Varun Dhawan Diet plan with Workout Routine

Varun Dhawan Diet plan with Workout Routine
Varun Dhawan is an Indian actor.Born on 24 April 1987 (age 32 years) in Mumbai. One of the country’s highest-paid celebrities, he has featured in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list since 2014. The first eleven films in which he starred were commercially successful, establishing Dhawan in Hindi cinema.
He won his first Stardust award for Best Debut Male for his performance in “Student of the Year”. He made a striking impression on the audience with his amazing looks, six pack abs body and fine acting skills with his first film.

Varun Dhawan Physical Statistics

Varun Dhawan Height: 5’ 9”

Varun Dhawan Weight: 72 Kg/160 lbs

varun dhawan diet plan and routine

Varun Dhawan’s Fitness Regime

“Varun works out for about one and a half hours, four to six times a week depending on his schedule. He does a mix of pilates and weight training, and works on strengthening his body as well as on agility, flexibility, balance, and stability,” said Fitness Expert Namrata Purohit. He usually starts his workout with warm-up exercises and then moves onto cardio and heavy weight training. Since he doesn’t like using a body double and enjoys doing stunts himself for action scenes, he has been training with Namrata to increase his flexibility.

varun dhawan diet plan and routine
varun dhawan diet plan and routine

Varun Dhawan Workout Routine

Varun Dhawan is a fitness freak and never misses his workout sessions. Varun Dhawan’s workout routine lasts for about one and half hour every day at the gym with his trainer. He mixes various exercises to not get bored of workout. He also loves to dance to keep his body flexible and follow “pumpstart” routine by Remo. He has come up with a fitness DVD having a dance routine that flexes 13 major muscle groups in our body. Varun Dhawan workout routine comprises of:

  • He starts his workout regime by some warm up exercises to get ready for workout.
  • Then he does some cardiovascular exercises
  • Some heavy weight training
  • Mixed martial arts training
  • He’s been training to get more flexible also to do his stunts himself.

varun dhawan diet plan and routine


Varun Dhawan Workout Tips

  • Include a physical activity that you enjoy like swimming, dancing or some sport to not get bored of working out every day.
  • Mix and match various exercises under proper guidance to get better results.
  • Don’t exercise only to get big muscles but exercise to make your body flexible and fit.

varun dhawan diet plan and routine

Varun Dhawan’s Diet Revealed 

For lunch, he prefers brown rice, three chapatis, broccoli and baked chicken. When he feels a snack attack coming his way, he eats lotus seeds, papaya, banana or drinks a protein smoothie. He usually eats a light dinner with plenty of mixed greens and grilled fish

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