Why is Anime So Popular All Over The World

why is anime so popular

Be the bond of “Nobita and Doraemon” or “Ash Ketchum and Pikachu(Pika-Pika)”, anime made our childhood really special, no doubt. Recently anime was termed as the “Disney of the East”. Many factors have contributed to the rise of anime culture in the world today. Let’s have a look at some of these factors that made anime so popular globally. 

Anime is an integral part of Japanese cinema. According to the association of Japanese animation with the release of the Demon slayer movie, Japanese cinema witnessed a mind-boggling success. Its popularity has sparked multiple debates about how anime is influencing the box office. Well, today in this post I’ll be talking about why is anime so popular all over the world.

Groundbreaking hits like “Demon Slayer” or longest-running anime like “Naruto” have made everyone awestruck by the attractive animations. Does the question still remain the same that why is anime so popular all over the world? Some of the main reasons behind its popularity are Versatile and interesting genres, interesting and relatable characters, and more

While these were just a few reasons to state why is anime so popular. There are many more to count on. Anime is considered far better than the real TV in expressing human emotions. 

Why is Anime So Popular All Over The World

The fact that anime isn’t real and are hand-drawn figures gives the artist room to express their emotions more accurately. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind anime popularity.

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It Grows With Its Audience

Why is Anime So Popular ; It Grows With Its Audience
Source: Mumbai Live

Most people when they hear of anime associates them with cartoonish figures which is why they probably raise their shoulders and don’t watch it. However, contrary to popular opinion anime broke this conventional approach that it is something that is meant to be watched by kids

The intense storyline, the extraordinary animated experience, and the emotional depth provided in each frame are what provide adults a great opportunity to enjoy anime.

Versatility and Interesting Genres

Why is Anime So Popular ; Versatility and Interesting Genres
Source: Den of Geek

As humans come in all shapes and sizes, anime also comes in all genres and storylines. Anime has something for everyone. Doesn’t matter you are three or thirteen, anime genres are so vibrant and divergent that everyone just melts in. 

You’ll find genres ranging from comedy, sufferings, horror, romance, fantasy, robotics, action, and sci-fi. Where the action-packed anime show, “Attack on Titan” gave us chills, “Cross Game” presented the most beautiful romantic story ever. This is the beauty of anime, that it matches every taste. This makes anime so popular globally.

Anime is Different

Why is Anime So Popular ; Anime is Different
Source: Wired

Anime shows and movies are made to make you fall in love with them. One of the most relevant reasons that make anime so popular globally is its Uniqueness. Unlike other cartoon shows, anime takes you on an in-depth visual ride. Something that is so soothing to the eyes. The way culture is represented, the build-up of a story, and the character presentation, everything stands out in anime.

Another best thing about anime is its music. The intense tunes, the soft notes, and everything about its music is top-notch. Music plays a very important role in contributing to the growth of a series, especially anime.

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New Twist and Turns Every Now and Then

Why is Anime So Popular ; New Twist and Turns Every Now and Then
Source: Quora

Anime comes up with a brand new mind map every time. Whether it’s full metal alchemist brotherhood, Black Lagoon, or Death Note, the story is always unconventional. It never fails to introduce fresh ideas. One thing behind the successful story plots of an anime is the author’s personal life struggles and experiences. Authors come from many different walks of life, this is what gives anime serious topics and relatable characters.

Latest Technologies and Digital Streaming Mediums

Why is Anime So Popular ; Latest Technologies and Digital Streaming Mediums
Source: The Wall Streat Journal

One of the reasons behind the sudden increase in the popularity of anime has to be the latest technological and digital streaming mediums. They provide access to stream international content. Previously there were some privacy restrictions but in order to combat piracy and to give fans a wonderful way to enjoy subbed anime there has been a surge of streaming services in the western industry.

There are countless streaming websites for anime fans that charge small monthly subscriptions. And some of these sites, like Netflix, even offer the translated versions too that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy in their own language.

Interesting and Relatable Characters

Why is Anime So Popular; Interesting and Relatable Characters
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Why is anime so popular all over the world because it has interesting and relatable characters. Characters have the liberty to go over the board and present intense emotions. An anime character has the power to scream at the top of their lungs on little things like a bowl of soup. However, such behavior by an actor would be regarded as overacting. But in anime this extended space to portray emotions allows the audience to feel what they’ve been hiding in their heads.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Anime Popularity:

What is so popular about anime?

There are so many things that all together make anime popular like the facial expressions, the characters, the music, the storyline, the visuals and animation, story relatability, and much more.

Which is the most popular anime in 2021?

The top 5 most popular anime of 2021 are:
Re: Zero
The Promised Neverland
Dr. Stone
Attack On Titan
One Piece

One can never be short on anime to watch. There is a huge pool of anime to choose from. Anime usually comes in series of 3-4 seasons. Unlike the adult cartoon of today, anime focuses on more than just loud humor and gives fans a wide range of genres to choose from.

Hope now you found out why is anime so popular all over the world by reading this article. If you know of any other factor that contributes to its popularity do share with us in the comments box below.

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