“Victoria Season 4”: Check out Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

One of the most popular shows around the globe, Victoria is again back on the tongue of fans as a topic of discussion for season 4 rumours. After the consecutive 3 super thriving seasons, the viewers are awaited for the 4th one to be on the table as soon as possible. The show is also progressing in the direction to meet this high demand of fans for the premiere of next season. After all, the 3 seasons were so promising to the fans, that their limit of eagerness is pushing up really high as a year has been passed since the release of the last element.


As the name suggests, it is a British historical drama that was first telecasted in August 2016 on ITV in the United Kingdom and was later released on PBS in the United States, a year later. The creator of this spectacular show is none other than the famous author Daisy Goodwin herself. The show removes around the life of the Great Queen Victoria, covering all the slightest part of her life, in a very smooth manner.

The beginning of the first season demonstrates when Victoria is crowned as the Queen of the United Kingdom. This season also portrays her attraction and affection towards then prime minister Lord Melbourne. However, she has been married to the German prince Albert.

Sequentially, Victoria’s second season shows her handling of duties, rules, and regulations for both Germany and the United Kingdom as she was married to the prince. The show displays the famous famine in Ireland of the 1840s and the duration of the Anglo-Afghan War. Her decisions and guidance of working are shown very effectively.

Season 3 however, highlights her children who are young and prosperous, reaching their life in the 30s. There are various sub-events illustrated that pulls the inner issues of royal families like The great exhibition of 1851, Albert’s attempt to make his son a king, the Returning of Princess Feodora, etc.


The fans and critics have critically acclaimed the show for it’s perfect and precise portrayal of Queen Victoria’s story. The fans believe that the show has tried its best to demonstrate true events. And as a result, the show was nominated for Prime Time Emmy Awards in 2017.

As it is already declared that the show has been renewed for Season 4 after its incredible ending of season 3 in 2019. The news of the renewal was confirmed by the Show’s author, Daisy Goodwin. She said, “I am working on series 4 at the moment…..” She also pulled the curtain over the possibility that someone major may die in the upcoming season.

Despite what the show star, Jenna Coleman said before about the break for the series before resuming on work, in Graham Norton’s show, Daisy ensured about her work in progress state for the next season. And after Daisy’s declaration, there is no official announcement made to date regarding season 4 of Victoria and its possible story.

The assuming was season 4 will definitely release in mid of 2020. However, it didn’t happen yet. Maybe likewise other shows and productions, Victoria production would have also got affected by the COVID pandemic. Hence, fans can only hope for its release in 2021 or at most till 2022.


As the title indicates the protagonist for this show is Queen Victoria, and Jenna Coleman plays her character. Meanwhile, Tom Hughes is also the main character who plays the role of her husband and also the prince of Germany. There are other major characters also who play an important role in the series. This includes Mr Penge, which is played by Adrian Schiller; Lord Alfred Paget played by Nell Hudson.

The other two main characters who own a high screen time are Francatelli and Lady Emma Portman, who is played by Ferdinand Kingsley and Anna Wilson Jones respectively. All these actors worth having those characters according to their fabulous and magnificent acting skills which they have displayed in all previous seasons and are really getting applause from all the fans worldwide especially from the United Kingdom and the United States.

The upcoming season may end the journey of some characters and simultaneously, their role actors. When asked about this possibility, Jenna Coleman showed her views by saying she might quit after this season. In an interview, she said that she has utter respect for Queen Victoria and her character and she really admires her in real life.

She further says about her interest in playing an older version of Queen Victoria. Still, also concerns about putting the aged Victoria on screen might be difficult for her physically and can consume several hours in preparation for that. Hence the role of Victoria can recast after the end of Season 4.

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