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what to wear on wedding

The wedding season is here and it comes with a lot of tension. You might be thinking weddings are fun but you have to agree with every wedding invitation you receive. You are redirected to the tension of what to wear on the occasion. 

We would be having our wardrobes full but still be confused about what to wear. Team Deasilex has a lot of young writers, who face the same problem. We have taken their reviews and tried to make out the list of suggestions, that would help you out in choosing your best attire for the wedding.

The best suggestions would be chosen according to the venue, the type of reception party, wether conditions, Colour that would suit you, don’t forget the accessories and a lot more explained in the article further.

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Wedding Guest Outfit and Dress Ideas for Women

These were just the factors that you should consider before choosing the attire you want to wear. You will also be reading about the suits and dresses that you can choose from.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Attire

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It is obvious that before choosing the attire you need to keep in mind the factors that would affect your choice. If you are wearing something that matches well with the surroundings, would make you look even more beautiful.

  1. Know The Format – The major thing to consider is that you should know the format of the wedding. There is a lot of difference between the white-tie and the semi-formal formats. You shouldn’t look odd. The formats are usually given on the invitation card. If it is a theme party, choose the best theme costume.
  2. Know The Place – It is recommended that you should know the venue of the wedding before choosing the dress. The venue is always given on the invitation card. It is a backyard or the countryside party then the suggestion is to wear casuals but if the wedding reception is in the luxury hotel then you must wear formal dresses, casuals won’t do there. If your friend is planning to get married on the beach. Don’t wear heels, you won’t be comfortable.
  3. Seasons – This is the understood part of choosing the dress. If it is summer don’t wear the dresses of winters or vice-versa.
  4. Don’t be too Casual – Even though the format of the wedding is casual. Don’t wear denim or shorts. You should look different from the other days at home.
  5. Don’t Wear White – It is not recommended to wear a white dress at the wedding unless the theme of the wedding reception is to wear white, because white is the color for the bride and the groom.
  6. Black makes a Good Choice – The best suggestion to wear would be black. But don’t make it too black. Were some non-black accessories with it, the best suggestion would be gold or silver.
  7. Don’t Wear Revealing Clothes – Don’t wear the dresses with slits and make sure your inner wears aren’t visible.
  8. Wear Accessories – Don’t forget to wear accessories along with the dress you are wearing. Choosing the accessories and the color is an innovative task, use your innovation here or ask any of your friends to make the color combination for you.
  9. Don’t Wear Too Sparking Colors – You should avoid wearing sparkling colors, the wedding day is for the bride and the groom. So don’t wear anything that highlights you more than them.

Our Suggestions For What To Wear On Wedding

Now moving to the suggestions we have for you to wear at the weddings. Here is the list of dresses we suggest that would make you look like the Queen.

Ball Gowns

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If you are invited to the white tie format wedding. You must get yourself ready as you are going to walk on the red carpet. For this, the best suggestion would be the ball gown. Cover yourself head to toe with the gown, wear matching accessories and heels. Make your friends jealous.

Long Dresses

What To Wear On Wedding - long Dress
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Another suggestion for the white-tie wedding format is wearing long dresses. Now you must be confused between the ball gowns and long dresses. Let us clear you with this, long dresses are usually cheaper than ball gowns but have the same effect on the party.

Tea Length Frock

What To Wear On Wedding - tea length Frock
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The Tea Length frocks make the best choice for both the formal and casual wedding formats. The dress makes you look stylish and carrying a handbag along would make you look even more classy.

Short Cocktail Dresses

What To Wear On Wedding - short Cock Tail Dress
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The Cocktail dresses will make you look stylish and the best occasion to wear them would be for the receptions happening at the luxury restaurants with the drinking menu. These can not only be worn at the receptions but can also wear at pre-wedding parties.

Casual Dresses

What To Wear On Wedding - casual Dress
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When we talk of casual dresses, don’t make it too casual. The casuals must look simple but not that simple. Casual dresses would be perfect for what to wear on wedding.

Two-Piece Suits

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The two Piece suits can be worn at weddings but be classy and innovative while choosing the dress color or dress type. The dress type may include Long pants with the t-shirts, t-shirts with the frock, and many more.

Jump Suits

What To Wear On Wedding - jumpsuit
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Jump Suits also make a good selection of dresses to be worn casually at weddings. Jumpsuits make a perfect combination of what to wear on wedding.


This was our suggestion for what you should wear to the wedding of your close ones. Consider all the facts given above before going out shopping and make sure the day is very special for the bride and the groom. So, don’t wear anything that would steal their limelight. Have a Happy Wedding Season.

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