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Sites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online

How many of you remember drawing Goku and Vegeta on the last pages of your notebooks? If I could get my old notebooks back then you can see both of them still fighting on the last pages. Ahh!! Those were the days that I can’t forget. Well, we have a surprise for you. If you want the old adventure back then this article on “Websites to Watch Dragon Ball Z Online” will be of great use to you.

The Anime, Dragon Ball Z doesn’t need any introduction. But for the newbies who have just started to follow the series, let’s have a quick Recap. Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese Anime that was first aired in the year 1989 and has a total of 512 episodes. If you look at the Dragon Ball Franchise you will find series like Dragon Ball (manga), Dragon Ball (anime), Dragon Ball GT, and more. Well, none of the sites can provide you all the series but we have mentioned below the ones that will provide you the most of them

There are a number of websites that will let you watch Dragon ball z. Some of these are free while some will charge you a little for their service. we have mentioned all the famous websites to watch Dragon Ball Z online for free with the subtitles.

Well, now that you know the names of the best sites to watch Dragon Ball Z online. Read below to get an idea about the website. We have also mentioned the direct website links below in our article.

Websites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online

Further in the article, you will be reading about the best sites to watch Dragon Ball Z online. For your convenience, we have also given the direct links to these websites in the article below.

Where To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online?

1. AnimeVibe

Sites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online - AnimeVibe
Source: AnimeVibe

AnimeVibe would be the first website that I would like to mention to “Watch Dragon Ball Z Online”. The user interface of the website is simple and effective. You can use the site to stream the Dragon Ball z movies and series online. 

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The positive side of the site is that it features no ads and the site generates revenue from the donations given by the users. You can not only watch Dragon Ball Z but you can also watch other anime with subtitles.

We recommend not to use the website on Chrome. You can switch to Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

Direct Link To Website: AnimeVibe

2. VRV

Sites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online - VRV
Source: VRV

VRV can be used as a site to view Dragon Ball Z. Although you cannot watch all the seasons and movies, the platform is perfect if you are looking for Dragon Ball Super. Talking about the website it has a dark theme and is available regional-wise. The user can have trouble while logging in but it totally depends on the type of browser you are using. It is recommended to use Google Chrome.

Direct link To The Website: VVR

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3. AnimeTwist

Sites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online - AnimeTwist
Source: TechJunkie

Well, AnimeTwist is another Dragon Ball Z streaming Site that we would like to mention here. The interface and the features of AnimeTwist and the Anime Voice are comparable. Both the sites are ads-free and the interactive user interface makes the website for the users to access.

The specialty of the Anime Twist is that the website is also available as an app. The app streams faster than the other Anime apps, the quality of the content is good and most importantly it has covered a wide range of Dragon Ball Z movies and series.

Talking about the website, the qualities like easy to navigate, interactive user interface and quick streams make it one of the best websites to watch Dragon Ball Z online.

Direct Link To Website: AnimeTwist

4. Funimation


Funimation is the legal website to watch anime like Dragon Ball Z online. The company has the legal license to dub the Japanese web series into various languages. Well, you cannot find all of the movies and series made to date but you will find most of them here.

Well, the service of the website isn’t free like the ones we mentioned above. The site charges US $5.99 per month to allow access to all the shows on its platform. Since the website is paid, the quality of audio and videos are good. The site is fast and easy to navigate.

The only demerit we have found while using the website was, although we are using the paid versions, the site is not ad-free.

Direct Link To Website: Funimation

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5. YouTube

Websites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online

If you are looking for the answer to the question is Dragon Ball Z Available on Youtube? Then, you will be happy to know that Yes, Dragon Ball Z is available on YouTube.

Although you can watch the English dubbed Dragon ball Z on YouTube, not all of the episode’s playlists can be found on one particular channel. You have to search for the episode names and numbers for watching them free of cost on YouTube. If you feel you can search for the channels and the episodes on YouTube then it is the best website to watch Dragon ball z online.

6. Hulu

Sites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online - Hulu
Source: Hulu

If you are a Hulu application user then you don’t have to go here and there in search of Websites to watch Dragon Ball Z online. Your Hulu subscription would cover Dragon Ball Z as well.

Well, as we know the subscription to Hulu is not free. You have to pay US $14.99 for the premium service and it will give you access to all the content on the Hulu platform. Talking about the quality of Streaming videos on the Hulu platform. You can be assured of the HD quality of video and audio.

Direct Link To Website: Hulu

7. Amazon Prime Videos

Sites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online - Amazon
Source: Amazon

You can find the Dragon Ball Z episodes on the Amazon Prime videos as well. The service as we all know is not free. You have to pay US $12.99 for the Prime subscription. Talking about the quality of Streaming videos on the Prime platform. You can be assured of the HD quality of video and audio.

The additional point of watching the Anime series, Dragon Ball Z on Amazon Prime is that you can save the videos offline as well to watch later. You can access the service on the website as well as in the app.

Direct Link To Website: Amazon Prime 

8. KissAnime

Sites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online - Kiss Anime
Source: Otakurarena

KissAnime is one of the most popular sites to watch Dragon Ball Z Online. You can find almost all the Dragon Ball Z series released to date on the platform. If we talk about the user interface, it is not that clean but despite this, the website is quick and provides the content in good quality of audio and video.

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9. WatchDragonBall4FreeOnline

Sites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online
Source: The Reporter Times

Watch Dragon Ball 4 Free online is the website to watch Dragon Ball Z online for free. The website is specially designed for the Dragon Ball Lovers and you can access the site free of cost at any time.

The website has a clean and simple user interface that makes user navigation easy. The homepage of the website has the famous dragon ball movies and series listed. A search box is also available on the top of the website, you can write the name of the series you wish to watch and hit the search option. You will have the Dragon Ball Z movie in front of you.

Direct Link To Website: DragonBall4FreeOnline

10. 123Animes

Source: Xranks

123Animes is another website where you can stream any anime series or movies for free. If we talk about the user interface of the website, the home page of the website has a search button. Enter your query in the search box and hit the search button. The results will be ready for you within few seconds.

Direct Link To Website: 123Anime


These were the best Websites and apps to stream and watch Dragon Ball Z online. Some of these are free and some are paid. We have mentioned the subscription rates of the paid sites as well. We hope the article was useful to you and now it is easy for you to choose the website to stream Dragon Ball Z online.

Frequently Asked Question

Where can we watch Dragon Ball Z for free?

The Best Websites To Watch Dragon Ball Z Online for free are 
1. AnimeVibe
2. VRV
3. AnimeTwist
4. Funimation
5. Hulu
6. Amazon Prime Videos
7. Kiss Anime
8. Watch Dragon Ball 4 Free Online

Is Dragon Ball Z on any streaming service?

You can now stream the popular anime Dragon Ball Z on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Amazon

Does Netflix have Dragon Ball Z?

No, You cannot watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix.

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