9 Interesting Reasons Why People Watch Anime!!

Why people watch anime

One of the best lessons learned from anime is, “Don’t give up, there’s no shame in falling down”. No doubt anime is loved worldwide. There are abundant reasons why people watch anime. The reason why I love watching anime is its relatability. That moment when you feel like your life is being showcased over the screen, all the problems shown are yours, and there are plenty of inspirational kicks to learn.

Anime or animation means animated work in the form of movies, shows, drawings, and other art. No doubt action comedies, fantasy, romance, and sci-fi movies are loved and streamed worldwide. But when it comes to anime, it has its own fan base. You’ll spot every age group attracted to it. What’s the reason? Why people watch anime? Reasons can be many, we tried to come up with the 9 most compelling reasons for why people love to watch anime.

From Likeability to character fascination, there are so many reasons why people watch anime. Some of the rising reasons that I feel behind this are Anime has unique and interesting characters, Anime is relatable, there are endless possibilities in an animated series. These were just a few reasons, explore more in this post.

It’s a fact that when we relate, we connect. Also, the weaving of a story can hold you in. Spot yourself agreeing and disagreeing on the reasons why people watch anime that I have mentioned to you.

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9 Reasons Why People Watch Anime

Here are 9 top reasons that I feel urge people to watch anime. See if you find any of these reasons relating to you. Read till the end to know all.

Anime has Unique And Interesting Characters

Why People Watch Anime; Anime has Unique And Interesting Characters
Source: CBR

We love to do things that we find interesting. This is a simple answer to the question, why people watch Anime? The characters in the anime are so interesting and vibrant that you can’t just skip watching them. You’ll come across colorful characters like ninjas, school kids, ghosts, pirates, and gods. The uniqueness in each character is so appealing that makes you an anime fan.

Anime is Relatable

Why People Watch Anime; Anime is Relatable
Source: YouTube

Remember starting a new book that you found so relatable? You just kept reading one page after another without having a count of the time. It’s because you are connected to the story, to the thoughts of the writer. The same is with anime too. Animated series are so relatable then whether it be conveying the importance of family and loved ones, or by teaching us a lesson to be strong and never give up in any situation. They show the common life situations that we all face and can easily relate to.

Perfection is just an illusion, there are flaws to be admired

Why People Watch Anime; Perfection is just an illusion, there are flaws to be admired
Source: CBR

One of the best things about anime is that they present the flaws beautifully. Even the most loved character in an anime dies at the end. Anime shows that perfect characters don’t exist. It’s our flaws that make us beautiful and keeps us going. Accept and move on, that’s what they teach. This is one of the reasons why people watch anime.

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Endless Possibilities Keep Knocking the Door

Why People Watch Anime; Endless Possibilities Keep Knocking the Door
Source: Just anime things

And just when you think that’s it, another possibility knocks at your door. That’s the case with anime. You never know what’s next. There are endless possibilities that you can’t even think of. A kid walking in the air is just a small bit to imagine. There are a lot more things to amaze you. Now that’s why people love to watch anime.

You learn a lot about Japanese Culture

Why People Watch Anime; You learn a lot about Japanese Culture
Source: Pinterest

It’s not like any compulsion that you have to learn about Japanese culture but the way anime comes up with the presentation of Japanese culture is so fascinating that it takes you in willingly. The common phrases, the popular traditions, myths and stories, and everything so simple yet attractive. 

Strong Female Characters

Why People Watch Anime; Strong female characters
Source: CBR

One of the loved things about anime is the unbiased character representation of a man and a woman. There is no fan base set for male characters, in fact, both are equally loved and praised. You will find women doing kick-ass action sequences just like any other male character does in an action movie. Equality catches the eye. That’s why people watch anime.

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Action Sequences are Overwhelming

Why People Watch Anime; Action Sequences are Overwhelming
Source: CBR

This point is connected to the earlier one. Not just the normal fight sequences, but dramatic overwhelming action that is spectacular to watch. The use of animation in the action scenes makes it more compelling and satisfying. Anime gives you a 3D or even 5D feel even on your smartphone screens. What else can be desired of? 

It’s Easy-Peasy and Long Lasting

Why People Watch Anime; It’s Easy-Peasy and Long Lasting

One of the best ways to spend your leisure time is watching movies. And anime gives you the best of all. Since animated series are super interesting to watch you just wish for one more season even if it has 10 already. Some of the longest-running series like Naruto can be perfect boredom killers for days. Also, it’s super easy to binge! As of now, people have found a perfect quarantine partner in the animation series.

Full of Entertainment

Why People Watch Anime; Full of Entertainment
Source: Anime Motivation

Last but not the least, anime is very much entertaining as I told you earlier also. The provoking storylines, the simple yet fancy lifestyle, the drama, the relatable topics, the characters, the soundtracks, the action, and comedy, everything about the animated series is top-notch. Although this may sound like a basic reason, it’s the real reason why people watch anime because it’s entertaining.

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Hopefully, now you are convinced that why people watch anime. And do share what’s your reason for watching anime in the comments section below.

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