What Does Kale Taste Like? | The Remarkable Kale Guide!

what does kale taste like

Are you a noob who confuses spinach with Kale? If yes, then you should know that not all greens are the same! Obviously, you know such basics but let’s be honest here! Greens can be pretty confusing if there are no labels on the box! This Kale almost got me killed by the hand of my dear mother when the whole family was gathered for a nice thanksgiving dinner! Aah!! The summer of 2015! So yeah! Long story short, I did some research and hence found answers to the widely asked questions like- “what does Kale look like” to “what does Kale taste like!”

I did some research back in 2015 to never commit the sin of mistaking spinach for Kale! Now, I can proudly declare that I can for a moment, mistake Gordon for Thomas but not Spinach for Kale! So are you excited enough to see what my research leads to? Well, here it goes! 

Kale is BITTER! All the health-conscious, green-loving individuals would be aware of this fact! Although the bitter taste will put you off, nothing that is valuable comes EASY! Kale is rich in antioxidants and is good for our health. From popular chefs to celebrities to fitness coaches, you would have heard this mantra! Hence, introducing Kale to your diet is a healthy choice! And if you’re just starting to wonder about this leafy green, then know everything about Kale today!

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From the hard texture of Kale to its bitter taste to its shape to everything else, let’s go all Kale today! After reading this, I am sure that all you will think of is buying that bunch of greens!

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Everything About Kale: What Does Kale Taste Like?

what does kale taste like

Did you know Kale and Brussels sprouts were cousins? Obviously, you didn’t! Well, Kale belongs to the Brassicaceae family and so do cabbage and the brussels sprouts, hence making them cousins! But we aren’t here to look for familiar connections but rather what does Kale taste like! But let’s broaden our search and know everything about Kale!!

Kale is a leafy green with a long stem and hard leaves! The strength of the Kale leaves can be compared to cabbage as they are somewhat the same in texture! Like other greens, Kale is rich in nutrients and hence is a widely preferred choice for those who are going vegan or are replacing their unhealthy ways!

Eating Kale will give you more nutrition than beef and milk! Did you know that Kale had more iron content than beef? Well, you should! There’s a reason why our dieticians are continually recommending us to shift to greens!

Now the moment of truth! What does Kale taste like? Well! Kale has a bitter taste but that bitterness varies! There are many varieties of Kale depending on the region it is grown in and hence, the taste varies! Additionally, the taste of Baby Kale and a matured one also varies! Let’s look at the Kale flavor guide!

taste of kale
  1. Curly Or Green Kale: Curly Kale, as the name suggests, will have curly edges and is dark green in color. This is the most common Kale and hence, it is available in almost all of the grocery stores! The taste of curly Kale can vary from slightly sweet and bitter to strongly bitter depending on the age of the Kale you’re using.
  1. Lacinato Kale: This Italian Kale is dark blue and green in color and does not have the usual curly and frilly texture of Kale. Although the color of this Kale might intimidate you, you should know that this is a pretty normal Kale that has a rich earthy flavor but a slightly tender texture!
  1. Red Russian Kale: This Russian Kale has a purple-red to blue-green color and the leaves of this one particular Kale can be pretty big, like an oak tree! But do not let the color and the size fool you! The taste is much sweeter and earthy than any other bitter Kale and its texture is rather tender. Also, the colors of this Kale can become darker in the cold and we all know about the Moscow weather, don’t we! 
  1. Ornamental Kale: This Kale is available in so many colors that you can make a bouquet out of it! However no matter what color, this Kale tastes very much like ordinary Kale and you won’t find many differences besides the texture!
  1. Siberian Kale: This Kale, as the name suggests, can grow in the coldest of the regions! Hence, it has great resistance to cold, and its leaves can grow very tall too. But does this affect the taste of the Kale? Not much, but just that these Kales are more dry and brittle.
  1. Chinese Kale: The Chinese Kale seems more like spinach to the naked eye, however when the taste gets more bitter and texture gets hard, you will know that it is in fact a Kale! But unlike other Kale varieties, this one does not have that much bitterness to it and hence is a good addition to Chinese broths and soups!
  1. Redbor Kale: These violet-colored ruffled Kale leaves have a blend of sweet and bitter taste! Redbor Kale not only makes your salad tasty and healthy, but it also makes them look good with their beautiful colors! They are very good for garnishing.

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The Kale Guide

different types of kale

The next set of questions will surely clear all the doubts you have for our dear Kale! Let’s see what all these are!

1)  Most Prominent Taste Of A Kale

Kale has an earthy and rich taste that can vary from sweet-mild to bitter depending on the type and the age of it! Baby Kales are usually tender with a mild taste whereas matured Kale leaves have a strong bitter taste. You guess the age of the two by looking at their stem and branches! The matured Kales usually have strong stems and are more dry and crunchy than the baby Kales!

2) Kale Vs Spinach!

Some might confuse Kale with lettuce while some with spinach but does it mean that it’s hard to differentiate between these three? Well, obviously not! Kale is available in different colors, and if you’re not good at differentiating flavors then you can simply look to find out! Also, taste-wise, Kale has a far more bitter taste than spinach does and takes much longer to cook! The texture of spinach can be creamy and a beautifully cooked spinach can even melt in your mouth while this is certainly not the case with Kale! Kale, no matter how long you cook, will still have that fluff and a slight crunch! 

3) How To Buy A Good Kale?

You can buy Kale depending on what taste and texture you prefer! If you want strong and more crunchy Kale, go for a matured Kale! Mature Kale will have a strong stem and drier leaves but if you want a smooth and fresh Kale, go for baby Kale. Also, make sure that you don’t buy Kale that has grown yellow or has brown spots as they are not healthy!

4) Kale Is A Healthy Alternative!

Kale is a healthy choice if you’re going vegan and saying bye-bye to poultry! In fact, you’ll be happy to know that Kale has more calcium than milk! Also, with its rich antioxidants and other nutrients, adding Kale to your diet is a good choice! It not only keeps us healthy but also helps in managing our blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is also known for protecting us against cancer and type 2 diabetes! 

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Adding Kale to your normal diet is a smart choice! It will not only keep you healthy but will also make your skin glow! However, if you are one of those people who are worried about Kale’s taste, don’t be! Although bitter, it is no way near the bitterness of a bitter gourd! Kales like the Red Russian Kale are even mildly sweet and will be a good addition to your everyday salad! So just go ahead and buy a bunch of Kale and adopt a healthy lifestyle! 

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