What Should Guys Wear on a First Date – Dress to Impress

What should guys wear on a first date-Dress to Impress

Are you going on your first date? Confused about the outfits? Relax!! Happens with all. We all wish to look impressive on our first dates. After all first things are always special, like the first meeting, first kiss, first breakup, first position, and first date. To make this first date a memorable one, we have gathered for you the information on what guys should wear on a first date.

The first one is the most important date. If the first one doesn’t go well, then there is probably no second one. So keeping the first things first is also important. To find the right outfit you do not need to do a lot of research work as in this article you will find answers for all your queries. Find out what should guys wear on a first date in this article.

Your outfit should be according to the place you are visiting at. It should match the vibes. You don’t want to look too dressed up or fall too dull either. Your outfit will be different if you are visiting a fancy restaurant and different if you are visiting a park. Have a look at these best outfit ideas that guys should wear on a first date.

There are so many platforms from where you can learn different dressing tips like Youtube, Google, Instagram, etc. Whether you are going for a casual date or a fancy night out, here you’ll find solutions for all. Read what should you wear and should avoid on a first date.

What Should Guys Wear on a First Date – Do’s and Don’t’s

Whether you are going for a casual date, a classy upscale date, a dinner date or simply going out with your girlfriend, we have tips for all.

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The Casual Outdoor Date

What should guys wear on a first date-Dress to Impress; Casual Outdoor Date

What should guys wear on a first date? And that too a casual date? A casual date means if you are going to some park or a cafe or just simply meeting at a mall. It can be tricky to dress up for such dates. Dress smart enough to highlight your body but don’t dress too much. Look down for the outfits that you can wear on casual dates.

  1. A white T-Shirt with blue or black jeans is completely fine. It’s simple yet bold. If you have a good body then choose a skin-hugging T-Shirt that shows up your torso nicely.
  2. You can wear a T-Shirt with a little graphic design/prints. Make sure you do not choose too many graphical prints as it can be a total spoiler for the first date.
  3. If you want to wear shorts, go for them but avoid wearing cargo shorts. Don’t wear basketball shorts either, as it can be a total turnoff.
  4. For footwear, choose something basic. Like the white shoes that we all have in our collection of shoes or Chertsey boots if you are going for a coffee date.
  5. Don’t forget to wear a watch. Wear a cool sports watch or the leather stripped one, it’s your choice. Watch is a must. It makes you look responsible.
  6. If you wish to wear accessories like rings, sunglasses or a chain may be, you can pair it up with your outfit. But don’t accessorize too much.

The Upscale Date

What should guys wear on a first date-Dress to Impress; Upscale Date

What should guys wear on a first date? And that too an upscale date? This one is mostly a night date. Like going to a trendy bar, or Lounge, or Fancy restaurant. You can definitely dress up a bit more than the regular casual date. Make sure you dress your best.

  1. If you are planning to wear denim jeans then go for the dark ones. Solid black or dark grey are good options.
  2. If the weather outside is cold then wear a nice cozy leather jacket or a comfy hoodie. You can pair the T-shirt with a jacket or hoodie with a jacket, that’s totally up to you.
  3. Wear glasses to add an extra touch to your look. Please don’t wear sunglasses, as many people don’t understand that sunglasses are not for nighttime.
  4. You can even try something formal and classic. Like the white crisp shirt can be a good choice. Pair it with ankle-length trousers and there you go.
  5. For the formal outfit, you can go with loafer boots or black/brown formal shoes as well.
  6. Wear a nice night cologne that matches your ambiance.

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Dinner Dates at a Family Members House

What should guys wear on a first date-Dress to Impress; Dinner Dates at a Family Members House
source-Elite Daily

What should guys wear on a first date with family members? Well, this one can be the most complex date to dress up for. As you don’t the taste of the family you are meeting to. You don’t know how to dress up. Relax. and remember that this one is mostly the dress to impress kinda dates, as you will be meeting your date’s family members. So make sure every detail counts.

  1. A white oxford shirt is a really good option. Pair it with black or navy slim-fit trousers with nice leather brown shoes.
  2. Don’t forget to wear your watch. As I told you earlier, it shows that you are responsible and mature.
  3. Make sure you are not displaying any brand logos on the outfit you are wearing. Wearing branded is fine but displaying it on the very first date with her parents can totally wrong for you.
  4. Avoid shorts. If you are visiting your girlfriend’s house then don’t wear shorts. As it can throw a bad impression on her parent’s mind.
  5. Another important thing to be cared about is your hairstyle. Have a nice haircut and style your hair decently. Do not try raising spikes of your hair.
  6. Wear a nice perfume. Don’t go for too strong or too dull ones. Be minimal.

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Comfort should be your first priority. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear. Hope you found this article helpful and are not confused about what should guys wear on a first date? Now dress your best. Remember to dress according to the location and the theme of the date. We at deasilex try to come up with the best trending ideas for you. Till then happy dating!!

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