighter in Pennsylvania to be detained pending trial after prosecutors filed charges alleging he hurled a fire extinguisher at police during last week’s mob attack on the US Capitol.

Magistrate Judge Henry Perkin for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania said the alleged actions of Robert Sanford, 55, of Chester, Pennsylvania, posed a “danger to the community” as well as to “democracy and our legislators”.

According to court documents, Sanford was captured on video hurling what appears to be a fire extinguisher, which struck three officers in the head.

Prosecutors said in court on Thursday a search of Sanford’s home uncovered paraphernalia referencing the far-right Proud Boys group. Sanford’s lawyer told the judge his client was not a member of any extremist group and had no criminal history.

The Justice Department has brought more than 70 criminal cases so far since supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol on January 6, trying to prevent Congress certifying Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election.

The violence, which left five dead including a Capitol police officer, led to the impeachment of Trump on Wednesday by the House of Representatives on a charge of inciting an insurrection.

Shortly before the attack, Trump had fired up a crowd of supporters, repeating his baseless claims that he won the election and urging them to go to the Capitol.

After the violence was quelled, most of the rioters were allowed to leave the Capitol, meaning law enforcement has had to track them down in the days since.

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Also on Thursday, the Justice Department confirmed the arrest of Kevin Seefried and his son Hunter Seefried from Delaware. Hunter Seefried was seen on video punching out a glass window in the Capitol complex, while Kevin was photographed inside the Capitol carrying a Confederate flag.

The flag is widely seen as a racist symbol since it celebrates the forces of the Confederacy who fought to preserve slavery in the American Civil War.

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