2020 Weather Report- An Overview of 2020

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It’s the new year 2021, we all entered the year with great resolutions and new practices to follow. Do let us know your new year’s resolutions in the comments section. Although we tried to change everything from our end, we have no control over nature.

It was just another day for nature but the new revolution of the earth has begun. The same December season was carried forward to January that will definitely change gradually as the months will pass.

Talking about the weather conditions of the last year, 2020. we have seen the coolest nights from the 20s to 30s that sometimes dropped below 0 degrees at night, to the driest and the hottest days of June July when the sun was felt throwing the heat up to 100 degrees of heat.

Not that we only had the harsh climates all the year. There were springs as well that were utilized well by all of us. Although were home during this pandemic but nature gave us the best views through our backyards and the balconies. The time was best to spend with the family.

Despite hot summers their were heavy rains and hails in the north. Not only the weather was awesome sometimes but also nature showed us the best of its visuals.

As we were home and factories were shut and no traffic on the road made the sky more clearer which made it possible to see the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and the NEOWISE comet clearly.

The time was best to click beautiful pictures at home with the different environmental seasons. The social media influencer saw it as the best way to get more reach on Instagram. 

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Featured Image Source: Physical World

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