Which is Better: The Office or How I Met Your Mother?

Which is Better: The Office or How I Met Your Mother

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to shows and movies. Some people like fun series while some others may prefer romantic ones. Two such best series are “The Office” and “How I Met Your Mother”. Both these are full of fun and enthusiasm. Are you confused about which is better The Office or How I Met Your Mother? Read this article till the end and find your answer.

Both these shows are a mix of emotions and giggles. You will never feel bored watching any one of these. But which is better, “The Office” Or “How I Met Your Mother”? To answer this question, we have framed a whole description of both the shows and compared the ratings and reviews as well. Continue till the end to know more. 

In this article, you will get to know about the main characters, main themes, season-wise briefing for both ‘The Office’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’.Also, the fun and drama elements have been added for better understanding.

Go ahead and find out the details. What do you think, which series is best? Let’s compare and contrast.

Which is better: The Office Or How I Met Your Mother? 

Let’s find out the better answer: “The Office “or ” How I met Your Mother “? Starting with “The Office” and then “How I Met Your Mother”, we have provided an overview of all the main characters and the themes of the various seasons in these series. 

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Most Loved Characters in The Office:

Which is better: The Office Or How I Met Your Mother?
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Steve Carell as Michael 

Scott. Michael is the central character of the series, The Office. He is the regional manager of the Scranton branch of a paper distribution company, called Dunder Mifflin Inc.

You will find this character in so many roles in the series like Regional Manager, Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager, Dunder Mifflin Sabre, Regional Co-Manager, Dunder Mifflin, Sales Representative, Scranton, PA (former)Founder, Michael Scott Paper Company, Scranton, PA (former)Greeter, Men’s Wearhouse, Scranton, PA (former), Telemarketer, Lipophedrine Diet Pill Company, Scranton, PA (former). 

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Most Loved Character in How I Met Your Mother

Which is better: The Office Or How I Met Your Mother?
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Josh Randor as Ted Mosby

Josh Randor as Ted Mosby, an architect. Ted Mosby is a fun character and the most loved one. Although he did many wrong things in his past, he is smart enough to fix them all from time to time. The honesty and maturity of this character add an element of goodness to the show. 

Main characters of ‘The Office’

  • Steve Carell stars as Michael Scott, regional manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch. 
  • Rainn Wilson portrays Dwight Schrute. 
  • John Krasinski portrays Jim Halpert, a salesman and, in later seasons, assistant manager or co-manager. 
  • Pam, played by Jenna Fischer, is based on Dawn Tinsley.
  • B. J. Novak portrays Ryan Howard, who for the first two seasons is a temporary worker but is promoted to a sales representative in the third season.
  • The accounting department includes Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey), an uptight and judgmental woman. 
  • Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner), a lovable but dim-witted man. 
  • Oscar Martinez (Oscar Nuñez), who is intelligent and cultured. 

Season Synopses

Which is Better: The Office or How I Met Your Mother?
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There are altogether 9 seasons of this show. 

Season 1

 The first season starts with the scene of Dunder Mifflin’s outing planned by Michael Scott, the branch manager at Mifflin’s. Light scenes of flirting are shown where we can see Jim Halpert, the salesman having a crush on receptionist Pam Beesly. Everyone around knew about this and teased them. 

Pam was engaged to Roy, a worker at a warehouse downstairs. Anxiety was increasing due to spread rumors about Dunder Mifflin’s corporate headquarters is planning to fire an entire branch of the office. An atmosphere of tension and negativity is spread all around which Michael tries to clear by declining the fact that nothing like that is happening. 

Season 2

A whole romantic mode can be seen in the second season of this series. There are 22 episodes in this season that seem a little exaggerating but the story and the characters will keep you entertained throughout the show. The workers and even the boss are shown developing intimate relationships with people around. 

Dwight and Angela are being involved romantically. Michael gets involved with his boss, Jan Levinson, and makes out with her. Kelly and Ryan are also involved with each other from time to time. Everyone keeps a secret about their relationship. In this season too, the tension about downsizing the branch continues. 

Season 3

With 17 episodes this season starts with the last season’s drama and scenario. Jim and Pam kissed despite Pam being involved with Roy. 

After that Jim shifts to Mifflin’s Stamford branch as Pam tells him about her commitment to Roy. 

In this season you will see the splitting and joining twists. Many employees quit after the merge of the Stamford and Scranton branch. Pam calls off her engagement with Roy. Michael and Jan’s relationship gets stronger. Due to low performance, Jan is fired and Ryan is offered her position at the end of the season. 

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Season 4

Season 4 came up with 19 episodes and with the best season-ending moments. Pam and Jim will finally be seen together. Michael suffers from an abusive relationship with Jan and tries to get his dating life back on track. 

