10 Best Watermelon Nail Designs That You Can Replicate Easily!!

Best Watermelon Nail Designs

Love experimenting with nail colors? You’ll surely love these super cute watermelon nail design ideas then. Whether it’s summer or winter, bold, creative nail art can uplift your styling for all seasons. From any variety of Gel or Acrylic nails, these watermelon nail ideas are a super cute fashion trend right now that you must try.

Getting your nails done? Be creative, funky, and sassy this time!! Try out some of the alluring Watermelon nail designs. Watermelon is famous for so many reasons like good for hydration, a great source of potassium, good for skin glow, and now it’s taking over the nail world!! Wuhu!! This sounds interesting. If you are wondering what these watermelon-painted nails look like, then keep reading!

Many people like gel nails while many prefer the matte finish. Some like bright colors, some like glittery touch, and some prefer polka dots. Well, here’s an option for every type. You just have to select your favorite watermelon nail designs from the list below and start experimenting. You can also use watermelon nail stickers if you want.

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Why are watermelon nail designs so popular nowadays? There’s no particular reason behind this except for being a super chick, fun, lively, bright, and playful nail design idea. I am sure you’ll love these cute watermelon nail ideas. Have a look!

10 Best Watermelon Nail Designs

Whether you are fond of bright and bold colors or like to keep it simple and classy, these summer nail designs will fit your choices. Check out these trending nail design statements.

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1. Glittery Watermelon Look

Watermelon Nail Designs; Glittery Watermelon Look
Source: Nail Design Ideaz

A cute nail design with some glitter! Who doesn’t like that? This is a simple sober and glossy design of watermelon nails. You can choose bright colors in the base if you want but this design suits well with nude polish or pale pink color for the base.

Watermelon design is painted at the outer tip of the nails and then coated with a transparent nail polish coating. The top edge of the nails is filled with glitter to get that super cute glossy look.

2. White Base With Pink Watermelons

Watermelon Nail Designs; White Base With Pink Watermelons
Source: Talonted Lex

For those who like to keep it simple yet elegant, try this white base nail paint with pink watermelons drawn over. This looks super clean and chick.

It gives you a perfect summer look. If you are going out for some beach parties or summer vacations, do try this watermelon nail design. 

It’s simple to apply, you just have to paint your nails all white. Draw watermelons using a light pink shade. To complete the look, draw black dots on the pink watermelon pieces. See, it looks great!!

3. Pastel Watermelon Nails

Watermelon Nail Designs; Pastel Watermelon Nails
Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love playing with some pastel designs? If you are into nail arts, then I’m sure you must be having pastel nail colors. This design is super easy to apply and looks super elegant.

Start by applying light green pastel nail paint at the upper edge of your nails. Fill it in only half. On the lower half of your nails, apply a light pink pastel shade. To complete the final look, draw three dots (watermelon seeds) on the center of each nail with black pastel color.

It’s ready!! 

4. Full Watermelon Coverage For Short Nails

Watermelon Nail Designs; Full Watermelon Coverage For Short Nails
Source: Poshmark

Love painting nails but don’t have long nails? No worries, this watermelon nail design is for shorter nails. Applying this particular design to your short nails can actually make them look longer and stunning.

You just need three basic colors that are red, green and white. Start by applying a thin line of green color on the inner edge of your nails. Now draw another thin line with white color and paint the rest of the nail red. To give it a more natural look, you can draw the watermelon seeds using black nail color on the red portion. 

Looks fantastic right?

5. Matte Watermelon Nails

Watermelon Nail Designs; Matte Watermelon Nails
Source: Mai Painted Nails

Matte nail designs look super classy and bold. You can try these matte watermelon nail designs and flaunt your nails. 

Make sure you have matte red, green, white, and black nail paints in your nail box. For those who love to keep it simple and classy, this nail design is an elegant choice. No overdoing, just simple colorful play. 

Apply red matte nail paint on your thumb, index, and middle fingernails. On your ring fingernail, cover half the nail horizontally with red color. Draw a thin white line after that and color the rest half green. Draw three black dots on the red area. Coat the little fingernail with green. 

