What Does It Mean If Teeth Falls Out In A Dream? | Best Interpretations Of Dreams From History!

what does it mean if a teeth falls out in a dream

No matter how superficial omens tend to be, we’ll never stop looking for what they actually stand for! Sometimes they mean good, like a fortune is on our way, and sometimes, BAD! Like a supposed downfall. The latter, oftentimes scare us to our wit’s end, nevertheless, we’ll never stop our curious mind from wondering about the possible meanings of the same! There are many kinds of scary dreams and one of them is about falling teeth! Now, have you ever wondered “what does it mean if teeth falls out in a dream?” 

This seems like a kid’s dream, right? Well, it certainly does seem childish but that’s not the motto of the day! We’re here to analyze the meaning of such dreams and what do they signify? Many times we’ve been told that our dreams communicate the thoughts from our subconscious! So is our subconscious mind informing us that our teeth are about to fall off? Well, Let’s see to it!

To answer the question of “What Does It Mean If Teeth Falls Out In A Dream?” We’ll be turning to history first! But do keep in mind, we are no psychics and hence, these incomplete visuals of falling teeth in our dreams can not be decrypted with 100% surety. Now, if we look at the history of interpretations of these dreams, we’ll find numerous reasons and meanings behind their occurrence. There are religious interpretations like in Islam depicting these dreams as “bad luck” and then there are psychological ones that reason them as a sign of “poor mental health”. Let’s find more about these interpretations moving ahead!

What Do the scary Dreams About Fall...
What Do the scary Dreams About Falling Really Mean?

We see a toilet in our dream and take a piss on our bed. This dream is a part of everyone’s childhood, so don’t even bother denying that you have not gone through this! Dreams are tricky and that’s why we’re here! Let’s decrypt the hidden meaning of our dreams today!

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Meaning Of Teeth Falling Out Dreams

What Does It Mean If Teeth Falls Out In A Dream
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The symbolic meaning of different dreams vary.

Where some dreams bring us good news, some do not and that’s how it is. Our subconscious mind at times compels us to look for answers that surround these cryptic dreams and you’d be surprised to know that there are various psychological, health, and even religious interpretations behind these dreams.

Sometimes we dream about our broken teeth which is nothing but a nightmare.

How do they occur?

They appear in various forms, like, decayed teeth, half-broken teeth, one tooth falling off, or maybe all of our teeth fall off! Once this happens, we go on looking for answers about what they actually mean!

A word of clarity for those looking for such meanings behind these dreams is that there exists no “meaning” that is “verifiable”. In simple words, you would never find the exact meaning of “what does it signify if a tooth falls off in your dream?”

Does that mean that there exist no answers for absurd happenings? Obviously not! 

There exist many interpretations of teeth falling out dreams and that’s what we are going to cover. I despise it when the audience is kept in the dark. So it was vital for you to know the difference between meaning and interpretation here. 

Whilst there are no meanings as in “universally agreed upon” meanings, there are certainly many interpretations in the form of psychological, religious, and even health. Sometimes, we can also relate some future happening to these dreams. So without further ado, let’s start analyzing and find answers!

History Of Interpretations Of Teeth Losing Dreams

If you try the deconstruction of these teeth dreams, then you’d be surprised to know how much scholarly work has been done on them. Specifically, these works focus on the interpretations of teeth losing dreams. 

The earliest documented interpretation of teeth dreams was done in Ancient Greece by Artemidorus and since then, many other works have been compiled which only show how curious people are to find answers for these dreams!

Artemidorus regarded teeth losing dreams as being related to the act of “paying debts”. I don’t know what drove him to arrive at such an absurd conclusion but let’s keep those questions aside for now. 

The next possible work on the interpretation of these dreams was done in the Jewish Talmud where they were seen as prophecies signifying the death of a closed family member. This interpretation is rather common and for many years, people have gone on to believe that these dreams depict nothing else but death.

However, this possible interpretation of “death” was challenged by “Freud” who completely turned this game of interpretations upside down! He actually denoted these dreams with sexual connotations signifying “sexual maturity” and “desire”. 

Other interpretations of teeth losing dreams are by Jung who regarded them with a possible “childbirth” and by Schneck who regarded these dreams with “a fear of aging”.

The research on these dreams is ongoing and we can’t possibly choose one interpretation over another, hence leaving us with further confusion and wonderment!