Pam and Jim are enjoying time together. Also, Angela and Dwight are two secret love birds having a good time together. All the mishappenings in the office take place in Michael’s head and he becomes superstitious about everything. Although season 4 was not that strong to hold good ratings as compared to the other two seasons. 

Season 5

This season is full of chronology. Season five received good reviews from people. Angela and Dwight have broken up. Michael is now attracted to his new HR, Holly whom he tries to woo and succeeds. Another fun thing is going on in the office i.e.a Dunder Mifflin’s weight loss initiative causing weight consciousness amongst the branch. 

So many environments are created with every changing season and episode. In season 5 a mixed match of Business ethics, baby shower, Crime aid, Employee transfer, customer survey, Business trip, Frame Toby, The Surplus, Moroccan Christmas, The duel, stress relief, Golden ticket, new boss, heavy competition, etc are shown beautifully. 

Season 6

The 6th of “The Office” revolves around the theme of Jim and Pam’s marriage and baby. Some unfinished relationships between Angela and Dwight and Andy and Erin also find their way. David Wallace gets fired. Michael in the meanwhile is seen to hook up with Donna but is still thinking about Holly. Michael has a fling with Pam’s mother which he keeps a secret. 

Many new guest appearances can be seen in this season like Kathy Bates, Zach Woods, Amy Pietz, and Linda Purl. Mainly the season revolves around two main events, one is Jim and Pam’s marriage and the second is their delivery part as mentioned earlier. 

Season 7

In season 7, Michael hired a new office assistant (Evan Peters) whose rude behavior and bad attitude create a war like situation amongst the staff. Pam is still trying to impress Jim and plays a prank to do so. Michael decided to propose to Holly and is searching for a way to do this in the right way. 

Michael after writing, editing, shooting, and re-shooting finally screens his action film in the office, called Threat Level Midnight. Michael plays the title of agent Michael Scarn, Dwight as Scarn’s sidekick, and Jim as archnemesis “Goldenface,” as well as several people from Michael’s past in the film. Everyone is not happy with Michael and Holly’s PDAs creating a scene of disguise in the office. The season ends with the same chaos led by the new office assistant appointed by Michael.

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Season 8

In season 8 you all will miss Michael as he is no more seen in the series. There is a lot of drama and fun and some flat episodes too but the series continues to entertain the audience. Pam and Jim will be parents soon. Cece is Pam’s baby who goes missing just before the baptism planned by Jim and Pam for him. Andy is the new boss now. Erin still feels for Andy but Andy is dating someone else now. 

Season 8 falls a bit flat compared to other seasons but people anyway love the cast, the drama, and the on-point acting of course. The characters are so realistic that you can’t get off of them. 

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Season 9 

The 9th and the final season of ‘The Office’ have 22 episodes. Many guest appearances will be seen in the finale season like Pete (New Jim, Plop) and Clark (New Guy, Dwight Jr.). This season mainly focuses on Pam and Jim’s relationship ride and the ups and downs. After Jim decides to follow his dream and start a sports marketing company in Philadelphia, Pam begins to worry about moving, and the couple’s relationship experiences stress.

Andy and Angela will be seen together. Although a fun series, full of comedy scenes and some emotional ones too. The Office did a great job and portrayed all the characters well. Some seasons got good responses while some others fell flat at times. 

The bond people shared with this series is something different. Hope you too enjoyed watching this show. 

Main Characters of How I Met Your Mother

  • Josh Randor as Ted Mosby, is the main character of this series. He is shown as an architect and a College professor. 
  • Jason Segal as Marshall Eriksen. He is Ted Mosby’s best friend and his roommate in this series. 
  • Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky. She is a news anchor and Ted’s wife in the series. 
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson. He is portrayed as a playboy who is after women and tries to impress them with his wealth. 
  • Alyson Hennigan as Lily Aldrin. She is Marshall’s wife and an aspiring artist and a kindergarten teacher. She gets married to Marshall in the second season. 
  • Cristin Milioti as Tracy McConnell. She is the future wife of Ted Mosby and ‘the mother’, in this series.
  • Bob Saget as Future Ted Mosby. 

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Season Synopses

Which is Better: The Office or How I Met Your Mother?
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There are altogether 9 seasons for this show. 

Season 1

Season 1 of this series starts in the future,2030 period. At the beginning of the series, Ted Mosby makes his children sit and is telling them the story of his adulthood(September 2005), of the times when he met their mother. Lily and Marshall are two best friends of Ted in his college days. Marshall and Lily were into each other and decided to marry after which Ted also starts thinking about his future. 

