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What Is a Health Insurance Premium?

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Health insurance can help you by providing financial protection whenever you get unexpectedly ill or have a series accident. It will cover all the high expenditures required for the treatment. But what is a health insurance premium and how can you reduce your health insurance premium?

After the coronavirus pandemic, all are realising the benefits of doing a good health insurance plan. This is because most people who haven’t done their health insurance before the coronavirus, they lose their savings during the health crisis.

There are several benefits of having a health insurance plan such as, it can help you to fight lifestyle disease, safeguards your family, helps you to counter inadequate insurance cover and deal with medical inflation.

We have mentioned more about the health insurance premium. You will gradually know more about it by reading the full article.

What Is a Health Insurance Premium?

As already mentioned about the health insurance, health insurance premium is the amount of health plan you pay to a particular Insurance company in order to maintain the coverage.

What Is a Health Insurance Premium

You should know how and when your health premium is paid so that you can ensure keeping your insurance policy active. This is because, if you seek coverage through the private insurance companies, you have to either mail the check or sign up online to make payments. Otherwise, premiums can automatically get deducted from the paycheck if you access your insurance through your employer. Apart from it, if you are enrolled in the Medicare plan, the government automatically deducts the insurance from your benefit payment.

How Can I Reduce My Health Insurance Premium?

Whether you accessed the insurance through an employer, federal government, or the private market, you need to take certain measures that will help you to reduce the monthly cost of your health insurance premium. These steps include,

Raise your deductible

If you are not in a position to purchase your own health coverage (vs. getting through your employer), try considering a plan with a higher deduction as it will reduce the cost of your insurance premium. You should also make sure that it will also provide less coverage.  However, preventive care including health checkups and vaccines are provided for free and the insurance company doesn’t not charge a fee.

Enroll in your employer plan

Enrolling in your employer plan aka group plan can be one of the best ways to reduce the health insurance premium. It can benefit you because employers usually split a percentage of the insurance premium costs with you.

Consider health insurance subsidies

Health insurance subsidies are of two types. One is a premium tax credit and second is the cost sharing subsidy. Only those people are eligible for health insurance subsidies who earn below certain income levels and access the health care through their government.

Research high-deductible health plans

While choosing a health insurance plan, consider high-deductible health plans that carry lower premiums. However, we recommend you to consult an expert before choosing any health plan.

Think about taxes

You should think about taxes because health insurance premiums can be tax deductible if you are ineligible for an employer health plan.


This was everything about the health insurance premium that you should know. Although health insurance premium is important, you should also consider other costs related to it such as coinsurance, copayments, and deductible.

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How can I lower my health insurance premiums?

One of the best ways to lower your health insurance premium is purchasing a policy at an early age. Apart from it, you can go for a policy with less sum insured.

What is the need for health insurance?

There are several benefits of having a health insurance plan such as, it can help you to fight lifestyle disease, safeguards your family, helps you to counter inadequate insurance cover and deal with medical inflation.

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