When To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend? | Making Sure It’s A yes!!

when to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

So our Joshua is smitten by a lady it seems! Well! It’s a happy day as you have finally listened to your heart and are waiting for D-Day! Waiting to give in to your love and moving on to the next step! Promoting yourself from the evergreen- “Oh, this is my guy friend” to “Ah! He’s my boyfriend!”. So? Is your little heart trembling at the thought of asking the girl out? Well, EXPECTED! And yeah! You’ve fallen hard boy! Don’t worry though, this dating grandma is about to plan out your whole itinerary starting from “when to ask a girl to be your girlfriend” from “MY GIRLFRIEND!”

Let’s promote our little Joshuas to be the boyfriend of some Katie or Amy, well name doesn’t matter! I am sure you’ve been analyzing the girl from day one and there was one quality of her that made your heart go “whooo! Finally found it!” 

Asking a girl out is like walking on eggshells! You never know what her reaction might be and what events will unfold later on! So first things first, you have to make sure that your timing of asking her out is “PERFECT!” This perfect plan will start with YOU! You have to ask yourself a couple of questions to make sure that your heart says – “yeah, I’m certain!” Then comes a lot of other things on our planned itinerary, is the girl even ready for commitment? WELL! Check what I’ve planned for you! The word surprise will not even justify your feelings after!

How to Know if a Girl is Having a C...
How to Know if a Girl is Having a Crush on You

Let’s see what we have in plan for your “dating itinerary!” Here’s how you will approach things! All you have to do is go in a step-by-step manner and hit a bullseye! 

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When To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend: Following The Itinerary!

when to ask a girl out
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Shoutout to whoever said “this dating game is too easy!”, well who is that genius? Haha! It’d be ME! Where else would you find a step-by-step guide to dating, boy! Thank this dating grandma right here! Okay, enough of my boasting self and let’s jump to “how and when are you going to ask a girl out!” Well! To make it easier for you, I have compiled a 10 step formula that will make your asking-out and dating journey smoother and happier! Make sure to memorize them by heart because they will be becoming your dating mantras!

  1. Questioning Your Heart 
  2. Analyzing The Girl 
  3. Are The Feelings Mutual?  
  4. Is The Girl Even Ready For Commitment? 
  5. Avoid Misunderstandings
  6. Drop Some Hints First 
  7. When To Ask A Girl Out?
  8. Where TO Ask A Girl Out
  9. How To Ask Her Out 
  10. Happy Dating♕♔!!!

Now once you’ve gone through these pointers let’s get started!

1. Questioning Your Heart 

how to ask a girl out

First things first! The most important step before actually asking a girl out is to question your little heart! 

  • Is your heart wide enough to accommodate another being into your life?
  • Are you sure it is love and not some passing by infatuation?
  • Are you ready for commitment? Or are you just running from your stalker ex? 
  • Are you willing to stop your late-night partying self for her? 
  • Can you share your personal space with her? 
  • Would you be fine with her wearing your most cherished hoodies? 

The simple question is “are you ready enough?” Is your heart steady fast enough to spend the rest of your life with her? Do you see your future with her? Are you sure it is HER- “THE ONE AND ONLY”, once the answer comes out as yes! Move to the next step!

2. Analyzing The Girl: How Long Should You Wait To Ask A Girl Out?

How Long Should You Wait To Ask A Girl Out?

So yeah Joshua, this question has been bugging me since I started writing! Well, here it comes- “how long did it take for you to realize that, yeah, that’s my girl and I need her? Please don’t give me any cliche answers like “love at first sight”, what BS! See, the thing is, everyone tries to put their best foot in front while welcoming a new person into their lives. So you can’t judge or analyze anyone when they’re trying to put walls in between their real self and their candid picture-perfect version!

Take your time analyzing the girl properly, it can be even 2 months or even 5! This solely depends on what kind of girl you are chasing!

You want to know the girl you’re planning to ask out, INSIDE OUT! If more time is needed, take it as girls don’t open up easily! See what her likes and dislikes are, see if her ideals match yours, and be as realistic as possible! Don’t try to be “no, I’ll adjust or manage!” Because know what, you can’t! You can’t adjust to your polar opposite whose ideals you can’t stand! But if the girl is an open book to you and you’re sure you both match, then go ahead!