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Various Interpretations Of A Teeth Falling Dream

teeth falling dreams
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Teeth falling out dreams have various positive and negative connotations whereby our subconscious mind tries to communicate with us. What we expect is what we see, that’s how we explain our dreams, right? That’s the same case with dreams associated with falling teeth. 

There’s constantly something going on in our mind and there are numerous possibilities that these thoughts might reappear in our dreams. Our worries, excitement, and even our expectations and desires take on a new form while we’re sleeping and hence, take the form of dreams. Is it getting too dreamy here? Well, we’re talking about dreams so it’s bound to happen!

Psychologically and health-wise, falling teeth is a sign of bad mental health and anxiety. In the same manner, Islamic and Hindu interpretations of teeth falling dreams also have some bad news indicating something negative is bound to happen.

Psychological Interpretations 

Psychological interpretations of fallen teeth dreams are many ranging from poor mental health to anxiety and depression. Other representations can be some kind of loss or even personal growth! Let;’s delve more into psychological interpretations of these dreams!


An anxious mind can show us many disturbing visuals and falling teeth happens to be one of them. 


Depression compels us to negatively evaluate ourselves and it can be regarding our poor thoughts about our physical appearance too. Low-self esteem can drive us to some negative conclusions which many times take the form of dreams.

Broken Tooth

If you have experienced your teeth falling off a few days ago, then it is quite natural for the scenario to repeat in your dreams too.

Regrowing Teeth

Kids can have these teeth losing dreams when in fact their new teeth are constantly growing!

Personal Growth

Many stages of our life have a profound impact on our teeth too. From birth to death, our teeth go through various stages too, and hence, teeth losing dreams also signify personal growth and moving onto new endeavors.

Religious Interpretations

There are various religious interpretations of falling teeth dreams too. Let’s briefly go through them!


The Islamic interpretation of teeth losing dreams is rather negative. Many interpretations of these dreams involve death, loss, and failure in the accomplishment of goals. However, only one particular dream of teeth loss is positive and that is if our front tooth breaks and falls into our hands! Such a dream implies the arrival of wealth and money.


The biblical interpretation of broken teeth in a dream is rather complex and open to different representations. Teeth are a tool of survival given by God and what happens when they fall off? Are we giving up life? Not necessarily. But it does mean that you’re anxious and feeling down about something.


According to Hinduism, broken teeth in a dream signify your unconscious interpretation of your physical self that isn’t necessarily true! Although you might be very charming in your real life, however, your dreams might say otherwise which is nothing but your low-self esteem showing itself by way of dreams.

Is It Common To Have A Teeth Falling Dream?

is it common to have teeth losing dreams
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No matter how bizarre it sounds, the truth is, these broken teeth dreams are quite common.

Moreover, you’d be rather surprised to know that people of all ages have these recurring dreams. Some people have these dreams quite often, making them book an appointment with their therapist.

A study done by Yu reported that at least 39.0% of the people had experienced teeth falling dreams at least once in their life. So if you’re worried that you’re abnormal because of these unusual dreams, don’t be! They are common and hence, there’s nothing wrong with you!

However, psychologically speaking, it would be best if you can consult with your doctor if these dreams occur on a daily basis. Any underlying cause like depression, anxiety, or anything can be causing these dreams to reoccur. Thus, try to speak out your worries if you have any, to find possible remedies to them.

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Summing Up

Dreams speak a thousand words whereby our subconscious mind tries to bring out some hidden issues or expectations out in the open. Sometimes, we don’t remember what we saw while sleeping, however, sometimes these dreams are as clear as a day. 

Nightmares like teeth falling off are so disturbing that we can’t forget them. If you have a case where you are constantly seeing these dreams, try to be as stress-free as you can be, as your mental health widely reflects itself in the form of dreams! 


Are teeth falling out common in dreams?

Teeth falling dreams are quite common and it was reported that 39.0% of people have experienced them at least once in their lifetime.

What Does It Mean If Teeth Falls Out In A Dream?

Losing teeth in a dream has many interpretations and some of these are death, childbirth, losing money, etc.

Does losing teeth in a dream mean money?

Losing teeth in a dream, generally, doesn’t mean “wealth or money”. However, according to Islam, dreaming about losing our front teeth signifies abundance and wealth.

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