What to do When You Miss Someone – Everything you Need to Know

What to do when you miss someone

It feels bad when someone leaves you in between without giving a proper explanation or the reason whether it can be your relationship, they left or they are just dead. It’s very difficult to deal with this situation. That’s why this situation comes to your mind that what to do when you miss someone. How to stop the pain and misery? The question is whether you should still allow the person to get over you again and again? 

The matter is that you should let go of that person and spend more time on yourself and focus more on yourself so that you can get back your life. The time you will invest on yourself in order to get back your life will help you to enjoy your life and you will be a happier person definitely.

Missing someone can include anything like remembering their memory shared with that person or yearning for someone who is no longer there in your life. Missing someone can give you butterflies in the stomach or aching in the chest it just depends.

Those missing sensations will give you goosebumps sometimes and you can’t do anything about it, I know this feeling and can feel you here. But this will pass trust me, it will not keep you stuck in a cycle of behaviours and it will prevent you from feeling.

What to do when you miss someone? 

It’s not that difficult to keep yourself busy when you miss someone. You should do something interesting so that you don’t miss someone that much.

Reach out to them

What can you do when you miss someone; Reach out
source- Continuity Programs

You can just reach out and connect them through a call, text, or social media and do tell them they crossed your mind the time. It’s a thing you can do easily. Have you ever tried so many times and ended up doing nothing? You can also cook meals at your place and eat over a video call until you do it face to face. 

Write a journal

What can you do when you miss someone; write a journal
source- Wikipedia

Well if you’re missing someone who is dead and just miss everything about a person then you should start writing a journal. Just a process of organizing your thoughts and feelings relieves so much stress. If you are missing someone dead then you should try talking to that person who misses that person too. 

If you’re missing your ex

If you are missing your ex; What can you do when you miss someone
source- Bustle

It can mean that you must be missing their craving, touch, affection or just their attention. It’s necessary to figure out the factors that changed everything so that you can come to a conclusion and stop missing them. 

You need to accept the reality

What can you do when you miss someone; you need to accept the reality
source- Mindfulness Guides

If you are missing someone who is changed and it’s hard to believe the truth then you should try to start a conversation with them. Maybe if they got married and don’t get much time to spend with you all and maybe their career is taking the priorities.  

Hangout often with your friends

What can you do when you miss someone; hangout often with your friends
Source- Raising Children Network

You can socialize and work at the moment. Call out your old friend and plan a day out with them. It will really help you out in this situation and you can overcome this when you get to discuss everything with them. 

Involve yourself in something you love and enjoy

What can you do when you miss someone; involve yourself in something you love
Source- The Blurt Foundation

This can include your hobbies as it will provide positive distractions so that you can cope up with your pain of missing anyone and eventually it will fade away with time. You will get to focus more on your hobbies with this. 

Appreciate everything you have

Appreciate everything you have; What can you do when you miss someone
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If you are missing someone who is far away from you then you can appreciate all the belonging you have from them and keep them around yourself. This will help you little when they are temporarily away.

Give time to yourself

Give time to yourself; What can you do when you miss someone
source- Self-Care Is For Everyone

When you are too much involved in something then you forget about yourself and don’t give much time to yourself. You need to stop this here and start discovering yourself as it is more important. It will help you to miss less when you’ll start giving much importance to yourself.

Start meditating

What can you do when you miss someone; Start meditating
source- MiNDFOOD

If you are truly into something and can’t get over that feeling lie you can’t sleep and can’t focus on something then the best thing you can do here is starting meditating. It will help you to relieve all the stress and you will able to focus on more important things and will stop missing the person for that time.

Take your time to process things

What can you do when you miss someone; take your time to process things
source- Amazon.com

If you just broke up, ended up your friendship with your best friend which is worse then you just need some time to process things. You can take time to heal yourself. Well if you ended up on bad terms then try to avoid contacting them. If you feel like someone is ignoring you and finding it difficult how to handle it then also it happens that you miss that person more.

Make new friends

What can you do when you miss someone; make new friends
source- Escape Hour

If you miss someone who is not in your contact any more then you should try to make new friends and chill out with them. You should try different apps and find a good friend for yourself. 


It’s alright if you miss someone soo much whether in an emotional state, sensational state or anything. You can change your habits and routines and then there are many chances that you start to miss someone less 

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