3 Main Reasons Why Gilmore Girls Was Canceled!!

Why Gilmore Girls Was Canceled

With an 8.1/10 IMDb rating, Gilmore Girls won many hearts with its light-hearted comedy-drama. Critics applauded the series for its witty and humorous dialogues. It was quite interesting to watch the mother-daughter best friend duo. And we can’t deny the fact that we all secretly desire the same bond with our mothers. Even after getting tremendous love from audiences why Gilmore Girls was canceled?

Lorelai Gilmore (the mother) and Rory (the daughter) shared an excellent mother-daughter bond in the mini-series. They shared everything just like best friends. Their relationship faced thin linings when Rory moved away from her rich and oppressive family to have a happy living on her own. To say the least, this made everything complicated between her and her parents. And just when fans were curious to know what happens next, the series got canceled! Why? Everyone is still making assumptions on their own. But do you know the real reason behind it?

Warner Bros wanted to bring back the series but there were so many reasons that kept pulling back the show from a renewal. One of the most genuine reasons Why Gilmore Girls was canceled is the lack of planning among the show creators and cast members. No one was aware of what was going to be the next move till the final shooting. No agreements were made, no cast was hired. Everything was a little off track to be precise.

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What was more interesting to know is that many fans and critics seemed happy with the series dramatic ending while many were still looking for some sort of cliffhanger at the end of the series. In short, people wanted closure with the series.

Why Gilmore Girls Was Canceled? 

It’s hard to digest that your favorite comedy series is no longer available to stream. From the many reasons stated for the cancellation of Gilmore Girls, the most reliable and genuine reasons why Gilmore Girls was canceled are:

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1. Ending of Graham and Bledel’s Contract.

Why Gilmore Girls Was Canceled; Ending of Graham and Bledel’s Contract.
Source: StyleCastle

One reason why we all loved watching Gilmore Girls was the excellent performance by the characters especially, Graham and Bledel. But as it was clear that Graham and Bledel were on a contract with the show and their contract was about to end, Gilmore Girls’ cancellation was not a surprise.

Graham said in an interview that while shooting for the final season there were 50/50 chances of the series to return or to get canceled. The cast didn’t even get the opportunity to say the final goodbye as they were unsure till the ending.

2. Low Finances for Gilmore Girls

Why Gilmore Girls Was Canceled; Low Finances for Gilmore Girls
Source: Screen Rant

Low finances for the  Gilmore Girls came out to be a contributing factor for the cancellation of the show. No agreement regarding an upcoming eighth season was made with the star cast. 

That clearly gave a reason to the cast to step out of the project. Salaries were not discussed. No future plans were discussed. The decision was hard but in the end, everyone was somewhat aware that they were never returning back for another season.

3. Showrunner Amy Sherman Palladino already planned the Finale!

Why Gilmore Girls Was Canceled; Showrunner Amy Sherman Palladino already planned the Finale!
Source: Variety

Showrunner Amy Sherman came out with the words that she already knew that this was the show’s ending. She even had planned the finale ending with the final four words.

And there we heard the final four words from Gilmore Girls: “Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant”. This marked the ending of the series as per the showrunner.

Show’s Creator Planned A Dummy Ending To Fool The Cast

The lead character from Gilmore Girls, Laulai Gilmore (portrayed by Lauren Graham) said in an interview that the show’s creator had planned a dummy ending for the series. No one was aware till the last,  that the seventh season was not the final season for the series.

For many people, the ending was supernatural and helped a lot to gain a fanbase for the series. But for fans, that was unjustified to end the show like that.

No other ending could have given more justification to the story of the series. Also, it gave the pair (Rosy and Logan) another shot at love!

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Why Is There No Hope For The Gilmore Girls To Return?

Gilmore Girls was the most loved TV Series then why it got canceled? Did the creators didn’t try enough to bring back the series? 

The storyline was amazing as we saw a rollercoaster ride between mother-daughter relationships.

The lead characters of the show were either disappointed or were ready to move on with the show’s never returning plan.

This marks that there’s hardly any hope for the Gilmore Girls to return.

To Conclude:

Ahh!! Let’s just agree that we all loved this heartfelt light comedy-drama. We all somewhat felt connected to it. Then whether it was the lovely relationship between Rory and Lorelai or the teenage situation that we saw Rory in. We all enjoyed it. Fans would love to see the cast back on screen. Until there’s any news about the revival of the series, enjoy other upcoming TV  Shows on Netflix!!

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