What Kind Of Cheese Does Chipotle Use | Secrets Revealed!!

What Kind Of Cheese Does Chipotle Use

Are you planning to make Burritos that taste as heavenly as Chipotle? You need a Chipotle recipe book it seems! Worry not! Here’s a list of ingredients that Chipotle uses, especially their CHEESE! Did you know Chipotle uses Cheese based on their location? Well, I’m sure you don’t! Let’s see what kind of cheese does chipotle uses and what makes it so special!

The kind of cheese we use in dishes can make or break our dish! Thus, we have to carefully look at and decide what kind we’re using! It can be cream, mozzarella, hard, blue, etc! 

Chipotle AKA Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is a burrito and taco specializing restaurant chain based in the United States. The kind of cheese Chipotle uses in their dishes depends on a number of factors but the foremost one is LOCATION! Based on this factor, Chipotle cheese can vary from area to area. Why? Well! Obviously, this food chain is based in 2,622 locations and every palate is different! In Canadian restaurants, Chipotle usually uses a mixture of White cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese.

Healthy Recipes - Try this Easy Bur...
Healthy Recipes - Try this Easy Burritos Recipe

As Chipotle is all about consumer taste and satisfaction, the cheese also varies to the preferences of their customers as everything is made on order.

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What Kind Of Cheese Does Chipotle Use In Their Burritos and Tacos?

what kind of cheese does chipotle use
Source: Kowalski’s Markets

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a chain of fast-casual restaurants founded in 1993 by Steve Ells. This fast-food company has its establishments in the UK, USA, France, Canada, and Germany and uses high-quality ingredients to satisfy its customer’s demands! Chipotle specializes in finger-licking burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads! And customers are curious to know how they make them!

The most prominent ingredient used by Chipotle is CHIPOTLE! As you might have seen in their logo! Chipotle derives its name from Jalapeno Chili Pepper. This smoked and dried chili pepper adds a rich taste as a seasoning to all the Chipotle delicacies. The next prominent ingredient that we will get to know is obviously, Chipotle cheese!

The cheese that Chipotle uses depends from location to location as I mentioned before. Canadian and California-based Chipotle uses a blend of Monterey Jack cheese and White Cheddar.

Monterey Jack and White Cheddar cheese combine to give off a rich tangy, sweet and creamy texture. Chipotle uses aged white cheese as the flavors get more prominent when the cheese ages more. Young white cheddar has an earthy, sweet, and tangy flavor but these flavors intensify with time. Hence, many Chipotle dishes use aged white cheese, especially their Queso Blanco! 

What Cheese Does Chipotle Use In Chipotle Queso Blanco?

chipotle queso blanco
Source: USA Today

Chipotle Queso Blanco sauce is smooth and rich laden with Chipotle peppers, serrano, Monterey Jack, and aged white cheddar cheese. The main ingredients of Chipotle Queso are obviously the mixture of organic Monterey Jack and cheddar that you will not find anywhere! Where Monterey adds a creamy texture to the queso, the white cheddar is best for its rich flavors. Chipotle changed their old queso to a new one, adding more to the earlier flavors. If you want chipotle queso at home, here’s a list of ingredients that you will need

  1. Monterey jack cheese
  2. Aged white cheddar
  3. Unsalted butter
  4. Yellow onion
  5. Poblano pepper
  6. Serrano peppers
  7. Garlic
  8. Fresh tomato
  9. Cumin
  10. Spicy chipotle pepper powder
  11. cornstarch
  12. Salt

This list of ingredients will combine to give you a perfect Chipotle Queso at home! You need to thank Janette from Culinary Ginger for this amazing recipe of Queso!

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What Type Of Cheese Does Chipotle Use In Chipotle Quesadilla?

chipotle quesadilla
Source: Cleveland.com

Chipotle Quesadilla can be prepared with either – Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Barbacoa, Sofritas, or Fajita Veggies. This outstanding item from the Chipotle menu is the most famous among customers that are made with Monterey Jack Cheese! 

