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5 Reasons Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated and Hyped?

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My prices are based on my value, not your budget, that’s what a brand name has to speak for itself. That’s why designer brands are so overrated. While many people believe that the best things in life are free, many others may stick to the point that the best things in life are actually expensive. What kind are you? If you ask me then I am in favor of both at times.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”. We live in a world where your attire is admired more than your intelligence. Nowadays, people compete over styling and fashion more than anything else. Well, correct me if I’m wrong but it’s a fact that can’t be denied. We all wish to be dolled up in branded clothes and accessories, then whether it be men or women. While some easily manage to buy branded stuff others may feel that designer brands are so overrated. The question is why is it so? 

Yes, it’s true that gold has its own value but iron can’t be sold at the same worth. Brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Celine are the most renowned, luxurious, and overrated designer brands. But do brands always keep up to their marks and standards? This is what we have discussed in detail in this post that why designer brands are so overrated and what makes and breaks their worth.

Here what I am trying to say is luxurious brands that have set their names in the market for years have earned trust through their quality and comfort. But with brands comes the heavy price tag too. Let’s have a look at why designer brands are so overrated and what makes them worth the buy.

Why designer brands are so overrated – What Makes Them Worthy

Before we talk about why brands are so overrated, we need to know what all things go behind the making of a brand name stand out in the industry.

Manufacturing and Distribution Cost

Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated; Manufacturing and Distribution Cost
Source: SaleHoo

Unlike local stores, branded designer clothes are stitched by great designers. The designer goes through the latest fashion trends, comes up with unique ideas to create the piece. That’s why the making charges cost a bit high for designer costs.

Secondly, the distribution of the branded stuff follows a self-paid policy. This means that brands have to pay for the distribution and warehousing of their clothes to reach the stores. Plus to run a labeled website costs them bucks.

Staff Cost and Everything Fancy

Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated; Staff Cost and Everything Fancy
Source: Windows Wear

The manufacturing and distribution cost was just the trailer. There are a lot more expenses to be taken care of. Like the staff costs, the Apartment and lavish store rents. With the big name, everything comes bigger. You definitely would prefer to buy a designer piece from a well-furnished and attractive store. Hence, a lot of investments are done for this purpose.

The Cost For Brand Marketing

Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated; The Cost For Brand Marketing
Source: 500px ISO

The next step in making a brand name famous is its marketing at a higher level. Designer brands hire big stars, photographers, well-known models, and organize grand fashion shows for promoting their brands. So, most of the money paid for designer stuff is spent and paid to the department that convinces us to buy those products.

The Exclusive Nature of Brands is Quite Appealing

Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated; The Exclusive Nature of Brands is Quite Appealing
Source: Britanicca

It’s human nature that we will always want what we can’t have. Brands keep their things exclusive. This means they don’t produce in bulk, they rather focus on creating a single masterpiece that attracts the eye. That’s what makes it stick to its high price. Everyone desires that rare masterpiece than buying from a common pile. Its exclusive nature makes it more desirable and buyers willingly pay for it.

No Compromise On Quality and Comfort

Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated; No Compromise On Quality and Comfort
Source: EW

One of the main reasons why people prefer branded clothes over local ones is the quality and comfort that comes with the brand. Branded clothes are long-lasting, more comfortable, and well stitched. Every minute detail is focussed nicely. Next time you think of why is Gucci so popular or why is Versace selling so high? You already know the answer. Comfort equals quality!!

Why Designer Brands are so Overrated – Common People and Designer Brands

Marc Jacobs once said, “Luxury is something you don’t need, it’s something you want. The bag of potato chips I ate for lunch today was luxury”. You’re are intelligent enough to pick up the hint of what I am trying to show here.

Ever happened that you went to a store, absolutely loved an attire, watched its price tag, and dropped it in disappointment? Well, yes happens every now and then. Aren’t designer brands, meant for commoners? It’s a sad reality but brands are not everyone’s cup of tea I must add. 

Do All Branded Stuff Worth its High Cost?

Very valid question. There are many brands or labels that showcase themselves as designer brands when they are actually just over rated hype mass produced stuff, and at the same time there are brands of a long history, such high quality, service behind the product, and distinct aesthetic that they are above and beyond a designer classification. Just like Gucci !!

Although you get more trusted quality from a renowned brand but not all its products deserve the same price tags. Sometimes even a simple piece of clothing may cost you dollars when it’s available at ⅓ price from another store. Would you still prefer buying that costly one?

In the case of quality and exclusive availability, the price tags can be looked upon but when providing the basic product, why are prices still kept so high? It’s a problem only commoners can relate to. And even if the rich noticed the same problem, it wouldn’t have bothered him anyway. There is a saying that money can’t buy happiness, but money can definitely buy you nice designer brands(just saying).

10 Most Popular Designer brands

Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated; 10 Most Popular Designer brands
Source: Top Trends Girls
  • Gucci
  • Salvatore
  • Saint Laurent
  • Balmain
  • Kenzo
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Tom Ford
  • Prada
  • Fendi

Ending on a sensible note, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. Prices are rising year by year on designer items. Of course, we willingly pay for them but trusting a brand name blindly is not always an intelligent choice. Compare and contrast. Reach out to the quality. Check the value.

After all, you’re paying for it. Pay for its worth and not just the name. Hope now you’re clear why designer brands are so overrated. Remember gold and iron has their own worth. 

Featured Image Credits: Mike Mignola

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