It’s ready!! 

6. Watermelon Tips

Watermelon Nail Designs; Watermelon Tips
Source: Pinterest

Don’t want a fuller coverage? Then try these!! This is a super cute and easy nail design that you can flaunt. You get that trendy watermelon look but just for the tips of your nails. 

To apply this design you need a nice pink shade, along with yellow, green, black, and transparent nail polish. 

Apply the base coat/transparent nail polish on your nails. Now fill the tip of your nails with pink color polish. Draw a thin green line at the outer edge of nails. Now draw another thin yellow line just above the green line. And it’s ready. Draw watermelon seeds with black color on the pink area and you are good to flaunt. For a better and glossy finish, it’s better to apply a base coat once it’s finished. 

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7. Red And Pink Watermelon Design

Watermelon Nail Designs; Red And Pink Watermelon Design
Source: Fab Mood

Red and pink are two basic watermelon colors mostly used in watermelon nail designs. For an extra funky and bold look, try this nail color idea. 

You need pink, red, green, white, black, and some glitter nail enamel. To paint this, coat a nail pink. Coat the next one red and follow this order. Now cover the upper edges of the nails with a green line followed by a white line. To make the seeds use black color and draw tiny dots in the center area. 

To complete the look, use some glittery nail colors at the inner or outer edges. Coat your nails with a transparent polish for extra glossy nails. 

8. Watermelons And Polka Dots

Watermelon Nail Designs; Watermelons And Polka Dots
Source: Lady.Brando

My favorite! Who doesn’t love polka dots? They fit in every design and occasion. For fun and creative watermelon nail designing, try this mix. 

It’s so easy to apply. You just have to apply a white base on your nails. To draw the watermelon slices, use a small brush. And draw polka dots on the rest white area. This looks super cute. 

9. Fun Watermelon Design

Watermelon Nail Designs; Fun Watermelon Design
Source: Addicfashion

Now this one is different from your regular watermelon designs and colors. You’ll feel like a celebrity wearing this nail design as these are so much in trend right now. 

To try this creative and fun nail design, apply a mix of red and orange shades to your nails. Wow, look at the color! 

Instead of using the regular green shade, choose a bold sea green color and apply it to the outer tips of your nails. To complete the look, draw the watermelon seeds with black color dots. 

Ain’t this different from the traditional watermelon nail designs? Flaunt the look!! 

10. Pink Watermelons

Watermelon Nail Designs; Pink Watermelon
Source: Design Trneds

Everything looks great in pink!! Try these super cute and girly pink watermelon designs. These are simple to apply. It’s a simplified version of watermelon nails.

You just have to apply a pink base. To add the watermelon element, draw the black dots/seeds. It looks stunning.

Yeah, it’s not that typical watermelon look but this design is inspired by fruit designs. Flaunt a sober classy nail coating with this design!!

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Wrapping Up

Hope you loved exploring these amazing watermelon nail designs. These are the best summer nail designs and some of the greatest watermelon pedicures to try at home. 

Beginners can also try these watermelon nail design ideas easily as these are simple and easy. Or you can get these nails done by a nail artist. Share the post with your loved ones. Happy Painting!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nail Designs:

What are the coolest nail trends for 2021?

The coolest nail designs trending right now are:
1. Iridescent
2. Mermaid-Esque Holographic Polish
3. Retro Flowers
4. Ferosh Queen
5. Neon
6. Naked In neon Nail Polish
7. Fresh Fruits or Watermelon Nail Designs
8. Black Accents
9. Lady Fingers
10. Graffiti Fun Nail Art Stickers.

Which is the most popular nail style?

Both Coffin and Almond Nails are the most popular nail styles right now. If you like long, elegant nails, then Coffin nail design is the best choice. If you like medium length, the Almond shape goes best. You can experiment with both these styles.

What nail colors are trending right now?

Many bold shades are trending right now. You can flaunt the trendy ballerina or almond-shaped nails with different trending nail color options like creamy blue, milk chocolate, Dark Turquoise, Grey, Sand, bright pink, and soft red. Details like glitters, ombre, and holographic finished are also in style. 

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