What To Wear On A Hot Summer Wedding? A Guide To Help You

What To Wear On A Hot Summer Wedding

Summers are knocking on the door and so is the wedding season. Well, you can’t ask your friend to wait for the summers to pass for his wedding, he would kill you. Are you confused about what to wear on a hot summer wedding day? If so, then worry not. We are here with the guide that will help you in deciding what to wear on a hot wedding day.

Choosing the best attire to wear at a wedding is always a difficult task and especially the ones in the summers. You have to keep in mind the theme, dress code and the most important one is the type of dress you are wearing. The days are hot, a tuxedo or a full gown surely won’t be the first choice. You should wear something casual but not too casual Uggghhh!!!! There are too many factors to consider. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

As I said there is too much to consider before choosing the attire you are gonna wear. Along with the dress type, the selection depends upon the dress code of the wedding party, Theme of the wedding party, You have to make sure that it looks appropriate, You should be able to enjoy and have fun with the dress and most important not only the dress, you should also wear some accessories.

Bemused??? Don’t worry, we have explained every factor that is necessary to consider before picking out the attire to wear on a hot summer day in great detail, further in the article. Not only the factors, but we have also disclosed some of the wedding attires that will help you to make choices.

What To Wear On A Hot Summer Wedding

What To Wear On A Hot Summer Wedding
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Now, without talking much let us jump onto the factors that one must consider before he decides what to wear on a hot summer wedding.

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Follow The Dress Code

Well, the first and the foremost thing to check on the invitation card after the wedding date is the dress code. If the wedding follows any dress code, it must be available on the invitation card. If it is not there then it is understood that cocktails demand a dress that is above the knee and black-tie occasions demand the dresses that touch the ground.

Adhere To The Theme

The next important factor to consider is the theme of the wedding party. A lot of time is spent making the arrangements and deciding upon the theme of the function. So, it is advisable to stick to the theme be it the beachside wedding or in the royal five-star restaurant. You should adhere to the theme. Go for the contrast table and chair covers

Dress Appropriately

By Dressing Appropriately I mean, you should keep both the factors in mind the wedding occasion and the hot summer day. You can go with light colors such as yellow and purple with the flower prints. Remember, don’t wear revealing clothes.

Have Fun

You should be aware of the fact that you are going to the wedding to have fun. Unless it is your ex’s wedding. Well, if it is so then you should have twice the fun to make him jealous. Anyways, let’s get back to the topic. The point was to wear something that won’t restrict you to enjoy and dance.

Accessories To Wear

Accessories are a must with the dresses but wearing too many of them can be irritating on a hot summer day. So, choose accordingly. For boys, I can tell if you are at the beachside party in casuals, you only need a wristwatch and Rayban and for girls wear accessories that suit but not too much.

Now, we are up with the points and factors to consider before we choose any dress. It’s time to have a look at the types of dresses we can wear.

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Vintage Summer dresses

What To Wear On A Hot Summer Wedding - vintage wedding
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Vintage is all about celebrating the wedding in the old ways. The idea of a vintage theme is good, it will take you back to the time when your parents got married and you were not even born. 

Well, let’s start with the dress ideas that can be worn for a vintage summer wedding party. Go for something that shows the feminine character with the accessories that shows the past decade. The length of the dress should be between knee and foot.

As makeup is a concern, try to imitate the vintage Hollywood style with wide barrel curls and black eyeliner. Try to keep accessories as simple as you can and to add a cherry on the top try to wear gloves.

Country Summer Wedding 

What To Wear On A Hot Summer Wedding - Country
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Well, nature-lovers go for country weddings. While picking up the dress for a country wedding, keep in mind the surrounding factors you are going to face. Natural beauty all around.

Choose from the colors like light pink, lilac, red, or soft yellow. The colors will not only make you look good with the surroundings but are also perfect for hot days.

Remember not to wear too long dresses that touch the ground. You will be too close to nature and dirt may spoil your dress. If possible wear wedges that keep you up from the dirt.

Beach Summer Wedding

What To Wear On A Hot Summer Wedding - Beach Party
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Beach summer wedding demands a casual dress and being casual means, not your jeans and top. Be casual and wear a flowery dress, but there are few points to remember.

  • Do not dress up too Formal
  • Do not wear too short, a dress that blows up
  • Do not wear heels it will make it difficult for you to walk
  • Go for flowery prints and light colors

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What To Wear On A Hot Summer Wedding Day?

Don’t just go for the expensive clothing brands, try to consider all the factors given above and then choose what to wear on a hot summer wedding day. We hope the above guide proved to be useful to you. If yes, then do share the article with your friends and let us know in the comments section.

Happy Wedding Season!!!!

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