3. Are The Feelings Mutual? 

the right time to ask a girl out

Well, if you don’t want to hear NO while bending on your knees with a bouquet of red roses in your hands, then a smart option is- “WEAR YOUR ARMOR!” This simply means being ready beforehand! Look for signs that will reassure your heart about the girl’s feelings! If a girl is telling you how her whole day went, invites you to family gatherings, opens up her past traumas, simply waits for your messages! Then yeah, it’s a green flag saying – “the feelings are MUTUAL!”

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4. Is The Girl Even Ready For Commitment? 

asking a girl to be your girlfriend

Even if the girl likes you, chances are she might still deny it when you ask her out! Why? Well, she has commitment issues! If your past conversation tells you that girl has commitment issues, then wait till her heart agrees to be your one and only! Coercing her into commitment will only drive her to run from you and I’m sure you don’t want that!

5. Avoid Misunderstandings

things to know before asking a girl out

If you guys are communicating on a daily basis, even then there are times that some unsaid words or phrases can create confusion or even misunderstanding! To make sure the girl you like does not have any false information or simply question your feelings, communicate properly! If you feel there’s something off, call her out and resolve any of the underlying issues!

6. Drop Some Hints First

how to ask a girl out

Before actually asking the girl out, make sure you drop some hints first! This is an indirect approach that works wonders! Dropping hints can be anything like teasing her, casually asking her out for movies, treating her special and different than everyone else, making her feel like your own, and the sort! These tricks twirl the heartstrings of every girl and even if she was planning to say no at first, chances are that she might say YES! Here are a couple of things you can do for her that will make her realize- “oh, so he’s interested in me!”

  • Remembering little things about her, starting from her favorite food to person!
  • Inviting her out casually!
  • Looking for reasons to talk to her!
  • Commenting on her Insta posts!
  • Sending her random snaps 
  • Posting pictures of you guys together
  • Treating her differently than your other female friends
  • Casually flirting with her
  • Random eye contact and gazing at her
  • Complimenting her

7. When To Ask A Girl Out? When Should I Ask Her To Be My Girlfriend?

asking a girl out

Once you have followed the above steps, now comes the D-day! What and when is the perfect timing to ask her out! Well first things first, make sure it’s not super random! You should plan everything out so that nothing falls off place at the last moment! And please Joshua, don’t ask a girl out when she’s on her periods! Those cranky mood swings will make her say things she doesn’t mean! So avoid asking her out when she seems too moody, emotional, or out of space, chances are that she will be on her periods at that time! 

So make sure you plan a date and a place for asking the girl out! Make it so special that she even says yes before you ask her out!

8. Where To Ask A Girl Out

dating a girl

Well! Listen carefully, her neighborhood park IS NOT a good place to ask the girl out! Decide on a beautiful restaurant or decorate a place to ask the girl out! Decorate it with balloons, flowers, and whatever the girl likes! Make it all about her and you guys and reminisce about your time spent together! If she likes a particular place that is very close to her heart, why not choose that destination? I’m sure she will love it!

9. How To Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend? How To Ask Her Out?

how to ask someone out
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Once all the above steps are carefully implemented, the next is- “actually asking her out!” what leaves your mouth is very important as these same phrases will make her respond- YES OR NO! Romantic, handwritten poetry can melt anyone’s heart! You don’t have to be the Frost guy to write beautiful poetry, if it’s written by heart and is full of your love, then I’m sure the girl will love it!

10. Happy Dating♕♔!!!

happy dating

Yeah! Stop jumping! I know she said yes and this is celebration time! But does it mean that you will be carefree from now on? Obviously not! It’s still eggshells for you! The first few months are filled with excitement but that excitement is sure to die after some period of time! To make sure you guys spend a lifetime together, the key is understanding, respecting, communicating, and lots of patience! Once you’ve mastered all these keys, Happy dating life Joshua! Or maybe even married! Who knows?

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Hearts are wild creatures and that’s why our ribs are cages! These beautiful lines can captivate anyone’s heart! So if you’re wondering how, when, and where to ask a girl out! Don’t worry! Read and work on implementing these 10 steps that will lead you to a happy dating life! But keep in mind, the key is to always know what your heart wants! 


How Long Should You Wait To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend?

Knowing a person inside out takes time! So you should wait and get to know the girl really well before you ask her out! This can take anything between 2-5 months time depending on the kind of girl you like! 

When Should I ask a girl out?

You should ask the girl out only when you are sure of your feelings for her! Once you are sure, know her a little more and then go ahead! Ask her out! 

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