Why Do Home Insurance Rates Go Up?

Why Do Home Insurance Rates Go Up

All that hard work and sleepless nights to get your desired house is satisfactory, isn’t it? But what use is it if you can’t protect it against damaging factors like theft, destruction of the interior, etc.? This is the reason why investing in home insurance is always a smart thing to do. 

Home insurance not only covers your house and you but also your fur babies! Home insurance, also called homeowners insurance, provides coverage in matters related to damage to your house, vandalism, burglary, etc. There are many pros if you get an home insurance like AAA. Anyone from homeowners to tenants is eligible for purchasing home insurance. 

If you’re still paying off your house, the mortgage providers will ask you to get it insured. This is because they don’t want to risk their investment in the future. Even if you’ve paid off for your house, it is still a good idea to get your house insured as it financially protects it in times of endangerment.

You might be looking for the best homeowners insurance for new construction, the most suitable type of home insurance for yourself, etc. This article is here to provide you with valuable information regarding home insurance, with a major focus on the increase in the rates of home insurance.

Type of Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance has several types, ranging from HO-1 to HO-8. Each of these eight types of home insurance has different coverage needs. The three most common forms of coverage in home insurance are discussed below for you.

  • Actual Cash Value

The actual cash value is the resultant amount when you subtract the item’s replacement price by its depreciation. During events like damaging or theft of property, the initial purchasing cost of the property isn’t covered. What is covered in the cost of the property after its depreciation or use?

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Guaranteed replacement cost is the most far-reaching form of coverage in home insurance. This covers the expenses, including the repair and replacement of your home due to a covered loss. It’s beneficial as the total cost of it can even exceed the cost range of your policy and would be covered by the insurer.

  • Replacement Cost

Replacement cost, as the name suggests, covers the replacement cost of your damaged property and items. Replacement cost doesn’t deduct the cost of depreciation from the initial cost of your property and items.

Reasons Why Home Insurance Rates Go Up

If you’re wondering why there’s almost a regular increase in premium prices related to homeowners insurance, you did right by clicking on this article. Below is a list of reasons why home insurance rates go up, which will give you a deeper understanding further into this topic.


Inflation is being a pain in everyone’s wallets at the moment. It becomes even more of a pain when it comes to the premium costs of home insurance. This is because inflation results in an increase in the costs of your possessions, including the items in your home, home repair equipment, etc.

The cost of home insurance is directly dependent on inflation. More the inflation, the higher the rates of home insurance. The insurance rates often adjust themselves after referencing the consumer price index and further calculations.

2. Filing Your Claims

The main reason why we go for home insurance is that it turns out to be a great help if any unknown future adversities occur. They help in covering the expenses in such situations after you file for a claim.

You might see a change in your premium prices after filing for claims. This is because the insurer might now see you with a higher rate of risk in the future. With the increase in risk rate, the premium prices will automatically increase.

3. Changing And Renovating Your Property

Changing or renovating your property often leads to an increase in the overall price or worth of the house, thus, making it more valuable. This further leads to an increase in premium prices. Another reason for it is that renovation might sometimes damage the property, and hence, the premium prices are sure to increase, taking the risk into consideration.

4. High Crime Rate

The location of your house is one of the factors that home insurance policies base their prices upon. In a neighborhood with a high crime rate, the premium prices of your home insurance are definitely going to boost up. 

This is because the higher the rate of crime, the higher is the possibility of you filing for claims in the near future. If the crime rate has increased after you first applied for home insurance, the premium rates will still increase.

5. Weather Conditions In Your Location

Weather conditions in the area you live in greatly affect the premium prices of your insurance policy. There’s a higher possibility of you filing for claims during times when the weather is severe. Thus, insurance companies see severe weather as a potential risk factor and tend to increase the premium rates.

Home Insurance And Its Prices

Protecting your house in today’s world is nothing less than a necessity. Home insurance gives you the much-needed assurance about your house being in safe hands. The insurance company has got your back in times of distress related to your house. Thus, I think it is worth it to keep up with the premium costs accompanying them.

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