Why Celebrities Are Leaving California?

Why Do Most People Including Celebrities Are Leaving California?

California is one of the best places, especially for job seekers. But these days you might have seen the news of people leaving California. Why are they doing this? Here, we have disclosed the reasons why most people including celebrities are leaving California.

There are a lot of people who left California from July 1 of 2019 to July 1 of 2020. Apart from the Global Pandemic, the population of California grew only by .05% in the past year from the overall population of 40 million (i.e by 21,000 people) which is very small.

According to the reports, the major reason for most people including celebrities leaving California is high expenditures for living, high taxes, political issues, and housing crisis.

If we talk about California, it comes in the list of best states in the US not only to live in but also for a healthy lifestyle. However, most people are still leaving California on a huge basis. To know more about the issues, you should read the full article.

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Why Do Most People Including Celebrities Are Leaving California?

The mentioned below are the major reasons that make most people including celebrities leave California. In addition, we have also disclosed the places where most California residents are moving to.

Why Do Most People Including Celebrities Are Leaving California?
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High Expenditures For Living

Even though Celebrities are rich, most of them can’t afford the cost of living in California. In most cases, the poor and middle-class people leave California. According to some people, coastal California is surprisingly amazing and is filled with wonderful people. But, if you wish to live wherever you want, the cost will definitely rise.

As of now, the home prices have just doubled, and are too expensive. For example, the price of a starter home had gone up from $50K to $100K.

High Taxes

Another issue that is faced by the people in California is the high amount of taxes. The wealth that most celebrities, as well as entrepreneurs, have accrued, they are subject to California’s 13.3% income tax rate which is the highest tax rate in the nation. There’s also the potential of a new bill passing which includes an exit tax that could play out for 10 years after moving out of the state.

Apart from this, the income tax rate is 13.3% but legislators want to increase it by 3.7% which will affect both the small business owners as well as other rich persons.

Political Issues

According to a number of people living in California, they feel like their vote doesn’t count in California and they also think that the state is moving too far to the left. However, some people strongly support their state’s policies.  

Due to the political as well as the Covid-19 related issues, there are some restricted businesses that include gyms, bars, restaurants, personal care services, and even the tourism industry. Other states don’t have such restrictions. That’s why most celebrities are preferring to leave California.

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Housing Crisis

If you are a rich person, then there’s nothing to worry about living in California. But if you are a middle man and you wish to live with your family, you just can’t afford to live there because as per the reports by Zillow, the house rent in California is more than the national average house rent cost.

In the mid-2020 the cost was $2,800 which was the average house rent price. In addition, California is a Hollywood city and it makes it more costly to build a house there, than in other places. However, if you wish to create a new house, the labor cost is also very expensive.

Where Do Most People Go After Leaving California?

When you live in a place for years, you get attached to it and it gets difficult to leave that place. However, due to the above-listed problems, most of the people including celebrities are leaving California. Texas, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, etc are some states where most people go after leaving California.

The most famous actor, Chris Hemsworth shifted from California to his native Australia and podcaster Joe Rogan moved to Texas.

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All these above mentioned are the major reasons that show why most people including celebrities are leaving California. There is no doubt that California is the best place but because of these reasons, people still leave it.

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