What Are The Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An Essay

What Are The Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An Essay

We have all come across essay writing in our educational careers. This is one of the most important genres that has helped enrich the writing experience right from our salad days. 

Essay writing is a composition that follows a structured progression. We learned that essay writing is analytical, interpretive, and critical in its buildup. 

Keeping the form and structure constant, an essay develops as per the knowledge and depth of understanding of an individual. 

Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make
Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Apparently, it might look easy, but it is not. This is the reason essay writing remains an Achilles Heel, even for good students. They falter even when they pursue higher studies. 

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In this article, we discuss some of the common errors that we tend to make when we are writing an essay. So let’s get started.

Most common mistakes in essay writing

Whenever we go on to write an essay, we feel that we have a complete grip on the writing, just like an eagle perched on a tree. 

But, unknowingly, we fall on the quicksand of mistakes. This affects the entire writing. 

Consequently, all your hard work, research, and writing skills don’t make a strong essay. Sadly your efforts turn into a futile end. It hurts you emotionally. 

So, instead of crying beside the epitaph of your essay, understand the mistake that you usually make. 

1. Arguments Turn Bitter

You have been taught right from the lower classes that your essay needs to be argumentative in its overall binding. 

Without an argument there is no essay. Driven by spirit, you provide too many facts and statistical data quotes. 

This turns your essay into a lifeless body decked in gems and jewels. Don’t elevate your argument to the extent of bitterness and unwanted complications. It mars your entire effort.

2. Plagiarism

Remember the life-defining revelation of Sidney? (Sonnet 1: Loving in Truth)

“Oft turning others’ leaves, to see if thence would flow

Some fresh and fruitful showers upon my sun-burn’d brain


“Fool,” said my Muse to me,” Look into the heart and write.”

This is the ultimate secret to quality essays, strictly followed in any written research. Don’t copy from other work. 

Plagiarism is a dark academic practice your teachers hate. 

Therefore, whenever you are tempted to steal information from someone, you are out of your ethics. 

Copying information without providing it due to the owner comes under academic misconduct. 

There is software that catches plagiarism in your writing. Your university thoroughly discourages any such practice. Don’t copy. 

3. Neglecting A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is like setting the tone. It should find a place in your introduction. 

Even the body of your essay goes by the thesis statement. Your essay should consist of an engaging thesis statement. Through a thesis statement you:

  • Raise question
  • Explore the additional implications.

If you falter, your essay, like a ship, loses direction in the midst of the ocean. Be careful of it.

4. Neglecting The Instruction Of The Professor 

Suppose your teacher gave you to write a five essay in 1000 words. You really liked the topic of the essay. 

In order to flex your muscle of knowledge and interest, you wrote a full-length research paper!

Do you think you are going to get some extra marks for your epic endeavors? 

We deeply regret that you don’t.

Your professor might fully overlook your paper. Moreover, if you commit some mistakes in the extra words sections, they will deduct your marks. It turns out to be like digging your own grave. 

5. Crafting A Hard Essay 

This is one of the great mistakes that students perform while writing an essay. They go for a vain display of their knowledge. 

They use bombastic words and complex structures in their writing. As a result, the essay loses all its appeal and turns into a stone. You must use a simple style to convey your message in a clear manner.

6. Wrong Formatting 

They are many individuals that pay less attention to the formatting of the essay. The focus is too much on the content. 

Remember, essay writing is not only about content but presentation too. Therefore you must ensure that your formatting is good and you are not discouraged. If your essay looks bad, it is seen as a bad essay. 

7. Too Many Typos

Typos are not an indication of your poor grammar and language construction.

If you submit your essay with too many typo errors, understand that you are not attentive enough to your work. Too many typos create a bad impression on the students.

8.No Transition Between The Paragraphs 

Sometimes you develop a tendency to write an essay without dividing the paragraphs.

Sometimes it also happens that you simply break the paragraphs. Remember, breakage of paragraphs means separating the thoughts. 

Also, remember, there must be interlinkage of thought between one paragraph and the other. 

This is extremely important from the perspective of clarity. Sadly you don’t understand the intention of a paragraph. This also terribly weakens your essay to an extent. 


To conclude, it can be said that an essay follows some conventions and format. It negatively impacts the entire writing if you simply ignore these rules.

You must know an essay is one genre that offers you to unleash your creativity but within the periphery of norms and regulations. You make sure that you avoid the mistakes that we discussed above. 

Suppose you don’t follow them as a student; none will appreciate you and your writing. Therefore it is safe to follow the rules, regulations, and guidelines to write an impactful essay.

Best of luck!

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