When To Claim On Insurance If You Have Been Bitten By A Dog

According to statistics collated by the Center for Disease Control, there are roughly 4.5 million dog bite incidents in the United States every single year. This does not mean that dogs are inherently dangerous creatures. Well-trained dogs rarely bite, and when they do, their bites are usually rather harmless. Poorly trained or wild dogs, however, inflict many of the worst dog bites. Dog bites can be truly horrendous. If provoked or mentally unstable, dogs are able to rip through human flesh with ease. Some dogs have been bred and trained to have hair-trigger fight or flight responses. Here is a quick guide to when you can mount a legal case after a dog bite. 

Poor Training

The responsibility rests on the owner of a dog if they are guilty of biting a human being. Human training largely nullifies the likelihood of a dog ever biting somebody. Unfortunately, dogs that are found to have been so poorly trained or neglected that they cause injuries to humans may be put down by local authorities. Attorneys like Horst Shewmaker in Georgia help the victims of dog bite incidents to recover the cost of their treatment using the civil litigation system.

When The Dog Was Running At Large

Many US states have laws known as leash laws. These laws make it a legal requirement for dog owners to keep their pets on a lead when they are away from their own property. In reality, these laws are not enforced on all dog owners. Instead, they give victims of dog attacks the legal basis for claiming compensation. If the dog that bites you is not on a lead, it can be considered as ‘running at large’. If a dog is running at large, its owner is breaking the laws during the time in which the dog has attacked you, making it easier to claim compensation. 

When The Dog Has Vicious Propensities 

If an owner knows that their dog is unstable and dangerous but still lets them loose, that dog can be seen as having ‘vicious propensities. This is usually a cause for the termination or confiscation of the animal from an irresponsible owner. If a dog has vicious propensities, it also makes the victim’s claims for compensation far more likely to bear fruit. In the case of a vicious dog, the owner is responsible for keeping it out of situations that could cause harm. 

When You Have Been Wrongfully Attacked By A Police Dog

Police dogs bite thousands of people every single year in the United States. Police K-9s are regularly used by forces to control crowds and sniff out drugs. In tense situations, they have been known to attack completely innocent people. Police dogs are often large and powerful, making it likely that their bites will cause significant damage. Unfortunately, cases are rarely bought against police officers who train and handle dangerous dogs in criminal courts. Instead, victims are largely dependent upon civil litigation to get compensation from police departments as organizations. 

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