What Are Usage-Based Insurance Programs and How They Work

Usage-Based Insurance Programs

Proud of your good driving skills and think you don’t need car insurance? You can be wrong. To make car insurance more suitable for your way of driving, Usage-Based insurance programs just might be the very thing for you. 

Usage-based is different from the common type of car insurance people usually go for. This type of insurance is known for encouraging better driving behavior. Usage-based insurance programs are based on factors different from those of traditional car insurance like mileage, acceleration, etc.

Usage-based insurances analyze your driving behavior and offer you lower premium rates in exchange. It helps you save money on premium rates and even offers discounts on certain items. It has various forms like pay as you drive insurance, pay how you drive insurance, etc.

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What used cars NOT to buy?

This article will provide you with information about all there is to usage-based insurance programs and their working. Further in this article, you’ll also find a list of advantages of choosing usage-based insurance programs.

How Do Usage-Based Insurance Programs Work

Usage-based insurance programs work in ways that are both complicated and simple at the same time. Your driving data might be analyzed by the insurance company using GPS technology, cellular technology, etc.

These programs analyze and base their premium costs on factors such as speed, hard braking, acceleration, driving at what time of day, hard cornering, usage of phone while driving, miles are driven, etc.

Most usage-based insurance programs offering companies use different types of technology to track the driving data of the insured person. The most common ways of collection of data are listed below.

  • In-built system of your car, for example, BMW ConnectedDrive
  • Smartphone apps like Allstate Drivewise
  • “Tag” device installed on your car’s rear window or windshield, paired via bluetooth with your phone.
  • Plugging in devices into the diagnostics port of your car, for example, Nationwide SmartRide.

Certain insurance companies give their customers a choice among various options available for driving data tracking. In other cases, it is pre-determined by the insurers themselves. There’s an initial review period during which the insurer reviews your driving habits and offers you discounted rates.

3 Forms Of Usage-Based Insurance Programs

There are different forms of usage-based insurance programs which calculate your premium costs as well as risk factors in different ways. The list below informs you about all there is to these three major forms of usage-based insurance.

1. Pay As You Drive

Pay as you drive is the most common form of usage-based insurance program. It is evident that the more you drive, the more is the risk of you getting into accidents. Hence, the insurer bases the cost of your premium upon your driving duration. This option suits people who don’t put many miles on their cars.

2. Pay How You Drive

Pay how you drive is a technologically dominant form of usage-based insurance. This form of usage-based insurance lets the insurer keep a constant eye on your car and derive information like hard braking, acceleration, etc.

3. Manage How You Drive

Managing how you drive is the most recent form of usage-based insurance. It is similar to “pay how you drive” usage-based insurance. The only difference is that this form of usage-based insurance takes less time to receive feedback and analyze. Due to the irregular increase and decrease in costs, only a few companies offer this form of usage-based insurance.

Benefits Of Usage-Based Insurance Programs

Before going to to the benefits, if you want to learn more about stuff related to financial literacy, then I have written a blog regarding it that you should definitely check. There are numerous benefits of usage-based insurance programs. Since only a minor portion of people are aware of this type of car insurance, knowing more about the benefits usage-based insurance has to offer will lead to the attraction of more people towards this type of car insurance. 

Given below are a few benefits of usage-based insurance programs.

1. Lower Premium Rates

The most popular benefit of usage-based insurance is the lower insurance rates. Being a good driver means paying less in your insurance payments. If you drive less, drive safely, etc., there’s a higher chance of you getting discounted premium rates. 

The best thing about this type of car insurance is that your premium costs can be reduced at any time throughout your insurance. It means that if your costs were higher at the beginning of usage-based insurance, there are chances that it’ll reduce once you start driving safely, driving less, etc.

2. Societal Benefits

People who choose usage-based insurance programs are likely to drive safely. This will benefit everyone in one way or the other. Insurance companies will prosper, people will be safe from accidents, and hence, it’ll make society safer on a wider scale.

Usage-based insurance will also help in protecting the environment in some ways. People choosing this type of insurance, if they further choose to drive less, will contribute to the betterment of the environment. This is because less driving cars will lead to less emission of harmful gasses from the cars, less consumption of resources like petrol, etc. 

3. Additional Security To Cars

Usage-based insurance is usually tracked by the installation of GPS devices and other technology. This will also help in protecting your car in the future as installation of such devices in your car will make it easier to retrieve it back in cases of theft.

The Decision Of Opting For Usage-Based Insurance

Usage-based insurance is extremely beneficial to people who are good drivers. This insurance program keeps both the insured and the insurer happy and is the best option in the sphere of car insurance at the moment. Usage-based insurance car insurance will prove to be a boon to society in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your car keys and get your car insured under usage-based car insurance now!

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