Ted meets a Canadian reporter, Robin, and falls for her. Robin was not so sure about the relationship so she decided to go slow. After this Ted started dating another girl, Victoria who was a baker. Seeing this Robin got jealous and that’s what made her realize that she loves Ted. 

When Ted got to know about Robin’s feelings for him, he pretended to break up with Victoria but he didn’t. Things got worse when Ted and Victoria were once having sex and Victoria picked up the call coming from Robin. Ted and Victoria broke up after this happening. Robin feels betrayed after which she distances herself from Ted. Meanwhile, Lily breaks up with Marshall. The season ends with the broken hearts of Marshall, Ted, Robin, and Victoria. 

Season 2

 Season two begins with mending the broken hearts. As Lily left Marshall and Ted and Robin were helping Marshall in his low period. Ted and Robin are now in a relationship. Marshall also starts dating some other girl. Lily returns in the middle of the season after getting a setback from her artist career. The relationship between Marshall and his present girlfriend doesn’t go well, eventually ending their relationship.

Lily and Marshall will be reunited but differences occurred between Robin and Ted. Ted doubts Robin for being married. His fear multiplied when Barney brought the fact of Robin working in some adult films. Lily, Ted, and Barney bet on this, and after lots of research and spying the truth got revealed that Robin hasn’t worked in any adult films. 

Many facts will come out about the relationship between Robin and Ted as they separated but never let this fact out to anybody’s knowledge. This season ends with Barney and Ted being single again. 

Season 3

When Robin returns from Argentina with her new boyfriend, Ted befriends her. Everything is going well while Marshall is still in search of some corporate job as he is unable to bear the expenses of Lily and his own. Robin finds out that Lily has a bad habit of buying branded products leading to a disbalance of expenses. 

Ted finds a yellow umbrella at a club and takes it home and tells his children that he and their mother also met through a yellow umbrella about which she is concerned a lot. Meanwhile, Robin finds out that Robin has slept with Barney making him end his friendship with Barney. 

This season ends with Ted meeting in a car accident. Also, Barney gets hit by a bus and ends up in the same hospital. Barney and Ted then have a reunion and get back to being friends again. 

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Season 4

Ted approaches a dermatologist, Stella who initially says yes to him but later on leaves him on the verge of marriage. This season will show Lily and Marshall planning for their future. Barney cheats on Robin when he reveals the fact that he was with her only for sex like he did with the other 200 girls. 

At the end of this season, Robin will realize that Barney loves her but does not commit to him for any relationship except for sexual intimacy. In the ending Ted is revealing another secret about his children’s mother whom he will be meeting in his first-class as a professor. 

Season 5

5th season begins with a fun moment when Ted started his profession as a professor of architecture. He stood in the middle of the class unaware of the fact that he was in the wrong hall. Ted starts dating a graduate student, Cindy. It was revealed that Ted’s roommate is his future wife. Stella left Ted in 4th season for a guy named Tony. Although Ted didn’t like Tony much when he comes to know that Tony wrote a movie on Ted’s and Stella’s relationship, his hatred for Tony develops more as Ted is portrayed as a villain in that film. 

Many other scenes of happiness and sadness are featured in the series. Like the baby planning of Marshall and Lily is still on wait. They both finally decide to have a baby. Many twists and turns still come their way. The season ends with Lily asking Marshall to “put a baby in my belly”.

Season 6

This season is full of surprises and fun of course. Ted finds out that Cindy has a girlfriend whom she later married. Ted starts working for a GNB once more as an architect of the bank’s new headquarters. There he meets Zoey Pierson. Their constant meetups bought them into a relationship. Later when Ted chooses his career and friends over love, their relationship ended. 

The last season ended with Marshall and Lily planning to have a baby and keep having sex in the meantime. Due to fertility problems, Lily was unable to conceive a baby. They met the fertility specialist Dr. Strangel. In the middle of this Marshall’s father expired leaving him in sadness and pain. He tried to overcome his father’s death and left the GNB and started working for his dream job of being an environmental lawyer. 

The finale season ends with Ted thinking of getting back with Zoey on which Robin and Barney do not stand in favor of his decision. A wedding setup is shown at the end of this season and the show ends in suspense about the marriage. The groom is revealed and turns out to be Barney. 

Season 7

The season starts with Barney getting ready for his marriage being helped by Ted. Lily is pregnant and Marshall gets a job in environmental law. Barney starts asking Nora for a date while Robin is still shown to have feelings for Barney. Later the twists are added to the story. Barney and Robin sleep together again and decide to end up with their partners. But Robin stands disloyal on this decision as she moves with Kevin, leaving Barney heartbroken. 

Robin finds out that she is pregnant and talks to Barney about this as she hasn’t slept with Kevin yet and doubts for the baby to be Barney’s. Meanwhile, Ted confronts Robin that he has feelings for her. She takes time to think about it and eventually moves out. Ted and Robin do not talk for weeks.

