Wedding Trends to Take Notice Of Now and in the Near Future

2021 Wedding Trends What to Expect...
2021 Wedding Trends What to Expect if You’re Tying the Knot Next Year

Christmas is literally a little over a month away so if you and your partner are planning on celebrating one of the 2.5 million weddings that will be taking place in 2022, you may be super busy with everything from making your wedding list to planning your reception. In 2020 and the earlier part of 2021, weddings were smaller, more intimate, and simpler to plan. The year 2022 will be different, with couples once again opting for destination weddings, themed receptions, and other grand-scale, creative, or personalized wedding celebrations that family and friends from across the globe can attend. Of course, some will continue to celebrate more intimate celebrations with a focus on sustainability instead of luxury.

A Wedding in Dreamland

Destination weddings are back, with many couples choosing to embrace happier times while offsetting the effects of lockdown and other restrictions with a wedding in a dream destination. Events organizers, resorts and other companies in the industry report that currently, couples are going ‘above and beyond’ planned celebrations, with weddings sometimes comprising rehearsal dinners, post-dinner drinks, big weddings, and a hearty brunch the following day. Of course, not everyone has a budget for four or five parties. Those wishing to experience a wedding ‘away from home’ at a reasonable price are opting for classic wedding destinations like Las Vegas, which is famed for hosting both lavish and intimate weddings alike. Vegas is actually a great choice for couples who wish to speed up the legal process, enjoy a glamorous honeymoon, and curate an international menu. The city of lights is famed for its array of international cuisines—including Italian, French, and Asian.

Sustainable Weddings

Green weddings have become a huge trend, with the events of the past few years leading to a heightened appreciation of the Great Outdoors and the effect Nature can have on human health and wellbeing. Currently, around 70% of all weddings have at least one eco-friendly element. The list of initiatives being embraced includes the use of vintage or pre-loved wedding attire, the celebration of weddings at eco-friendly resorts with certified energy and water savings programs in place, and the use of recycled paper for invitations and wedding menus. Couples are going all out to ensure their wedding does not contribute to the large carbon footprint posted by the industry in many more ways. For instance, some couples are continuing to opt for micro weddings, others are relying on local suppliers for food and fashion, and yet others are choosing potted instead of cut flowers to decorate reception areas and churches. Savvy brides are even opting for bouquets made of cloth or paper. There are some beautiful designs out there so take a look on Pinterest if you need a little inspiration.

Weekday Weddings

Get ready to ask guests to take a day off work to attend your wedding—it may be necessary! Because of the high demand for wedding venues in 2022, you may find that your dream Saturday or Sunday wedding may be an impossibility. It’s not just venues you may have to compete for, but other suppliers as well—including photographers, florists, cake makers and the like, may have their weekends fully lined up for the next few months. The trick is to get in quick or to consider celebrating your event on an unexpected day of the week.

Pops of Color

Neutral tones have dominated interior and events design for the past few years and many would say that now is the perfect time for a more joyful approach to wedding decoration. Expect to find bright pops of color in flowers, table décor (think napkins, glasses, and bread bowls), lighting, and other features that create ambience in a reception area. Wedding tables won’t necessarily be covered in white tablecloths this year. We will be seeing everything from monochromatic looks to vibrant multi-hued palettes and subtle touches of color.

Designer Touches

Those who wish to keep their weddings small and intimate will be splurging more on décor. This means the incorporation of artistic elements such as elaborate arches for saying ‘I do’ (think arches covered in foliage and flowers, decorated with flowing silk and natural wood). Additional features to watch out for include personalized wedding menus, food stands and trucks, statement lighting pieces and even neon signage for different areas of the reception. Some couples will be embracing cutting-edge technology—such as robots that approach tables, taking drink orders and making up drinks on the spot. Some robots even take pictures of guests at tables, allowing them to share chosen images with their social media circles.

It’s an exciting time for the wedding industry, which was hard-hit indeed in 2020 and the first half of 2021. In 2022, couples will feel freer to choose large, destination weddings, as well as small, intimate ones that can be organized in a quick, fuss-free fashion. Sustainability, color, and statement details are just a few trends predicted to shine in a year that sees celebrations return to their original essence.

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