To be more precise, Monterey Jack Cheese is melted while making a Chipotle Quesadilla that strengthens the Chicken or whatever filling is inside the tortillas. The creamy texture of Monterey adds a newfound richness and flavors to the steak, chicken, or whatever filling you have chosen for your Quesadilla! If you’re planning to make a Chicken Chipotle Quesadilla at home, here’s a list of ingredients that you need to keep in mind!

  1. Olive Oil
  2. Red Onion
  3. Garlic 
  4. Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce 
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Scallions
  7. Honey
  8. Cooked Shredded Chicken
  9. Salt
  10. Chopped Cilantro
  11. Flour Tortillas
  12. Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

This list of ingredients will combine to give you an excellent Chipotle Quesadilla! You can add sour cream and lime wedges for serving if you want to! Thanks to Jenn Segal for giving out this masterpiece of a Chicken Quesadilla recipe!

What Cheese Do They Use At Chipotle? Is It Available For Sale?

what kind of cheese do they use at chipotle

Chipotle uses a pre-shredded blend of Monterey Jack and White cheddar cheese! Both kinds of cheese have complimentary taste and thus, these go perfectly with each other. If you’re trying to make any of the Chipotle delicacies at home, then you’ll be disappointed to know that this blend is found nowhere else! If you’re going for the exact Chipotle cheese, then you won’t be able to find it anywhere as the company produces its own cheese from organic ingredients! Hence, the cheese is not up for sale separately! 

You can buy a Monterey jack and sharp white cheddar and mix them while preparing any Chipotle dish at home to get perfect Chipotle flavors. But you need to keep one thing in mind, that is, how much of these both kinds of cheese do you need to add so that cheddar does not overpower the Monterey Jack!

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What Kind Of Cheese Is At Chipotle? Difference Between Monterey Jack And White Cheddar!

Monterey Jack Cheese VS White cheddar Cheese
Source: eHOW

As we have been reading so far, Chipotle uses a combination of Monterey Jack cheese and white cheddar cheese, but do you know why? Well, the secret lies in their texture and flavor! Hence, you need to know the difference between the two to know how they go so well with each other!

Monterey Jack CheeseWhite Cheddar Cheese
An American origin cheeseAn English cheese
Semi-hard cheese made by using cow’s milkOff-white, hard cheese
Mildly flavored, slightly sweet cheeseSharp tastes can be sweet, tangy, earthy and these flavors become sharper with age.

Organic Chipotle Cheese

what type of cheese does chipotle use
Source: Food Champs

Chipotle uses only organic ingredients while preparing their food and the same is the case with their cheese. As we all know, the price of a good cheese depends on its raw materials and age, and Chipotle keeps these factors in mind while delivering high-quality food and services! Hence, you will find Chipotle rather expensive than all other fast-food restaurants! And this is because Chipotle only uses organic ingredients!

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chipotle cheese
Source: Food Business News

Chipotle uses Monterey Jack and aged White Cheddar cheese in their queso and quesadilla that give off a rich creamy, sweet and tangy flavor. Hence, if you are planning to make Chipotle delicacies at home, make sure that you stock your fridge with these two kinds of cheese to make yourself a delicious burrito!


What kind of cheese does Chipotle use?

Chipotle uses a mix of Monterey Jack cheese and aged white cheddar cheese.

What are the most popular items at Chipotle?

The most popular items in the Chipotle menus are:

  1. Chicken Tacos.
  2. Chicken Burrito Bowl.
  3. Tractor Berry Agua Fresca.
  4. Chicken Burrito.
  5. Chicken Quesadilla. 
  6. Tractor Lemonade. 
  7. Chips. 
  8. Tractor Mandarin Agua Fresca. 
  9. Steak Burrito Bowl
  10. Barbacoa Tacos
  11. Carnitas tacos

What is the list of ingredients to make a Chipotle Quesadilla at home?

Here’s a list of ingredients that you will need to make a Chipotle Quesadilla at home:

  1. Olive Oil
  2. Red Onion
  3. Garlic 
  4. Chipotle Peppers In In Adobo Sauce 
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Scallions
  7. Honey
  8. Cooked Shredded Chicken
  9. Salt
  10. Chopped Cilantro
  11. Flour Tortillas
  12. Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

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