Why does putter length matter?

Golf has been back in force this year. With endless sports coverage of international tournaments returning

As UK lockdowns were eased, many amateurs welcomed the news that golf-clubs would be reopening for play during the pandemic

Getting the right drivers, irons and putters are essential to a good round of golf. But many golfers make common mistakes when choosing the right length of clubs. 

In the below article we explain how to measure your putters to get the right one for your next round. 

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Supplies needed to measure a putter

It goes without saying, but you’ll need a tape measure or ruler to successfully measure the length of your putter. 

A straight edge ruler might be a more practical and useful tool though. Especially when measuring your putter on an even surface. 

How to measure putter length correctly

Unlike a driver or an iron, where the shaft is directly attached to the heel, a putter’s shaft enters into the centre of the putter’s head. That makes it crucial that you know the exact technique to measure your putter. 

Hold your putter so that its centre is flat on the ground. Then, set the start of your measuring tool in line with the putter’s centre. 

Finally, keep your tape or ruler close to the shaft running up the length to the top of the grip. Take your measurement from the top of the putter for an accurate reading. 

Common lengths for putters

In most circumstances, putters will come in at 34 or 35 inches long. Which are suitable for most players. Women’s putters come in at around 33 inches to accommodate average height differences between men and women. 

However, custom putters have become increasingly popular. Helping people of all heights and physical abilities enjoy golf. 

How to get the correct length putter

You’ll need to factor in a few different things when deciding which putter is right for your game

Consider your stance when choosing your putter. You’ll want it to fit your needs on the course perfectly. This will also help you consider which putter fits your height too. 

A too short, or too long, the putter will ruin your game. You’ll end up with sub-standard performance and an ultimately unpleasurable round of golf. 

Now you know how to measure your putter correctly, you’ll never have an excuse to miss a putt again. 

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