What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather For Men And Women? | Outfit Choices You’ll Fall In Love With!!

What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather For Men And Women

Weather at times can be like our peculiar grandma who doesn’t like too spicy or too bland food! 60 degree weather is that same granny and we’re all stuck! This tricky weather doesn’t allow us to wear too much or too little and hence, we’re all caught up on how to strike that perfect balance! But is it all that difficult of a task? Certainly not! However, if you’re still confused about choosing between a sweater or a simple tee, this one’s for you! Check out What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather For Men And Women!!! 

When it comes to fashion, transitional weather gets our innovative selves out in the open. We can experiment with layers and decide what outfit looks best! The best thing about experimenting with our clothes is, we will always have some new ideas or styling tips! This will not only make us look beautiful, but also different from the masses!

This 60 degree weather will never give you a heads up! This tricky granny out here will make sure you aren’t getting out in those tank tops or coats! So what can be a perfect outfit for this weather? Well! Denim and sweats may do the job but do you want to look like a roadside hunk? Then go ahead! But if not, happy reading! 

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This in-between kind of weather requires that we level up our dressing game a bit but not too much! Wow! How peculiar! 

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60 Degree Weather: What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather For Men And Women? 

60 degree weather
Source: Unsplash

60 degree weather is a devil’s cousin when it comes to deciding what we should expect from it! When the temp hits 60, mind you, it’s always not a perfect 60! It can be some degrees below and some degrees above it. But whatever the case, below or above 60, both could be chilling for Floridians! How cold we feel and our layering all depends on where we live and most importantly, our will to deal with the cold!

NY people rejoice in this weather as it’s cold throughout! This transition helps them get an early taste of summer warmth or maybe their last before freezing cold steps in! So what to wear in this kind of weather? Well again! It all depends on the weather! Additionally, it also depends on your tolerance for cold weather! If you are the kind of person who gets cold easily, then you better layer yourself well!

If the air feels especially cold and you are expecting slight showers, then it’s obviously good to be prepared beforehand! We have all been hearing that wearing too much or too little is not advisable for 60 degree weather! But know what! It doesn’t matter! For me personally, I would like to be extra layered than none at all! Why? Well, it’s for a very simple reason! You could simply take off your extra layers like coats or jackets, but what to do when it’s chilling? Shivering in the corner is not the option girl!

60 Degree Weather Outfits: From Spring To Autumn

60 degree outfit for men and women
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The outfits for this in-between kind of weather all depends on SEASONS. If it’s spring, colorful dresses will match the happy and colorful vibes of the blooming flowers! You are going to say “HEY!” to your summer clothes but not totally! Why? Well, obviously the weather would be too cold for your shorts and flip-flops but much more ideal for your long-flowy skirts and sweaters! 

You can go for either a casual look or a more formal look paired with heeled boots! Men can style their oxford shirts with chinos and a pair of formal shoes for their work! These styles will not only make you look chic and classy but will also ensure that you stay warm!

The oft-repeated phrase in the fashion circle is “fashion and comfort do not go together!” Do you also believe in these age-old phrases, Because I certainly DO NOT! These 60 degree outfits will make sure you stay in style and comfort! Let’s jump straight to these 60 degree outfits for men and women with comfort! Happy styling!

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60 Degree Weather Outfits For Men

Men's outfit ideas
Source: the essential man

There’s no hassle involved in choosing outfits for 60 degree outfits as is oft-repeated! All you have to make sure is check the weather forecast before stepping out of the house! Why? Well, you can expect rains, strong chilly winds, or maybe below or above 60 degrees! It’s always good to be prepared! 

  1. Oxford Shirt, Tee, And Slim Fit Jeans
60 degree outfit for men
Source: Unsplash

This is a classic look for a college-going teenage dressing for his classes in the spring or autumn season. You can wear your light-colored tees with an oxford shirt with all buttons open and a pair of boots! Wearing a pair of slim-fit jeans will complete the outfit with you being ready for your morning classes! If the weather is too chilly for a simple oxford shirt, then you can always layer it with a leather or denim jacket!

  1. Windbreaker And Jeans
60 degree weather outfits
Source: Unsplash

Another casual look for dudes out there getting ready for a nice ride of their Harley-Davidson! Windbreakers can be paired with sweatshirts or tees depending on the kind of weather! 

  1. Cardigan Sweater And Chinos
men outfit ideas
Source: Unsplash

This is the most appreciated look by women after the formals of course! Men with a cardigan sweater and Chinos look no less than Steve McQueen! You can recreate Steve’s much-appreciated look by pairing your shawl collar cardigan sweater with a pair of jeans and leather shoes! 

  1. Hooded Denim And Mid Rise Jeans
men's outfit
Source: forever 21

This is for your casual supermarket trip or your “going out for a coffee at Izzy’s” kind of look! Wearing hooded denim with a pair of v-neck t-shirts or sweatshirts will make you look handsome EFFORTLESSLY!

