Why Is Libra Attracted To Virgo? | The Unique Love Of Air And Earth Signs!

Why is libra attracted to virgo

Are outgoing Libras attracted to organized Virgos? Uhm!! Not that hard to answer! Of course, they are! Who wouldn’t like charming Virgos! The charms of this earth sign are undeniable even if they’re labeled as “nitpickers” and “overly perceptive”. This makes us wonder why is Libra attracted to Virgo in the first place? How did a Libra catch interest in a Virgo? Will this interest lead to love or will it fade away? Is this the case of “soul-mates”? Let’s find answers!

Is Libra an air Sign?
Is Libra an air Sign?

The matters of the heart are hard to decipher and you never know who’s going to make your heart beat faster! Even Libra’s fellow air sign, Gemini can’t deny the magnetic pull of a Sagittarius and in the same way, Libra can’t deny a Virgo!! Virgo man and a Libra woman or Libra man or Virgo woman, no matter what combination you see irrespective of gender, these signs are instantly drawn towards each other!

Virgos are practical “realists” whereas Libras are dreamy “idealists”. So why are Libras attracted to Virgos when they are so different from each other! One answer for this uneven match would be, NEIGHBORS! Virgos constellation is closer to a Libra’s which makes them familiar even if they don’t know each other from the very start! This sense of familiarity initially draws them towards each other and that’s how things unfold between them! But that’s not all! There are still high chances that the spark might die.

The reason for that would be when a Libra falls for someone, they fall hard! From gifts to their daily routine, they’d want to share the world with their partner! However, a Virgo might not always be interested. This leads to various complications in Virgo and Libra’s relationship and thus making their love compatibility, low! 

Libra And Virgo Compatibility | Why Is Libra Attracted To Virgo?

why is libra attracted to virgo

These are matters of the heart and you won’t be able to find a particular reason why and how could a person [to say the least, a particular zodiac sign] play with your heartstrings! It’s unpredictable but not unusual! Although earth and air signs aren’t ideal when it comes to zodiac compatibilities like air and fire signs or earth and water signs, as we all know, exceptions are always there!

Virgos are practical who are often reserved when it comes to speaking out in bigger circles. On the same end, Libras are your social butterflies who love to speak their mind! And when we talk about Libras and Virgos in the same picture, you’ll find that they both live for balance!

Here’s a list of reasons to brief out why is Libra attracted to Virgo and not only that, this also covers why are they both mutually attracted to each other.

  • Virgo and Libra are neighboring signs and their constellations too, lie nearby each other. This creates a sense of belonging and familiarity between the two that initially draws them towards one another.
  • Virgo and Libra are attracted to each other because of their mutual desire to find balance in everything! Both these signs avoid chaos as much as possible and want to live a peaceful life. However, the definition of peace varies for both of them.
  • Where Libra wants to live a peaceful life filled with luxury, Virgo is pretty grounded and doesn’t think much about lavishness. The independent streaks of these two also draw them towards each other. 
  • Moreover, their outlook in life and the depth they strive for is also a factor in Virgo and Libra’s attraction towards each other, even though we’re used to hearing – “they’re different!”
  • Many times, a Libra man is attracted to a Virgo woman due to the mystery that surrounds her. Virgo women are bubbly but they are also very mysterious that catches the eye of an outgoing Libra man.
  • Virgo and Libra, both are intellectual beings and thus love sharing their thoughts with one another. Their love for deep intellectual talks also draws them together, especially, a Libra who is awed with the beautiful mind of a Virgo.

Virgo And Libra Love Compatibility

virgo and libra love compatibility

Is Virgo and Libra’s love story inevitable? Are they bound to be together? The answers would be bland in such a case! You won’t find an amazing answer like “Libra and Aries love compatibility” here because you need to face the truth, their values differ and so do their expectations!

Nevertheless, despite their natural differences, Virgo and Libra are attracted to each other, especially Libra and that’s pretty much clear now (read above). However, we need to find how compatible they are with each other! 

To fully give out Libra and Virgo relationship compatibility or percentage, we need to assess both signs first! We need to know the basics of these signs to know how long their love will last!

So? Are Virgo and Libra soulmates?” Let’s find answers through their personality!

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Virgo Zodiac And Personality Traits

A Virgo is naturally humble and practical. They tend to offer their insights humbly to the ones they care for most. Their mind is in a continuous work mode due to their complex and realistic mind where they analyze and sometimes, over-analyze things to their fault.

This, at times, leads to anxiety and stress, and rarely would you find a Virgo that isn’t worried about the unpredictability of the future! They think what they believe and base their beliefs on reality, unlike Libras who mostly have their head in clouds.

This is how a usual Virgo sees a Libra, no matter man or woman! Libras are care-free but Virgos aren’t and that’s why there comes a time when Virgo thinks that their humble advice is falling on blind ears!

To get a full look into a Virgo’s mind, here is a list of Virgo personality traits that will help you to understand them better!

  • Intelligent
  • Overthinking
  • Humble
  • Perceptive
  • Kind
  • Grounded
  • Critical
  • Realists
  • Hard-working

Libra Zodiac And Personality Traits

Libra are social butterflies of the whole zodiac race and Libra women are often referred to as “Divas”. They have a lavish lifestyle and love luxury but they also strive for balance in whatever they go for! Hard decisions terrify them and thus they prolong these decisions to the world’s end making them the most “indecisive sign” after its twin, “Gemini”.

However, no matter what Libras do, they strive for perfection! From their hair to their work, they want everything on fleek! 

To get a full picture of a Libra, here is a list of Libra Personality Traits that will help you get a clear picture of this air sign!

  • Extroverted
  • Cozy
  • Friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Indecisive
  • Dreamy
  • Idealistic
  • Detail-oriented
  • Moralistic

Virgo And Libra Compatibility Percentage

virgo and libra compatibility

Looking at the personality traits of Virgo and Libra, we realize that there are some things that are common and then there are some traits of two that can be offset against each other. Thus giving us the first answer to the question of “Virgo and Libra Relationship Compatibility”, which is average (to say the least!)

This percentage of Libra and Virgo Love compatibility can be increased from average to good if they communicate and try to understand each other more! Virgos like to stay in and maintain their personal space which gets crammed after Libra comes into their life. This is why it becomes necessary to set boundaries in a relationship no matter how you’re in love with another!

Virgos like peaceful isolation at times and Libra should understand this if they want to have a long-lasting relationship with a Virgo.

But nevertheless, these factors don’t make them horribly incompatible in zodiac vocabulary. They’re good but may not be best matches for each other and there are reasons for the same! However, this won’t stop a Libra from falling head over heels for a Virgo! The question is how long will this infatuation stay when they start opening up to each other (if they ever do)? 

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Summing Up

Libra is attracted to Virgo because of their well-balanced approach to life and their grounded beliefs. The depth of a Virgo’s mind fascinates Libras and thus they strive to be a part of their lives! However, in their pursuit of love, they come off too strong than what a peaceful Virgo would like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What attracts a Libra man to a woman in general?

Libra men are perfectionists when it comes to dating women! They like beauty that is visible outwardly and hidden inwardly, and they’re very verbal when it comes to voicing this admiration! They want their women on fleek with a tender heart, gorgeous mind, and fabulous style!!

Q. Can a Virgo woman love a Libra man?

Libra men aren’t Virgo women’s ideal preference but you never know the ways of heart! Thus, to say the least, a Virgo woman can fall in love with a Libra man and the reason for that would be their outwardly humble and confident personalities! Virgos are humble beings, to begin with, and they look for balance rather than chaos, and who is better in that than the scale holding Venus-ruled Libra!!! 

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