Where to splurge and where to save when travelling

If you’re looking to go travelling, you need to have a good grasp of money management. It’s no secret that travelling is expensive and tourist activities can take a huge chunk out of your budget. However, you can also travel the backpacker way and sacrifice a little luxury for a more affordable trip. 

Here are some tips and tricks on how to decide what’s worth saving money on and what’s worth splurging on. 

Splurge: Direct flights

Five Tips To Save Money When Travel...
Five Tips To Save Money When Travelling

Direct flights are absolutely worth the extra cash. It can be tempting to go for the cheapest flight – even when it involves changing at three different airports. Splurge on a direct flight so you can enjoy more time in your destination. If it’s a long-haul flight, you can pay a little extra for more legroom and a few extra comforts. Trust me, it will make all the difference on a ten-hour flight. If you’re travelling by train, upgrade to first class seats to enjoy a little luxury at the start of your holiday.

Save: Souvenirs

Souvenirs are often thrown to the back of your cupboard when you get home. Save your money and avoid buying useless souvenirs that you will never use at home. Besides, you probably don’t have the luggage allowance for extra belongings anyways.

Splurge: Local cuisine

Ask a few locals for recommendations of their favourite restaurant around town. Try the authentic cuisine and spend a little extra on all the frills attached. You can get a real taste for the local culture and taste some fantastic food!

Save: ATM and credit card fees

ATMs will usually charge you a small fee for every transaction. Over time, those small fees can add up to a shocking amount when you return home.  Your credit card can also charge up to 10 per cent for every pound you spend abroad. Most people take cash on holiday so they can get the best conversion rate and avoid these fees. However, if you are staying in the destination for a while – cash isn’t always the safest method. Look into a few travel debit cards so you can keep your money safe and avoid expensive travel fees.

Splurge: Specialist group tours

Tourist attractions are expensive, and they’re difficult to avoid. Instead of wandering aimlessly around town, jump on a group tour bus to see the sights. A specialist group tour can guide you through the location’s history and point out any significant spots around town. You can see all the tourist sites from afar – instead of paying a fee for individual attractions. 

Spend your money on making memories and enjoying all the destination has to offer.

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