What to Watch After Game of Thrones! 17 Best Shows To Try!

What to watch after game of thrones

Game of Thrones has set many records and is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. If you can’t get over Game of Thrones and are looking for what to watch after Game of thrones? Here is a ready solution waiting for you. 

Game of Thrones has the finest plot undoubtedly, as it connected the audience well and fully. Are you confused about what to watch after the game of thrones? There are many other series to watch if you loved Game of Thrones. From action, thrill, romance, drama, war, desire, and fun whatever you are searching for, these series have all in them. 

After watching and going through many series and TV shows, we have shortlisted a top list of series that you should watch after finishing Game of Thrones. 

  1. Frontier
  2. The 100
  3. The Last Kingdom
  4. Narcos
  5. The Expanse
  6. Outcast
  7. Empire
  8. Vikings
  9. House of Cards
  10. Battlestar Galactica
  11. Rome
  12. Black Sails
  13. Merlin
  14. Thronecast
  15. Camelot
  16. The Witcher
  17. Breaking Bad

All these are mind-blowing series and shows. If you were looking for something similar to Game of Thrones, then these can be your top options to watch. 

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17 Best Series to Watch after Game of Thrones

If you are still confused and are not able to decide what to watch next after the game of thrones then this article is a must-read for you. Enjoy some top-picked series and have fun. 


What to watch after Game of Thrones- Frontier


Frontier is an action fiction with three seasons to date. This is one of the best series to watch after game of thrones. The action, thrill, and star cast all are top-notch. The central theme of this movie revolves around the fur trade.

Hudson’s Bay Company, which is featured prominently in the series, is a real company that has existed since the 17th century. This series contains some in-built drama, suspense, complicated scenes, many different locations, violence, and thrill. 

IMDb ratings:- 7.2/10

The 100(Amazon) 

What to watch after Game of Thrones- The 100

source-The 100 Wiki -Fandom

This is a sci-fi series with around 7 seasons to date. The 100 contains a lot of drama, action, science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, and fun. The series starts with a mission called the death mission in which 100 men were sent on earth from space. This series checks the morality of an individual.

The central theme of this series is battle some showing the inevitable nature of human beings. Humans tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly that were done by their ancestors. Watch out for this amazing series that can turn out to be the best answer for your search for what to watch after Game of Thrones? 

IMBd ratings:- 7.6/10

The Last Kingdom(Netflix) 

What to watch after game of thrones-The last kingdom


This series is based on history, historical drama, and action fiction with four seasons to date. If you are still in doubt about what to watch after Game of Thrones, then this can be a good choice for sure.

The Last Kingdom portrays a historical story of when the Danes invaded England. They captured Uhtred, a young successor of Saxon earldom, and raise him as their own. After many years, Uthred’s loyalty is put to test just to check if he still has a heart for their enemies or is now one among them. 

IMBd ratings:- 8.4/10


What to watch after game of thrones-Narcos

source-Narcos Wiki-Fandom

Binge-watch this amazing TV show that revolves around the main theme of crime, drama, and suspense. This is a story of a drug dealer Pablo Escobar who turned into a billionaire and produced and distributed cocaine.

This show has three reasons to date. The makers have tried to give it a real-life effect that many of you will find relevant in history. Overall a good watch. 

IMBd rankings:- 8.8/10

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The Expanse

What to watch after Game of Thrones- The Expanse

source-Indian express

Available on Amazon Prime Video, Amazon.com, and Syfy, The Expanse is a science fiction television series. This contains five seasons to date.

This series revolves around the story of a missing young woman in space about two hundred years from now in the future. Things are extremely different and tensed between earth and mars producing tensions and a war like situation. A hardened detective and a rogue ship’s captain risk their lives to find out the missing lady. 

IMBd ratings:- 8.5/10


what to watch after game of thrones-Outcast

source-Skybound Entertainment

Outcast is a horror drama tv-series with two seasons(20 episodes) to date. There are a lot of dramatic themes in this movie showing bloodshed, brutality, cursing, child abuse, and exorcisms. Outcast is a horror series that presents the fight against evil and demonic possessions.

The main lead Kyle Barnes is rejected and outlooked by the people of Rome, for he is alleged for hurting his wife and daughter. And the most interesting part about this series is that this is based on a true-life story. 

IMBd ratings:- 7.4/10


What to watch after game of thrones-Empire


Created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, Empire is an American musical drama TV series. The series starts with featuring an aging British monarch who decides to divide his kingdom on the basis of his three daughter’s determination towards him.

This fight to own the empires brings different witty moments. Along with the desire for power and empire, you will find out the themes of love, violence, murder, and war. This music-fueled drama can be fun to watch. 

