Oura  Ring 

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Oura Ring 

Discover the power of Oura Ring, blending style and technology to monitor your sleep, readiness, and activity, all within a sleek and durable design.

🛌 Sleep Insights & Guidance Receive a comprehensive Sleep Score and personalized bedtime recommendations for optimal rest, backed by biometric data and trends. 

⏱️ Restorative Readiness Monitor your health holistically with the Readiness Score, allowing you to adapt daily goals based on your physical and mental well-being. 

🏃 Active Lifestyle Tracking Achieve balance with the Activity Score, tracking steps, heart rate, and recovery, automatically detecting over 30 activities for insightful post-workout analysis. 

⚖️ Perfect Fit & Connectivity Crafted from durable titanium, Oura Ring is non-allergenic, water-resistant, and seamlessly connects to your favorite health apps for easy tracking. 

Long-lasting Performance Experience up to 7 days of battery life and rapid charging, ensuring uninterrupted health monitoring and insights. 

Oura Ring 

Choose from Heritage at $299 USD or Horizon starting at $349 USD, embracing a healthier lifestyle without breaking the bank. 


Heritage at $299  Horizon at   $349 

Discover a new era of wellness with Oura Ring – where your well-being meets modern innovation. 💍✨ 

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