7 Reasons Why Guys Should Wear a Speedo??

why guys should wear a speedo

Got a body like Michael Phelps? Go flaunt it, man!! Speedos are the sexiest way to flaunt your tight abs, long legs, and that macho man personality (and for flattering girls too!). If you are wondering, should I wear a speedo? Without giving it a second thought, go wear it. I know many of you feel conscious about your body types and think that speedos are not meant for you. Let me give you some practical reasons why Guys should wear a speedo.

Doesn’t matter if you have an athlete body or an overflowing tummy, speedos are for all. You should not be ashamed of flaunting your body type. In fact, you should feel confident doing so. Wearing Speedo in America and Europe is very much popular and normal. If you visit beaches, you’ll find most of the men moving around in speedos as Speedos are making a comeback! Still, clutching for reasons why guys should wear a speedo? Come on, read ahead!

The biggest reason is the summertime!! Wearing speedos at home or at the poolside is totally fun and relaxing. If you think that speedos are meant only for swimmers and bodybuilders then let’s crack this myth right here. Speedos promote body positivity and boost confidence. And talking about comfort, we all love comfort throughout our day, whether it’s in clothing, eating, and even sleeping. So stay tuned while I reveal the reasons why guys should wear a speedo.

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They are flattering, they are stylish, they are comfortable, they are fun, they are packable. What else do you need in bottom wear? Here find your reason to wear a speedo and keep the summer fun going!

7 Reasons Why Guys Should Wear a Speedo

Speedo is one of the most alluring swimwear brands in the UK. This brand offers the best swim gear like goggles, caps, etc. If you think speedos are just for swimmers and athletes, then no. Every second person enjoys the comfort of speedo nowadays. 

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1. Speedos are Super Comfortable

Why Guys Should Wear a Speedo; Speedos are Super Comfortable
Source: The Speedo Movement

Yeah, some might say that speedos are so tight. How can they be comfortable?

But you haven’t tried them yet, so how can you judge the comfort without wearing one?

If you find your perfect size and fit, then trust me, you are enjoying everything that defines comfort. Guys may get a wrong-sized speedo for them and then complain that it’s such a misfit.

Also, men love to wear speedos during summertime.

2. Wear The Confidence and Show it Off

Why Guys Should Wear a Speedo; Wear The Confidence and Show it Off
Source: The Authentic Gay

For people who love to adore their bodies, Speedos are an added element to boost their confidence. Adore every curve (flat or full) of your body.

Move confidently wearing a speedo. Plus, swimwears are super stylish, which gives you another reason to flaunt them.

If you are someone who loves following trends, then why not follow the trends concerning innerwear?

3. Speedos Are Flattering and Funky

Why Guys Should Wear a Speedo; Speedos Are Flattering and Funky
Source: Speedo USA

Plain, basic, or bold, there’s a pick for every choice. Another reason why guys should wear a speedo is the cool funky patterns available for the speedos. 

It reveals so much of the kind of person you are. Moreover, speedos are for every body type. So, if you were about to drop the plan of wearing a speedo watching your bloated tummy, relax!! I know speedos are all revealing, and reveal all your flaws clearly.

But think of it another way. Think about feeling comfortable and joyous wearing something you always wanted to wear. Speedos are flattering!!

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4. They Fit Nicely Under Any Type Of Clothing

Why Guys Should Wear a Speedo; They Fit Nicely Under Any Type Of Clothing
Source: Quora

Do you know what’s the worst thing about wearing boxers underneath your pants or trousers? The edge lines are clearly visible from the dress you are wearing. Embarrassing, right?

As the speedos fit perfectly fine under any type of clothing and keep everything right in place, they save you from embarrassment. 

Plus, it gives you a super comfortable feel throughout the day. Enjoy the damn vibe without any second thought!

5. Speedos Look Sexy

Why should men wear a speedo; Speedos Look Sexy
Source: The Manual

Okay, let’s talk about something practical about wearing a speedo. Guys!! Speedos look super sexy. And this thing coming from a girl gives you all the reasons to give it a shot.