Barney then starts dating a stripper, Quinn. Barney and Quinn move together and start living in Ted’s apartment. A baby is born from Lily and Marshall who brings the differences between Ted and Robin to an end. The finale season again shows the time of Barney’s wedding and the bride is revealed to be Robin. 

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Season 8

The 8th season is the ‘autumn of breakups’, as referred by Ted. In this season all the people Ted, Robin, and Barney broke up with their partners and are enjoying their single life. Barney and Quinn split due to trust issues, Victoria and Ted split, Robin and Nick broke up due to their incapability. Barney and Robin kissed but still chose to be apart. 

Barney starts dating Robin’s most hated co-worker Patrice just to make Robin jealous and aware of her feelings for him. The plan worked out and Barney finally proposed to Robin for marriage and she said yes. Marshall and Lily got busy with their baby, Marvin, hardly getting any time to catch up with their friends. 

Ted’s loneliness is at its peak. He is the only one left being single in his gang. Robin gets nervous a week before her wedding and gets an emotional imbalance. She shares an emotional moment with Ted, which made him feel guilty for all his bad deeds. He chose not to stay with Barney and Robin after their marriage and planned to move out to Chita the day after their marriage. The final season ends with everyone arriving at the wedding destination including Ted’s future wife who is shown buying tickets to the venue holding a yellow umbrella. 

Season 9

 Ted’s wife gets revealed in the final season who is Tracy, who dies of an unknown illness in 2024. Ted is the father of two babies, Penny and Luke. In the meantime 3 years after Barney and Robin’s marriage, they decided to get a divorce. Marshall and Lily now have three babies. After a long time, Ted finally gathers the courage and asks Robin out. 

The season ends with heartfelt moments and mixed feelings. The last episode ends with Ted telling his children about the first meeting with their mother at a train station. The last line of Ted reads, and that kids are how I met your mother, and the episode ends. Hope you enjoy watching this show. 

Which is better: The Office or How I Met Your Mother? 

Choices are always hard especially when it comes to choosing the two best things. Both the shows have their spark and story to deliver. One is a fun series that is full of drama. There are so many reviews about both the shows making the first-timers confused about which one is better to watch. 

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You can get your hands on both but as per personal liking, I liked, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ more. The Office is a funny show no doubt but it lacks that fun element many times in between making it a bit boring at times. On the other hand, How I Met Your Mother does full justice when it comes to engaging the audience. This show never lacked humor or hold of viewers according to my review. 

Where “The Office” is full of comic scenes and lots of drama. It also shows many sentimental scenes. 

“How I Met Your Mother” Conveys a beautiful message that it is not the blood ties that make a relationship stronger but it’s the love and bond we share with someone. Beautifully portrayed the cycle of life. 

IMDb ratings of The Office: 8.9/10

IMDb ratings of How I Met Your Mother: 8.3/10

You can compare the ratings of both the shows and choose accordingly. How I Met Your Mother is behind in IMDb ratings but I would still prefer this over The Office. Enjoy watching these two super amazing series and have fun. 

Do You Prefer How I met Your Mother or The Office?

According to viewers’ choice, The Office is arguably the funnier amongst the two but it lacks the hold. Where The Office somewhere lacks to provide you “The Feel Good” feelings, How I Met Your Mother never seems to lack. So mostly people voted for How I Met Your Mother To The Office.

Is How I Met Your Mother The Best Show Ever?

Well, no doubt it’s the best TV sitcom ever. The first four-five seasons were fantastically executed making it the best ever show ever. Even now when there are so many shows to watch online, HIMYM has its own irreplaceable fanbase!

Which is Better Friends or The Office?

Everyone has their own choice. Friends is a great and the longest-running TV Sitcom that totally takes you in. No matter from which episode you start watching F.R.I.E.N.S, it’s always an amazing and funny start.

While The Office is more story built than F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Its office scenario is damn hilarious. You see a totally different shade of work environment in The Office.

So, which is better F.R.I.E.N.D.S or The Office? I’ll always prefer F.R.I.E.N.D.S over The Office or any other show unless it’s as cute as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Also, it teaches you the true meaning of friendship. So, how can you not love this show!

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Changes are a part of life. One who accepts the changes and goes with the flow tends to survive the difficulties in life. We should know that life is full of surprises. You will fall in love many times, feel betrayed, be happy, be sad, make bonds and break some, try something new and change the old ones, it’s all a part of life.

This is what these two amazing and super fun shows have to convey. Whichever series you choose among the two, hope you have fun. Hope this article did justice to your queries. For more such updates stay connected to deasilex. 

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