  1. TurtleNeck And Denim Jeans
Source: Unsplash

Guys wearing loose, knitted turtleneck sweaters with a pair of denim jeans are simply eye-catching! So, Why not recreate this look and be the best dressed of the lot?

  1. Light Colored Hoodies And Black Denims
men's fashion
Source: Unsplash

Hoodies are a go-to when going out at a 60 degree temperature and look extremely pleasing when they are light-colored! A light-colored hoodie with a pair of black denim jeans and white sneakers will simply make you look outstanding!

  1. Hoodies, Bomber Jackets, And Rugged Jeans
Source: Unsplash

If the weather falls below 60, adding a bomber jacket to your hoodie is a smart choice! Rugged jeans and bomber jackets are good for a night out with your group of friends and this outfit choice will make sure you stay warm when the wind gets too chilly!

  1. Shirt, Sweater, And Business Slacks
men's office look
Source: unsplash

This is a perfect office look! You can style your plain shirt with a beige sweater and business slacks! Adding formal shoes will complete this look and you are all set to rock your business meetings!

  1. Cargo Pants And Sweatshirts
60 degree outfits for men
Source: Unsplash

How can I forget cargo pants which are super comfortable and COOL! Cargo pants with sweatshirts will make you ready for an evening stroll!

  1. Plain Tee, Leather Jacket, And Denims 
men's fashion
Source: Unsplash

Leather jackets are every cool guy’s first choice! Especially a black leather jacket when paired with a loose white t-shirt! 

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60 Degree Weather Outfits For Women

60 degree outfits for women
Source: AOBA

Women can style their 60 degree outfits in many ways! You can look casual and formal, neutral and flowery, classy and chic!!! Wearing skirts, pants, or jumpsuits, you can wear anything underneath to give your outfit a classic look! Let’s look at some outfit ideas that will make you look chic and classy!

  1. Sweater And A Skirt
women's outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

Pairing your summer skirt with a sweater and a pair of sneakers will give you a beautiful coffee-date kind of look. A plain shirt underneath your sweater whose collars will peek out from the sweater will be an amazing spring or autumn outfit!

  1. Wide Leg Pants And A Buttoned-up Shirt
women's outfit ideas
Source: DLping

This is a perfect “I’m a trainee” kind of look for your newly joined office life! Wearing a fully buttoned-up shirt with a pair of wide-leg pants and pumps will give you a chic look!

  1. Dress And A Blazer
women's outfits for 60 degree weather
Source: Memorandum

This can be your formal or a casual look depending on the type of dress, blazer, or boots you choose! A plain A-line dress with a formal blazer paired with a nice set of heels will give a formal look. Whereas a flowery-flowy dress with a casual blazer will give you a casual look! You can style according to your requirements! 

  1. Jumpsuits And Straight-cut Jackets
source: silversand event management

We all love wearing jumpsuits but some of our jumpsuits are just not cut out for 60 Degree Weather! To make sure you’re not compromising with your choices and comfort, you can layer a coat or a jacket on top of your jumpsuit! 

  1. Flowery Skirts With A Plain Oversized Sweater
women's outfit
source: Sydne style

A flowery skirt with lavenders and a lilac color Palin sweater will become your springtime favorite! Lilac color gives off beautiful spring vibes and styling with the same will make you look cheerful and not forgetting, WONDERFUL!

  1. Straight Leg Pants And A Blazer
60 degree outfits
Source: Wheretoget.it

This is your regular office 60 Degree Outfit! You can wear a pair of straight-leg pants, a shirt, and a blazer to give off the office lady vibes! This outfit will surely make you popular among your colleagues! 

  1. TurtleNeck And BootCut Jeans
Source: Pinterest

Bootcut jeans are trending nowadays and wearing a tightly fitted turtleneck with them will complete your 60 Degree look! There’s a different charm to turtle necks so make sure you don’t forget this masterpiece while styling your 60 Degree Outfits! 

  1. Leather Pants And Trench Coats
womens outfit
Source: Pinterest

Ah! Leather pants! This pair of beautiful shiny pants when worn with the same color tee and a trench coat is simply mind-blowing! It will give you a wild look and if it is what you’re aiming for, then go ahead with it! 

  1. Skinny Jeans And Baggy Sweater
Source: Pinterest

This is perfect for a college-going teen aiming to look effortlessly beautiful! This outfit will make your look naturally eye-catching with minimal effort! This outfit style doesn’t require too much styling! All you need to do is wear a pair of Jeans, a baggy sweater and sneakers, and girl! You’re good to go! 

  1. Pleated or Striped Skirts, Shirt, And Boots
Source: Unsplash

Striped or pleated skirts when worn with a neutral color shirt and boots are simply breathtaking! This outfit gives off the NYFS vibes while walking down your neighborhood streets! 

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What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather For Men And Women
Source: Unsplash

You never give up fashion no matter what weather! Our outfit and style solely depend on how we want to present ourselves in front of others! And who wants to look ugly and boring? No one right! So why not level up your styling game even when the weather is playing tricks with you! These 60 Degree outfits for men and women will surely become your go-to during spring and the autumn season! 

Featured Image Credits: Unsplash

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