Virat Ronaldo Meet Up Confirmed? Expected Time & Venue Of Meeting

Virat Ronaldo Meet Up

After defeating England in the most unexpected way, team India led by skipper Virat Kohli has headed to Manchester. Does this ring any bells?MANCHESTER”, Yeah! The home city of the football legend Cristino Ronaldo. What do you think are the odds of the “Virat Ronaldo Meet Up”?

Let’s be honest, who is the first person you think of when it comes to modern cricket, it is “King Kohli” and when it comes to football, tell me a name that can replace “Cristiano Ronaldo”. Both of them are the most liked and followed personalities of the 21st century. Do you know what’s the best part? Both the legends are present in the same city right now. One city, two legends.

The news started when Lanchester Cricket tweeted about the presence of both the legends in the same city. The tweet got viral in seconds and as expected the official handle of Manchester United replied “One City, two GOATs”, for those who are new to the abbreviations let me tell you G.O.A.T stands for “Greatest of all Time”.

One thing from the tweets of both the clubs is confirmed that these legends are definitely present in the same city, Manchester. But, will there be a Virat Ronaldo Meet up? We have got some exclusive information for you in this article so read till the end. 

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Virat Ronaldo Meet Up Confirmed?

Virat Ronaldo Meet Up
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Virat Kohli as we said has arrived in Manchester city for the 5th Test Match that is to be played from 9th September 2021 at Old Trafford, Manchester. Talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, the football legend has joined its home team back after playing for three years with Juventus. Before Juventus, Ronaldo played with Real Madrid for 9 years and before Real Madrid, the legend was playing for Manchester United. Long History! 

Team India will be playing its fifth test match against England from 9th September to 14th September. So, there are no chances of a Virat Ronaldo Meet up in this time period. However, according to sources, Virat and Ronaldo have planned a secret meeting on the night of 14th September 2021. None of the sports personalities have confirmed about the “Virat Ronaldo Meet Up” yet.

One thing is for sure that Virat will be eager to meet with Ronaldo. If you doubt my judgment then I can provide you with the evidence that will justify my statement.

Virat Ronaldo Meet Up
Source: InsideSport

Proof 1: Remember the hot & sizzling shirtless photos of Virat Kohli that raised the temperature on Instagram. Fans started making comparisons between both the legends and telling how their physiques are alike. Well, these were the statements by fans, we have got you something more solid.

Proof 2: “Virat’s Confession”, we have seen Kohli a lot of times supporting Indian footballer, Sunil Chhetri. Back in 2020, in a meetup with Sunil Chhetri, Virat Kohli confessed that he idolizes Christino Ronaldo. He added that there are many great people to look up to, but the confidence that Ronaldo carries in his games is enough to change the game. 

Kohli recalled a match between Juventus (Ronaldo’s Former Team) v/s Atlético Madrid, he said Juventus lost 2-0 in the first leg. But Ronaldo carried so much confidence that two days prior to the match he announced and called his friends to the game that was to be held at their home ground. The legend promised that they would witness a great match and it did happen.

Proof 3: In an interview given to Star Sports By Virat Kohli, he clearly chooses Ronaldo as the GOAT of Football over Messi. He said he chose him because the player is 36 years old and is still dominating the game like he was doing in his 20s and early 30s.

One thing is clear after reading all the incidents mentioned above that Virat Kohli will be excited for this “Virat Ronaldo Meetup” and will never miss this golden opportunity to meet his idol.

Virat Ronaldo Meetup Timing

Virat Ronaldo Meet Up
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According to sources, the fully packed schedule of team India offers Virat Kohli a window on the night of September 14. So, there are actual chances that both the players will decide to meet on the night of 14th September 2021. As we all know that both the players will avoid the media inclusion so, night timing will suit them both.

But, there could be a change of plan in the Virat Ronaldo Meetup timings. Only if the test match ends up earlier, which I don’t think is a possibility. As England will try its best to even the series and India would love to win the match to take home the winning cup.

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Virat Ronaldo Meetup Venue

As per the meetup venue of both the GOATs, I think they will prefer a restaurant. They can go to Australasia to enjoy the best Sushi in Manchester or Hawksmoor Manchester. They will definitely prefer meeting at night restaurants.

Another scenario is possible. If we look at the distance between Manchester and the Old Trafford Ground then it is about 3-4 miles that makes it just 6 KMs. So, what are the odds that one of the Legends goes to meet the other in the practice session? 

We can just make a guess!!

We talked about every possible event and incident that can lead to the Virat Ronaldo Meetup. However, if we look at Ronaldo’s schedule on the 14th night, he will be making his second debut for Manchester United in Switzerland against “Young Boys”. Ronaldo certainly won’t miss the match because it’s Champion League 2021.

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So, let’s see will this Virat Ronaldo Meetup be ever possible. If it happens then one thing is for sure that the Internet will be flooded with pictures of both the legends. So, fans keep your fingers crossed after all its,

One city, two GOATs.

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