Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin? Story Behind The Epic Sacrifice

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin

I don’t know how you will define betrayal, but I know how a Naruto fan will. They will just say “Kakashi Kill Rin”. Do you know what it means? What if I tell you that Kakashi had a solid reason behind killing Rin? What if I say that it wasn’t intentional? Would you believe me? Ahh!! So many questions! I know it is unbelievable but trust me, we have got the solid reason behind “Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?”.

Despite the fact that Rin was a minor supporting character in the whole Naruto Shippuden series, her demise left an unfilled gap on the show. Rin was a friendly girl who was in love with Kakashi. She was the person who could make peace between Kakashi and Obito. Things were going on perfectly in the series, Rin and Kakashi were getting trained in the academy and suddenly one day Kakashi killed Rin. Every person in the audience was left with the question Why did Kakashi Kill Rin? In this article, we will find out the exact reason why?

Rin’s Bio – To Know About Rin

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Full NameRin Nohara
First debut In MangaVolume 27, Chapter 239
First Debut In AnimeNaruto Shippuden, Episode 119
Date Of Birth15 November
Height 143 cm
Weight 39.8 KG
Nature TypeYang Release, Fire Release, Water Release

The question “Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin” haunted Naruto lovers for many nights. But, finally, after a few episodes, the creators gave the back story and everyone was satisfied. If you have just started watching the Naruto Shippuden series, then I know what you are going through. To get you out of your misery, here we are with the answers to all the questions that you might have in your head.

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin

What was the backstory that led to “Kakashi kill Rin”? Are you getting excited to know? So, let’s not wait much and start unfolding the mystery behind the “Kakashi Kill Rin” episode.

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Why Did Rin Love Kakashi?

Rin and Kakashi were childhood lovers, they met each other at the training academy. Kakashi, as we all know, was an exceptional student in the class. He was always ahead of the other children in every aspect. Rin saw Kakashi and his talent in the academy. Soon she started to have feelings for him.

As we know Kakashi was a genius and ahead of the children of his age, he got promoted to the next class very soon. Rin always planned a surprise party for Kakshi whenever he got promoted. She thought it to be the perfect way to express her love. The two love birds were enjoying their time in the school. You know how it feels when you are around your crush in school. 

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

It turns out that Kakashi did not kill Rin in the Naruto Shippuden series. What??? I know this is surprising but yes, Kakashi did not kill Rin. 

Come on, they were childhood lovers. How can they end each other’s life?

Well, the complicated story behind the incident says that Rin asks Kakashi to kill her, to save her village Konoha. As we know, the three-tailed beast was put inside the body of Rin. The beast wanted to destroy the Konoha village and Rin wasn’t able to hold the beast for a long time. She also didn’t want the beast to destroy her village, so she tried to kill herself because when she will die, the beast inside her will die automatically. However, her attempt to kill herself failed every time. So, she asked Kakashi to kill her. But, Kakashi didn’t agree.

If Kakashi Didn’t Kill Rin Then Who Did?  

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin
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Kakashi and Rin were fighting with the enemy, Rin knew that she had been occupied by the three-tailed beast and she cannot destroy her own village. So, she waited for Kakashi to use his lightning blade to kill the enemy. As Kakashi was about to kill the enemy with his lightning blade, Rin jumped in between, and before Kakashi could notice what was happening, the damage was done. That was the point where everyone thought that Kakashi killed Rin. But, in reality, it was an assisted suicide, that Rin committed without telling Kakashi. Poor fellows!

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Why Did Rin Commit Suicide?

Well, you must be clear with the whole incident of Rin’s suicide now. She committed suicide because of her love for her village. Kakashi didn’t kill Rin, he was not even aware of the fact that Rin had come in the middle of the attack.

Many viewers were heartbroken when they saw Kakashi kill Rin. However, later in the series, the truth was revealed and viewers developed a respect for the Rin character, and why not? She died saving her home.

What Happened To Kakashi After Rin’s Death?

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin
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We never saw Kakashi admitting or doing anything to express his love for Rin. Although, many gestures were shown by Rin, like throwing parties for Kakashi’s promotion. After Kakashi’s lightning blade hit Rin, Kakashi was taken back and he spent most of his time in guilt after the incident.

The visuals when “Kakashi kill Rin” haunted Kakashi even after he grew older. Maybe the creators were showing that Kakashi was in love with Rin, but was never able to display his feelings.

What Happened To The Three-Tailed Beast After Rin’s Death?

While everyone was busy figuring out “why did Kakashi kill Rin”, the three-tailed beast escaped to his own world. Rin was thinking that if she would kill herself then she would be able to kill the three-tailed beast inside her and save her village. However, this is not how the Jinchuriki works. 

Jinchuriki is the person who acts as the host for the three-tailed beast. Actually, the beast does not inhibit the body of the host, instead, it develops a link between itself from his world to the Jinchuriki in this world. Once the link is built, the three-tailed beast can control Jinchuriki and destroy the world. So, when Rin committed suicide by jumping in front of the Kakashi’s sword, it broke the link between both the worlds and Rin saved her village.

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Final Words On Why Did Kakashi Killed Rin

By now you must have got the answer for the most asked question “Why did Kakashi kill Rin?”. Well, the answer is that Kakashi did not kill Rin, it was Rin who threw herself in between the Kakashi’s fight and got killed by his lightning sword. 

So, if you were thinking that Kakashi betrayed Rin and killed her for selfish needs then you need to rethink again. 

If we cleared your doubt on the topic then do share this article with your friends and let them know the truth behind this epic sacrifice.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did Kakashi kill his lover?

Kakashi did not kill his lover, Rin. She herself committed suicide by jumping in front of the Kakashi’s lightning sword. She did so because she was in control of the three-tailed beast, who wanted to destroy her village. In order to get free from the control, she decided to commit suicide.

Did Rin love Kakashi?

Rin’s feelings about Kakashi were very clear, she was in love with him. You can make this out from many incidents in the series. For example, Rin gives a party every time Kakashi gets a promotion. 

Does Kakashi regret killing Rin?

After Kakashi’s lightning blade hit Rin, Kakashi was taken back and he spent most of his time after the incident in guilt. The visuals when “Kakashi kills Rin” haunt Kakashi even after he grows older. 

Does Obito know why Kakashi killed Rin?

Yes, Obito knows that Kakashi killed Rin. But, he never blamed Kakashi for his death. Although he always blamed him for letting her die in front of him.

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