Let your bodies out on display. Do some real fun shit. 

Think of wearing a speedo on a crowded beach, and all eyes staring at you. That’s a good thing, right?

Enjoy the spotlight and let people know your cool, funky and playful side.

6. Flaunt Your Tall Legs

why should guys wear a speedo; Flaunt Your Tall Legs
Source: Twitter

Men or women, we all love to flaunt sexy tall legs. Switch your regular shorts with something as fine as your legs.

Wearing longer shorts might make your legs look shorter. This is so not flattering guys!!

So, stop wearing those baggy shorts and flaunt your tall legs and tight abs with stylish speedos. Ooo!! And be ready for the compliments!

7. Wear Them Simply Because You Want To

Why should men wear a speedo: Wear Them because you want to
Source: Just Jared

Last but not least, admit that you always wanted to wear speedos no matter how baggy or slim or dark your body is.

It’s just the fear of getting judged for your body size that keeps you back from wearing those sexy speedos.

Let’s just come over these stereotypes and do what you want to. It’s just swimwear. It has nothing to do with the kind of person you are. It’s not defining you in any way.

If wearing a speedo of your choice is bringing even a pea-sized amount of joy to you, then why not? 

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Wrapping Up:

Need more reasons why guys should wear a speedo or are these enough? When it comes to fashion, clothing, and following the trends, one thing that is above all is comfort. Ask yourself, Am I comfortable wearing these speedos? If yes, then what’s stopping you?

Another thing we talked about in this post was the cool and funky patterns of these speedos. Well, choose the one you like for yourself. 

So, are you ready to spread the heat along? Go grab your speedo and put the fire on!! Adore your body the way it is and walk in confidence. You’re killing it!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Guys Wearing Speedo:

Why do male divers prefer wearing Speedos?

Since speedos or what the divers commonly call budgie smugglers are waterproof pairs of briefs, it becomes an obvious choice for divers. Originally, speedos were designed to reduce drag in the form of tight-fitting briefs in the 1960s. It gives all the freedom for body movement and becomes the best choice for competitive swimmers even since then. 

Is it okay If I wear a Speedo at home?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to wear a speedo at home. You don’t have to treat speedos as an extra accessory, just wear them as underwear. It’s more about comfort and personal choice. Speedos are tightly fitted briefs. So if you are looking for something much airy and free at the same time, then you might best be suited in your regular briefs. 

Why do men wear Speedo?

There’s a mission named the Speedo Mission that inspires people to swim. It encourages more and more people to enjoy the best swimming experience by putting on their swimming gear and swimsuits like speedos. That’s what makes speedos so popular.

Why do swimmers prefer wearing their Speedos so low?

As we discussed earlier, Speedos are tight-fitting swimwear. When wearing a speedo, most of your body is on display, especially your torso and legs. The speedos are designed specifically for swimmers as they reduce the water drag that comes your way while swimming. It helps in balancing friction.

In what parts of the country are Speedos most common?

According to the recent report, 28 percent of Australian, European, and German beach-goers are reported spending the whole day in the buff at the beaches. Beach nudity is however banned. But a good percentage of men and women are seen to flaunt their bodies in swimsuits and speedos. 

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  1. Thanks for the support! I’ve worn Speedos (and other minimal brands) for years even when they weren’t popular. Girls used to say Speedos “leave nothing to the imagination,” so it’s wonderful to hear you say the opposite. Body positivity should be at the heart of beach/swim wearing, instead of shame. Great post!

  2. It’s great that some people support speedos now ! In India wearing a speedo to beach or a pool is really challenging as people are staring especially the younger generation but they are kind of okie with bikinis for women .

    1. Hey Ibizu! We are glad you liked the post. No doubt stereotypes are a day-to-day part of life, but people like you inspire us and others to do what they like. Bonus Tip: When people stare, flex even more!

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