When Does USPS Stop Delivering During Weekdays and Weekends?

When Does USPS Stop Delivering

Ever got ditched by the USPS delivery services? Thought of sending an important package or delivering mail and suddenly, USPS stops Delivering. Urg!! Frustrating right? It’s better to stay one step ahead and keep a check on the timings at when does USPS stop delivering? To help you with the matter, here is the post to guide you through the process. 

I was so damn frustrated when my surprise parcel for my friend’s birthday was delayed. I made sure not to get screwed by the postal services and double-checked the delivery service instructions properly before sending my next parcel. At least this time I saved all the excitement on the same day it was meant for by getting my package delivered on time. 

I found out that USPS delivery services were not that bad, it was only about sending your parcel right on time. Mail carriers work day and night to deliver our packages on time. So when does USPS stop delivering? The timing you can expect your package is up to 5 p.m. That’s the local time most of the delivery services close their services. 

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Below is every information you need that will let you know every detail about When Does USPS stops delivering. Also, find out if delivery services are functional on weekends or not? 

When Does USPS Stop Delivering During the Weekdays? 

When Does USPS Stop Delivering; When Does USPS Stop Delivering During the Weekdays
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The mailing window is usually up till 5 PM as per local standard delivery timings. In the United States, the postal window opens sharp at 8 AM in the morning and closes around 5 PM in the evening. 

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But we all know the timing is just for the sake of conveyance and the real implemented timing is slightly extended than the usual postal hours. 

Many local courier services open their postal windows way earlier than 8 AM in the morning and will accept your packages. While the closing hours are also extended one or two hours later than the regular postal hours as mentioned in their service instructions. That means the USPS delivers up to 7-8 PM in the evening. 

Sometimes, the packages are quite heavy and need towing in trucks or carriers. So to make sure that your packages are delivered on time, the mail carriers leave half an hour early in the morning with their trucks loaded with your packages. 

Sometimes, the packages and mails are delivered right on time, sometimes early and sometimes late. This depends on the routes. If the mail carrier took a busy route, then it’s obvious that you’ll get your packages late while sometimes you get an early morning surprise with your parcel waiting at your doorsteps. 

Also, the postal services have busy seasons. Like during Thanksgiving, during Christmas and New Year, and other festival days. So during those busy postal days, it’s obvious to have a mismatched schedule for your delivery. 

Sometimes, USPS delivers mail even later than 8 PM. Many reports came out that said they got their mails delivered late as 9-10 PM. But these situations are rare. So relax!! 

Does USPS Deliver During Weekends? 

When Does USPS Stop Delivering; Does USPS deliver during Weekends
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Yes, they do. There is no such thing as a weekend off for the USPS postal delivery services. Just like the regular weekdays, the USPS postal window opens at standard postal hours i.e. 8 AM to 5 PM. 

It’s noted that many local post offices have different time schedules for weekends. Some have shorter postal hours during Saturdays and Sundays. While some postal windows open for just a few hours like 9 AM to 12 PM in the morning. 

This scenario is usually noted during the holiday season like during summer break or easter holidays. Otherwise, you’ll get full week functional postal services. 

Also, there is a noted delivery of Amazon items. It is found that the packages that are ordered around the weekends usually get their deliveries on Sundays. 

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USPS assures the fastest delivery both during the weekdays and during weekends too. Also, you get to track your delivery and get notified when your package is delivered. 

How Much Mail Does the USPS Deliver On a Daily Basis? 

When Does USPS Stop Delivering; How Much Mail Does the USPS Deliver On a Daily Basis
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As USPS is the most trusted and fastest postal Service in the U.S., the number of deliveries each day differs from the other.

You never get the same amount of mails and packages to be delivered each day. Some days might be busier than others. 

According to USPS, on a regular day, the average amount of mail that is delivered ranges from 50,000 to 55,000 and so. 

On a busy day, or during festivals, the USPS postal Service delivers around 70,000 to 75,000 packages on average. While during a light day, the packages delivered are around 30, 000 only.

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Hope you gathered enough information about When Does USPS stop delivering. It’s good to know these things before placing your order. Most of the deliveries are on time, so you can go ahead and place your order or drop your mail now using USPS. 

In this post, we talked about the timings when USPS accepts and delivers the mails. You get many services with USPS like sending mail and packages, receiving mail and packages, tracking your orders, getting notified about your deliveries, and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding When Does USPS Stop Delivering

Do USPS deliver after 8 PM? 

Although the standard picking and delivering hours for the United States Postal Services are from 8 Am to 5 PM, there are many reports that tell that many of the deliveries were made even after and before these standard hours. That means there are probabilities that you may get your packages after 8 PM. 

What are the reasons why USPS is delivering so late? 

There can be so many reasons for this situation like bad weather conditions, busy days, storms or rain outside, vehicle crashes, or anything else. 

What does ” Your package is out for delivery ” mean?

In most cases, Package out for Delivery means you can expect your parcel anytime soon on the same day. This means that your package has been picked by the mail carrier and is on its way to deliver it to your doorsteps. 

Do I get notified after my package is d

Yes, USPS notified you as soon as your package was delivered. You can also track your order with every detail from shipped to delivered timing and date. 

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