IMBd ratings:- 7.4/10


What to watch after game of thrones-Vikings

source-Den of Geek

If you were looking for what to watch after Game of Thrones? Here your search ends. Vikings is an action fiction series with 6 seasons to date. With intense drama and suspense, this series will not let you feel bored at any time. You will get to know the Viking culture in detail.

This series contains historical facts, legendary tales, Norse myths, adventure, historical fiction, and action. Bjorn Ironside always dreamt of a peaceful kingdom but has something else to serve. With rising tensions with the enemy, Bjorn couldn’t just sit hand in hand and had to accept the challenge to fight. Bjorn and Lagertga get out in the field as they are the Vikings’ heroes. 

IMDb ratings:- 8.5/10

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House of Cards

What to watch after game of thrones-House of cards
source-House of cards

House of cards is an American drama thriller TV series with 6 seasons to date. Frank Underwood the former secretary of state along with his wife tries to take revenge from all the people around whoever betrayed him in his supremacy.

The series revolves around themes like ruthlessness, power, suppression, manipulation, and betrayal. This series is more of a political drama scenario but it’s not about politics. House of cards is an expression used to describe the weak and fragile structure or plan.

IMDb ratings:-8.7/10

Battlestar Galactica                                      

What to watch after game of thrones-Battlestar galactica

source-The Guardian

Battlestar is science fiction with 4 seasons. This series revolves around the central theme of productive living. Everyone is alive but how many are living? This series portrays this central idea. The Genre of this movie is Military science fiction, political drama, apocalyptic fiction, etc.

This series is the continuation of the journey of the last surviving human. In all the four seasons of Battlestar Galactica, the war between the Colonials and the Cylons takes different stages. The humans who survived get settled on a newly formed planet earth. Find out the suspense and explore the thrill yourself by watching this series.

IMDb ratings:- 8.6/10


What to watch after game of thrones-Rome


Rome is a historical drama series with 2 seasons to date. Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo were two ordinary Romans who later on turned into warriors /heroes after their feats in the arena. If you loved the game of thrones and were searching for what to watch after a game of thrones? , this is probably a good choice to start with.

Like the game of thrones, here too you will witness the rise and fall of empires. This is basically a historical drama series that leaves you in thrill and amazement. Binge watch this series and have fun.

IMDb ratings:- 8.7/10

Black Sails

What to watch after game of thrones-Black sails


Black Sails is an adventure series with 4 seasons to date. This is full of adventure and shows events happening around an island, Nassau. The story, the screenplay, everything about this series is top-notch.

This series may seem a little complicated in the beginning but you will love the characters by the end of it for sure. The scenes feel so real that you will feel the real flesh on screen. This is for sure a good series to watch after the game of thrones.

IMDb ratings:- 8.2/10


What to watch after game of thrones-Merlin

source-The Nerd Daily

This is an action-drama series with over 5 seasons to date. The series revisited the time of King Arthur and his Wizard, Merlin, two ambitious characters who want to build their destinies.

Prince Arthur is the heir of the throne who bans the usage of magic. You will find the scenes filled with drama, action, fun, and adventure to explore. This is a good option if you were looking for what to watch after the game of thrones.

IMDb ratings:- 7.9/10

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What to watch after game of thrones-Thronecast

source-National film and television school

This is a chat show with 8 seasons and 77 episodes to date. The producers are Danny Tipping, Ruby Thomas, Ben Boyer. Game of Thrones is a similar show like this. The series began airing online in April 2011 with a 10-20 minutes podcast. This is a fan show of Game of thrones.

IMDb ratings:- 7.4/10


What to watch after game of thrones-Camelot


This is a drama series with a single season to date. The genre of this show includes many different themes like adventure, drama, historical fiction, historical drama, fantasy, action. In Short, this is an action-packed series.

IMDb ratings:- 6.5/10

The Witcher

What to watch after game of thrones-The Witcher

source-The verge

The Witcher is a fantasy-drama series with a single season to date. This is available on Netflix. This is an adult show as it involves scenes of nudity, sexual harassment, violence, etc. The characters, the screenplay everything is on point. People often have compared this show with GOT.

IMDb ratings:- 8.2/10

Breaking Bad

What to watch after game of thrones-Breaking bad

source-India today

Breaking Bad is a Western Crime series. Walter White, the main lead, finds out that he has cancer and gets into a meth-making business to pay his debts used for medical purposes. Watch this amazing full of thrill and suspense tv-series and find out what changes did Walter White have to go through in life.

IMDb ratings:- 9.5/10

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Hope your search for what to watch after Game of Thrones ends here. All the above-mentioned series are top-notch. Experience the adventure and fun of Game of Thrones once again. For more such articles stay connected to deasilex. Do share with your friends and binge-watch together. You can find these shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

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